Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

Here are a few tidbits to contemplate on this Wednesday morning:

  • When does friendship begin. Does it start at the very first meeting or is it something that must weather the trials of time before it is REAL? Have you every wondered about the levels or kinds of friendship and how we use that term so readily. We have "friends" that we take classes with but hardly ever see otherwise. We have friends that we work with but once the work connection is broken it is difficult to maintain the friendship. And we have friends that are like comfortable blankets. They've been around soooo long they are sort of worn and faded...but they are the first thing you reach for when you are cold or needing comfort.
  • What is truth? I see this all the time...people so stuck in their viewpoint that it is their TRUTH...regardless of any other considerations. OH there are truths that are black and white..."Did you take the last cookie?" That's pretty black and white...yes or no...But get anything more complicated than that and people's own realities kick in...and let me tell you...their reality is not necessarily the same as anyone else's.
  • What is laughter? I mean really...think about it...what is it...??? Something strikes us as funny we laugh...but WHY? Could the human species survive without it? What role does laughter play in overall life? Oh sure it makes it a lot more fun...but is there a quality to it that is NEEDED?

Okay enough wisdom for one day...wouldn't want to overwhelm ourselves with DEEP thought.

1 comment:

BeccaK said...

You know deep thinking can get you into unexpected trouble, lol.

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