Friday, August 29, 2008

The Ebb and Flow of the Journey

Have you ever felt like life comes out you like a tornado? Or at the very least a dust storm??? LOL It just seems that the ebb and flow of life is rather cyclic.

There are times where every thing just falls into place perfectly. The weather is lovely, the bills are paid, the house work seems simple, and every one you meet is friendly, helpful, and motivating. Every thing you say is perfect and everything you do is in harmony with all.

THEN there are times when every thing seems to go wrong...nothing "works"...things get lost or forgotten, for every clean spot there are ten dirty ones, and people just drain the energy from you. You can say or do nothing right.

I wonder about it sometimes because it happens quite a bit in my life. I have an October birthday and generally one of my "golden times" seems to be least up though October. Then who knows! Perhaps there is more to be said about the whole horoscope times etc than we really know.

Either way...time usually passes and neither those golden times or those hellish times last forever. One thing about NEVER stands still.

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