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The Hand

Now here is a story from the Haunted Farm which really has nothing to do with the supernatural but rather the tendency for older kids to torment and frighten younger ones. When I was about 4-7 years old I was deathly afraid of the green hand...yes...the green hand...which was a severed hand which was suppose to crawl around the never actually was my siblings idea of a very funny (to them) joke...where they told me scary stories of the green hand and had me so afraid that when I ate supper I tucked my feet up under me on the chair just in case the green hand made its way under the table.

I am not sure who exactly started the tale but I remember for sure my sister Connie contributing to the fright...she was a story weaver and much more believable then my brother Larry. I can still hear taunts of "watch out for the green hand". One time they stuck some green pickup sticks out of a can and told me they were the nails of the green hand which was lurking …

Things I Love About Autumn

There are many things I Love about autumn:

The wonderful colors of orange, red, yellow, and brown.Cooler weatherFires in the fire pitJack o LanternsPumpkinsCarmel ApplesHalloweenThanksgivingWalking in the fall woodsPlaying in leavesThe "nest feeling" of the homeSoupCasserolesPreparing the beds for winterSitting and sipping coffee/hot chocolate on the patioThe smell of leaves burningThe wonder of nature preparing to sleepApplesPumpkin PatchesHay ridesTrick or TreatingBoo Bash

The Ebb and Flow of the Journey

Have you ever felt like life comes out you like a tornado? Or at the very least a dust storm??? LOL It just seems that the ebb and flow of life is rather cyclic.

There are times where every thing just falls into place perfectly. The weather is lovely, the bills are paid, the house work seems simple, and every one you meet is friendly, helpful, and motivating. Every thing you say is perfect and everything you do is in harmony with all.

THEN there are times when every thing seems to go wrong...nothing "works"...things get lost or forgotten, for every clean spot there are ten dirty ones, and people just drain the energy from you. You can say or do nothing right.

I wonder about it sometimes because it happens quite a bit in my life. I have an October birthday and generally one of my "golden times" seems to be least up though October. Then who knows! Perhaps there is more to be said about the whole horoscope times etc than we really know.

Either way...time…

Photos: Pirate Fest 08

Sherry and her Parrot Friend!!! Enjoying the Pirate Fest 2008
Kelsey and Katie wearing their pirate shirts...the front said....Nice Chest....and the back said...The Booty's Even Better!!!

Grandpa (Dale) and the littlest pirate Evan. Evan had a blast at the party and simply did not want to stop. Mom finally had to take him home around midnight or he would have been up all night! Hope you enjoy the photos...I might be able to share a few more with you a little later of them I need to scan into the computer!

Good Morning

Good Morning all you Ginger's Journey's Tuesday and time to think about how your journey is progressing. Are you getting to do the things YOU really want to? If not take a bit to reflect and see what is standing in the way of you actually getting around to the things YOU want to do. What are the roadblocks? Have you lost sight of your dreams? Are your priorities out of whack? Tuesday is a good time for a check!

Roadblocks: We all have them. Limits on time, money, and energy. That's part of the journey. Learning how to wiggle around those roadblocks. However sometimes we build our own roadblocks...ones that just aren't helping us move forward on our journey. For example: Are you a people pleaser? Nothing wrong with that EXCEPT...when it becomes a roadblock and you give up things you want to do.....just to satisfy others. We all have limits on our time...make sure that at least part of the are taking care of YOURSELF and what you want.

Dreams: Some…

Boo Bash 08

Okay I gotta get myself in gear for Boo Bash 08. We will be hosting the Boo Bash on October 18th. It will be our second annual Boo Bash....I am hoping for crisp fall weather and NO rain! We like to build a fire in the fire pit and sit outside...rain would ...well rather dampen the spirit of those plans!

Last year we did not have a "theme" but simply used pumpkins and scarecrows to give a bit of a festive touch. This year I am making jars of interesting things for my Witch's Kitchen...I won't spoil the surprise for those of you that attend but I am hoping for a creepy but fun effect...nothing too gross! I am also looking for an old book to alter for my Witch's Spell Book...and alas...I better get busy or NONE of this is going to come together.

So I have collected some interesting jars for the kitchen and have some nice labels and ingredients to put in them. I really need lots and lots of spiders as soon as they hit the shelves I need to start picking some …

Journey into a New Week

Well this past week has been challenging and now we are moving into a new one. Time to remind myself that the best thing to do is "let go" of that anxiety and worry and just move forward.

Highlights from the coming week:

1. There are to be a couple interesting phone conversations this week. Can't wait to hear the outcome of them. Suffice to say that life is ironic and just when you least expected it...karma happens!

2. Thursday Tea will be fun this week....well let's face almost always is!

3. Kelsey's classes start tomorrow! She only has one on Mondays...the lucky duck! Well better to be lucky than fuzzy!!!

4. Katie's classes start tomorrow too...which means I'll be babysitting Evan tomorrow night. He is definately in the TERRIBLE TWOS...he has red hair but then so do he isn't actually gonna win any arguements with me!! LOL

Well there's sure to be plenty more going on also. I'll be back and forth to share it with you. In the meant…

New Year

Well most people's "new years" starts January first...but for the last ....ummm this year will be 25...for the last 25 years my "new year" starts on the first day of school. All you teachers out there know what I'm talking about. We talk of the "new year", "our kids" and multiple other phrases as if our work is so integrated into our lives that work and personal life becomes one and the same. Tomorrow is the first day of the new year. I actually need to be in bed because I plan to be there around five thirty or six....long story...suffice to say I have at least 16 schedules to fix before 7:55....YIKES.

For me the "new year" brings some changes both in personal and professional life. This will be the first year in 11 years that my evenings have been free of client appointments because I ended my private practice at the end of June. I know that it was the right decision. Kesley heads off to college on Wednesday which means my las…

Ginger's Journey....The Cutting Edge

Well last night Kelsey came to me with a short clip on the Chupacabra . It was dated August 8th and was some footage from a news clip in Texas where they believe the animal captured on the video was a Chupacabra just mentioned a couple of days ago...right here at Ginger's Journey...

WHEN I asked her how she had found the footage she said she had read about it on perezhilton. So...please note that Ginger's Journey is scooping perezhilton...I mean come on I had my post up first. I'm just wondering if ole perez is reading my blog and mining for ideas....LOL.

On other news I am hard at work on some new fun stories to share with you here at Ginger's know me...I can make ANYTHING news worthy and with school starting back up...the friends I have provide plenty of entertainment AND stories. Don't worry....MOST of the names will be changed to protect the innocent...and the not so innocent!

Most of you blog readers realize that Ginger' my personal…

A Journey Forward

With work starting again...comes the real sense of moving forward...time flows quickly and passes without thought or pause.

It saddens me that the year is starting with some bad news for two of our fellow teachers. Two of the teachers in our building have been diagnosed with cancer in the last two days. We are all hopeful for successful and lasting treatments but it gives one pause. To realize that life can suddenly take drastic and unexpected turns...without thought or control over the path that life sets us on.

We shall all pray for Christian and Christy because they are part of our school family and touch our lives daily. And the lives of the children in our care. May God direct the journey toward health and wellness...

The Hounds of Hell

Well you knew I had to get back to the whole haunted farm saga eventually...I'll continue with the little old woman saga another time...because I just watched something on Monster Quest that seriously got me thinking about the hounds of hell...that roamed the farm from the Silent Woods all the way back to the bluff road.

Monster Quest is not typically a show I watch. It's on the History Channel which pretty much explains my disinterest in it. However my husband does watch it and one day from absolute boredom I sat down and watched an happened to be about the Chupacabra which actually has its origins in two different places...Texas and Puerto Rico. The version sighted in Puerto Rico is described as two legged and more reptilian like while the sightings in Texas describe a dog/wolf like creature with huge fangs and almost no hair. Several have even been shot and some DNA testing is being conducted. The first reported sightings of the creatures were in 1995.

The episod…