Friday, June 13, 2008

Thinking about Journeys you have probably noticed by now...I talk a lot about journeys and tie a lot of things into the whole idea of a journey even where most people would not think of it that way at all. I like the concept and I think it fits a bunch of things in life...well actually just about everything! So when I started this little blog about MY thoughts I decided on the name: Ginger's first I planned to start from grandmotherhood and work backwards in life talking about different aspects of my journey along life's road but that just seemed a little too....well too ordinary...and if there's one thing I'm's ordinary!

Then I just happened across the little saying that you see under the title:

Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.

And while I do not consider myself a hero...I like the whole concept...the idea that just traveling through life and confronting the difficult things one might encounter on the journey helps us discover our true selves and in doing so...aren't we all just a bit of a hero?

That's why I like this blog and have no plans to delete gives me a place to think deep thoughts (ummm and not so deep ones at times) and it allows me to discover things about myself that only writing allows one to if you ever reach a point in life where you are in disarray, stumbling along the path....try journaling or doesn't have to be out there for the world to see for it to be useful...I have reached a point in life where I only care a bit about other's I can take the risk that other's view my ramblings as pitiful, or silly or weird, or just dumb...I don't mind....(well maybe just a bit) But since some of you keep reading I suppose my thoughts must be useful (or at least interesting) in some manner to some people and for that I am glad!

So goodnight and sleep tight...somewhere in the darkness of your dreams, may you find the wisdom and the courage to be the REAL's an awesome discovery!!!

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