Saturday, September 27, 2008

Journey Through My Thoughts

Lately I have been spending a lot of times reflecting. Deciding on some priorities and thinking through some changes I am about to make in my life. Reflection can be like a journey through fog filled streets. It is not always easy to see the curves, pot holes, and other traffic coming toward you. There are times when you must depend on just a glimpse of red tail light to keep you from running right into the person in front of you.

At other times the journey is like driving straight into the sun, without sun glasses. The glare is bright...and while a sunny shiney day is great. When the sun is overpowering your vision, it's timeto flip down the visor and dig for some sun glasses. Reflection can be like may see with great clarity the direction you are headed but sometimes the future is blinding you to the turns you need to make to get there.

At other's like a blizzard...with thousands of snowy possiblities swirling in the air in front of you. Like thousands of snowflakes the possibilities are hypnotic and mesmerizing, making it hard to focus on the journey.

Reflection is best done in a quiet alone time and for short periods of time. Sitting quietly with eyes closed, pondering life, decisions, possiblities, turns, and detours on this journey of life.


LisaW said...

I SO hear you my friend.

This journey of late seems to be a nonstop, marathon trip with the conditions changing around every turn - fog, blinding sun, blizzards.

I yearn to stop, if only for a a short break and quick drink. But it seems so foggy, I fear being slammed from behind.

Ginger said...

Wow...are we twins or what?

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