Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Year

Well most people's "new years" starts January first...but for the last ....ummm this year will be 25...for the last 25 years my "new year" starts on the first day of school. All you teachers out there know what I'm talking about. We talk of the "new year", "our kids" and multiple other phrases as if our work is so integrated into our lives that work and personal life becomes one and the same. Tomorrow is the first day of the new year. I actually need to be in bed because I plan to be there around five thirty or six....long story...suffice to say I have at least 16 schedules to fix before 7:55....YIKES.

For me the "new year" brings some changes both in personal and professional life. This will be the first year in 11 years that my evenings have been free of client appointments because I ended my private practice at the end of June. I know that it was the right decision. Kesley heads off to college on Wednesday which means my last little duck has flown the coop. But I bet she will be home plenty so I am not freaking out yet!

I look forward to and dread the new year both at the same time. There are some exciting plans we have for at risk programming and helping students succeed. I look forward to working on those along with others this year. At the same time....there are tonms of things at home and in my personal life that are crying for attention. Working means less time to actually tackle those thorny projects. I also look forward to our daily email news letters among some of my friends. Tomorrow will be Monday that will be a nice kick off....ummm....after all those schedules are DONE!

A new year can begin at any point and time...when does your new year begin? Does it change? I hope to be sharing more with you here at Ginger's is just too short not to say what we want. And for now I will say "goodnight!"

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