Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Moments

Mondays are always a bit of a chore now, now aren't they...the beginning of a new work week...ummm...but wait...I'm on vacation. Have you ever noticed how the quality of time is just a tad bit different when it's either a day off or a vacation. The hours are just sweeter somehow.

We are off at Bennett Springs...trout fishing or at the water park or at Silver Dollar City...depending on the weather we just weren't too sure what we would be up to on Monday but most likely trout fishing, relaxing in the camper...yes it is air conditioned! and unwinding from the hectic work week last week! I wrote this and set it to post you wouldn't miss me too if Blogger is working as it is suppose to this should be appearing on my blog Monday June 23rd!!

We plan to do a bit of shopping too while we are here...there's a neat Lee outlet in Lebanon and a couple other little out of the way places. Not a very elaborate trip but the economy is just too iffy right now for a long trip anywhere....hoping to get to an ocean next summer because I am missing it badly!!

Well...take care and "see" you soon!

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LisaW said...

Man. A week late catching up. Hope you got some fishing in - nothing like fresh trout for dinner! Yummm

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