Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Margarita Thursday!

Every Thursday during the summer "off from school" months I meet with some of my friends for Margarita a local Mexican place that has Happy Hour prices until 8:00. The group that gathers varies from week to week and I was just woke up from a lovely nap to answer a ringing phone with some one inquiring if we are doing Margarita it Thursday? If so we are!!! Just kidding last week we skipped for a variety of reasons but we try to maintain the schedule as much as possible.

Margarita Thursday is more about friendship than drinking...just to make that clear...LOL. I actually started the tradition last summer as a way to have some fun during the summer months, stay in touch with friends, and just because I am a wild and crazy person. It's a nice couple of hours just relaxing and talking and trying to capture the wonderful essence of summer and carefree times. Tonight looks to be a BIG lots to talk about...I enjoy them large or small but it's at least nice when someone shows up other than just little ole ME!!!

Whether you enjoy Margaritas or iced tea (as some of my friends choose) consider having a weekly girls night. It's tons of fun and something that really boosts the spirits. It's important to laugh and have is just too short not to enjoy every little minute of it! So pick a night....Munchies on Mondays, Tequila Tuesdays, Wild Wednesdays, Margarita Thursdays, Friday Frolics....etc etc. etc....Have fun, live life, and always know that the journey that is yet to be the best!!!

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