Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ginger's Journey....The Cutting Edge

Well last night Kelsey came to me with a short clip on the Chupacabra . It was dated August 8th and was some footage from a news clip in Texas where they believe the animal captured on the video was a Chupacabra just mentioned a couple of days ago...right here at Ginger's Journey...

WHEN I asked her how she had found the footage she said she had read about it on perezhilton. So...please note that Ginger's Journey is scooping perezhilton...I mean come on I had my post up first. I'm just wondering if ole perez is reading my blog and mining for ideas....LOL.

On other news I am hard at work on some new fun stories to share with you here at Ginger's know me...I can make ANYTHING news worthy and with school starting back up...the friends I have provide plenty of entertainment AND stories. Don't worry....MOST of the names will be changed to protect the innocent...and the not so innocent!

Most of you blog readers realize that Ginger's my personal I'll write about whatever I want blog...if you venture off to some of my other blogs you might discover different material and a different "voice"....they are all me just taking different paths....doing what I love best...writing!!!!

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