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Journey Through My Thoughts

Lately I have been spending a lot of times reflecting. Deciding on some priorities and thinking through some changes I am about to make in my life. Reflection can be like a journey through fog filled streets. It is not always easy to see the curves, pot holes, and other traffic coming toward you. There are times when you must depend on just a glimpse of red tail light to keep you from running right into the person in front of you.

At other times the journey is like driving straight into the sun, without sun glasses. The glare is bright...and while a sunny shiney day is great. When the sun is overpowering your vision, it's timeto flip down the visor and dig for some sun glasses. Reflection can be like may see with great clarity the direction you are headed but sometimes the future is blinding you to the turns you need to make to get there.

At other's like a blizzard...with thousands of snowy possiblities swirling in the air in front of you. Like thousands o…

Journey Into Another Phase

Well all you readers here probably think I have gotten lost or disappeared. NOPE...I'm still around...right now I just feel like I am entering another phase of my life and things are just a little out of whack right now.

Some of you may know the saga of my grandson...Evan...pictured above & below. He has recently had a name change and has taken our family surname rather than his biological father's name...long story...don't ask!!! Anyway Evan Joseph taking a lot of time and energy. He is in the terrible twos and boy does he have a temper! I'm sure it has nothing to do with that red hair!

In addition, with Kelsey away at school we have sort of fallen into a lazy evening rountine. Can't even imagine how I used to do all the evening appointments I used to do with clients. Gosh the evenings are wonderful but we do miss Kels...however I can't say that I'm getting anymore accomplished around here...LOL So I do still love to blog but my energy has b…

Worth a Million Dollars and MORE!!!


Lazy Journey

Haven't posted anything in a the other blogs or on the boards....not sure why...just a bit lazy for some reason.

Come home from school...crash for a bit...walk for a bit ....crash again...and then get into bed...not in a bad mood or anything...just LAZY!!! Maybe I am getting into hibernation mode or something!

I also find my interests changing a bit....oh don't panic...nothing as crazy as deleting Ginger's Journey. It's just time for a bit of self reflection and evaluation. Cleaned my home office and doing so made me realize just how much "stuff" I have accumulated. Craft stuff, scrapping stuff, papers, books, and miscellaneous items...I mean REALLY...I could work a life time on stuff and NEVER get it all used up...AND then I start feeling quilty for not getting it REMEMBER that word I started way back in January...SIMPLIFY?

That's where it's at...I mean really think about it...STUFF takes lots of time to clean, organ…

Family Tradition

As I am sitting here listening to Hanks William Jrs. Family Tradition...I thought hmmmm....good subject matter for Ginger's Journey...LOL

"Hank why do you drink and Hank why do you roll smoke...why must you live out the songs that you wrote...stop and think it over..."

Famous words and fun to contemplate. We often "play out" family traditions both good and bad...I like to dream I have been able to combine some of the fun with some common sense...which I think SOME of my family members have not achieved...I can be a little "wild and crazy" without it consuming my whole life.

"I have loved some ladies and I have loved Jim Beam and they both tried to kill me back in 1973"

For some reason this line sticks in my head...makes me smile even though it is not something to smile about in particular...maybe the whole survival thing....reminds me that we can survive a lot...oh sure better "not to be there" at all but if you fall in a hole...GET O…