Saturday, June 7, 2008

Graduation Party Weekend

Okay tomorrow we are hosting two graduation parties for Kelsey and ummmm...I am NOT ready. So today will be a whirlwind of activity as we prepare the house, yard, and food for the family party tomorrow which will be here at the house. Then AFTER that party we will check in at the local Comfort Inn for their conference room. This room is a great place for hosting events. It is a large room with a kitchenette area...with counters and a table (if needed) for food service. It has a pull down bed for spending the night (but it can stay up giving more room for the event itself.) and a few comfy chairs but other wise it is a large room with TV and DVD so we decided to host Kelsey's friends party there. They can use the inside pool until 10:00 and then watch movies and play board games etc in the room...all night for some and part of the night for others depending on who chooses to stay etc. The good thing about the room is NO CLEANING...LOL...just throw up a few decorations, put out the food and we are good to go!!! So other than getting together food and decorations...that party is set...but the house alas...there is a lot to food...I mean what's a party without food. Hopefully...I'll have a few pictures to share next week!! Wish me luck!!!

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