Monday, June 30, 2008

Just June

June is coming to an end today. I can't really believe it. I may have mentioned before that June and October are my two favorite months...I may have to revise that!!! June this year was terribly rainy around here...and generally what I love about it is being able to get outside before the sorching heat of July. And that just didn't happen!! I missed it!!! In fact there was so much rain that my flower beds are still bare in some places. You just can't plant in the mud!

July is here and it's crammed with plans and good intentions. Not even going to ramble on about what all I plan to accomplish since that will only create a feeling of failure if the end of July arrives with little marked off the list. I am going to be enjoying the month long Christmas in July celebration over at Magical holiday Home however! We have movies, crafts, and discussions all month long!!! So lots to accomplish and lots of fun too!!!

Well, I just wanted to check in here at Ginger's Journey...I need to start making a list of some of the stories I want to share with you here because I am honestly quite afraid I will memory is just not what it used to be....and oh yes...the Ghost Tour....that has to be gotten in this month as well as our Summer Backyard Bash...Pirate Fest 08!!!

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LisaW said...

I'm sitting here reading this and thinking, what the devil is she talking about?! When, all of the sudden, it dawns on me, IT's JULY!

Where does it go?!

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