Friday, July 11, 2008

Journey Along Life's Path

Hello...long see...have been posting daily on my Rudolph Day blog for Christmas in July so I suppose I have been neglecting Ginger's Journey a bit. i thought I'd best check in and give you a few updates on my journey.
  • Margarita Thursdays have been going splendidly...we have been having BIG turnouts until this week when some of my dear friends were out of town...but none the as always!
  • Ghost Tour: Really we HAVE to get this in...I can't believe how fast the summer is zipping by. I have a date though.....for the Truxton tour....problem is everyone is scattered here there and every where...but hey life doesn't stop after summer and fall is certainly a spooky time...but still would prefer to get this in SOON....girls come on ...
  • Road Trip the Scenic Route...ditto above...but it's still a MUST
  • Pirate Fest: Our summer backyard bash is a Pirate's July that's next weekend...guess I best get busy!!! I do have a little pirate decor and well...the rest will fall in to place....ummm...I hope...and let's pray for NO RAIN!! Once again I'm flying by the seat of my pants... to travel a littel further down the path...and appriase myself of our party supplies so I can stock up for next weekend. ready!!!

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