Thursday, September 18, 2008

Journey Into Another Phase

Well all you readers here probably think I have gotten lost or disappeared. NOPE...I'm still around...right now I just feel like I am entering another phase of my life and things are just a little out of whack right now.

Some of you may know the saga of my grandson...Evan...pictured above & below. He has recently had a name change and has taken our family surname rather than his biological father's name...long story...don't ask!!! Anyway Evan Joseph taking a lot of time and energy. He is in the terrible twos and boy does he have a temper! I'm sure it has nothing to do with that red hair!

In addition, with Kelsey away at school we have sort of fallen into a lazy evening rountine. Can't even imagine how I used to do all the evening appointments I used to do with clients. Gosh the evenings are wonderful but we do miss Kels...however I can't say that I'm getting anymore accomplished around here...LOL
So I do still love to blog but my energy has been directed else where for a bit. Hopefully things will fall back into a pattern and I will be back blogging away and spending more time on the Magical Holiday Home site and boards!

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