Sunday, August 24, 2008

Journey into a New Week

Well this past week has been challenging and now we are moving into a new one. Time to remind myself that the best thing to do is "let go" of that anxiety and worry and just move forward.

Highlights from the coming week:

1. There are to be a couple interesting phone conversations this week. Can't wait to hear the outcome of them. Suffice to say that life is ironic and just when you least expected it...karma happens!

2. Thursday Tea will be fun this week....well let's face almost always is!

3. Kelsey's classes start tomorrow! She only has one on Mondays...the lucky duck! Well better to be lucky than fuzzy!!!

4. Katie's classes start tomorrow too...which means I'll be babysitting Evan tomorrow night. He is definately in the TERRIBLE TWOS...he has red hair but then so do he isn't actually gonna win any arguements with me!! LOL

Well there's sure to be plenty more going on also. I'll be back and forth to share it with you. In the meantime...less just say....goodnight!!

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