Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning all you Ginger's Journey readers....it's Tuesday and time to think about how your journey is progressing. Are you getting to do the things YOU really want to? If not take a bit to reflect and see what is standing in the way of you actually getting around to the things YOU want to do. What are the roadblocks? Have you lost sight of your dreams? Are your priorities out of whack? Tuesday is a good time for a check!

Roadblocks: We all have them. Limits on time, money, and energy. That's part of the journey. Learning how to wiggle around those roadblocks. However sometimes we build our own roadblocks...ones that just aren't helping us move forward on our journey. For example: Are you a people pleaser? Nothing wrong with that EXCEPT...when it becomes a roadblock and you give up things you want to do.....just to satisfy others. We all have limits on our time...make sure that at least part of the time...you are taking care of YOURSELF and what you want.

Dreams: Sometimes as we get a bit older we give up on dreams...we think they are only for the young. Dreams are the thread that holds life together...oh not unrealistic ones....like ummm...me becoming a movie star or something...LOL...but dreams like....taking that trip to Cancun or being organized or FINALLY letting go of past hurts...those can and should happen...!!!

Priorities: Time to check and see how your spending your time...if you say relationships are your priority then focus on how much time you are actually spending on the relationships in your life. I know my priorities have been a bit out of whack...that happens on life's journey...the key is to recognize and readjust as needed.

Well that's enough early morning thoughts...gotta get to work or my priority will be finding another job...LOL....more later!

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LisaW said...

Good morning yourself!

It's funny. I was just thinking about this stuff on my ride into work this morning.

I'm pretty proud of myself. This "people pleaser" has "selfishly" devoted quite a bit of time over the last few weeks to things she wants to do.

But I think you are right - it's time to re-evaluate the priorities, roadblocks, and goals. Fall is in the air - but there is still plenty of time to adjust course and get back on track.

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