Friday, June 6, 2008

Wondering Journey

Have you ever wondered about .....well about free will and God's will? You know I generally believe that things are God's will...if they are meant to be...they will be...oh sometimes we may not like God's decisions because they are not what our narrow viewpoint tells us WE want but with His broader vision...He knows a better direction or a door that needs to be closed....or heck even slammed shut. That's how I feel about 98% of the time and then there's this....

I know there are things is the world that God does not want...or at least it would seem serial killers, war, child abuse, suffering etc. So what about those? If we say we will Trust in the Lord...and whatever happens in our life is His will or decision or whatever...then what about the horrific stuff...I just don't think He chooses that...and yet for other stuff we are to listen for His voice and accept whatever happens...ummmm...I want to do that but I know there is evil in the world, I know that things that are not right happen everyday...I just don't think that is God's I am wondering how we balance the two.

I mean I want to believe and put 100% trust in God's direction but then there's fear.... fear that some other force is at play...and while I know God has all the Power to doesn't happen. Strange. Please know that this is not an anti-God rant....just a reflection on my spiritual journey in an attempt to understand the world and lifes events....for I know there are many things in my life that I have only been able to move past because of divine intervention. So this is just a VERY early morning post where sleep alludes me and the mind wanders aimlessly along the paths of life....yearning for understanding.

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Starlett said...


I've ventured in my brain where you were the morning you posted this. It's a real quandry when you get that deep, for me anyway.

I agree that God doesn't inspire serial killers, child molesters, murders, etc. While I KNOW that God's work is everywhere...he also made it known that Satan is hard at work also. Some make bad choices...some have mental disorders that confuse their ability to choose.

I'm dealing with these issues with a professional right now, as I am a victim of child molestation by my own father...who is dead now. I spend much time thinking about this.

As a Christian, I choose to believe that all things do, indeed happen for a reason. For me, it's not my place to question why...for the question has the potential of driving a wedge between myself and my relationship with God.

Deep thoughts this late at night with no sleep, but I felt compelled to respond. I hope you don't mind, it was indeed a very personal post!

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