Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Hand

Now here is a story from the Haunted Farm which really has nothing to do with the supernatural but rather the tendency for older kids to torment and frighten younger ones. When I was about 4-7 years old I was deathly afraid of the green hand...yes...the green hand...which was a severed hand which was suppose to crawl around the never actually was my siblings idea of a very funny (to them) joke...where they told me scary stories of the green hand and had me so afraid that when I ate supper I tucked my feet up under me on the chair just in case the green hand made its way under the table.

I am not sure who exactly started the tale but I remember for sure my sister Connie contributing to the fright...she was a story weaver and much more believable then my brother Larry. I can still hear taunts of "watch out for the green hand". One time they stuck some green pickup sticks out of a can and told me they were the nails of the green hand which was lurking inside the can ready to climb out and grab me.

Now growing up on a farm with true supernatural experiences you would think they would get enough of it without inventing the lurking green hand...but alas...their tale was really quite more frightful then the real events on the farm.

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