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A Journey of Laughter

We had a pre-Halloween/celebrate P/T Conference night out. I have not laughed so much in a long time. The stories were funny, the company was light hearted, and it was easy to put aside any worries or cares for a few hours.

One of the things I enjoy about the company of our south of the border friends is their unique way of viewing the world and people. It makes me laugh because they are sooooo...right. There are many that do not understand or misinterpret our friendship ....but I enjoy their company.....plain and simple. And I believe that they enjoy mine...nothing weird, strange, and no ulterior motives...just fun, friendship and laughter.

There is something to be said about a friendship where you carefully weigh the things you are going to try to convey...the language barrier can actually make the exchanges more personal and meaningful because you do not waste time and energy trying to converse about the weather...but laughter is something that is the same in ANY language...

Tonight t…

My Spiritual Journey

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my spiritual journey through life. My beliefs, my hopes, my faith....and how they play out in everyday life. I have also been making a conscious effort to let those beliefs unfold in certain events. And in my writings. Things I care deeply kindness to others, acceptance, looking beyond the surface and seeing the "real" person...while those may not seem "spiritual" to some...there is a deep connection almost electrical charged feeling that occurs as a direct result of such searching. And as a result...a deeper more power sense of self and purpose that surfaces for me.

It's easy in today's world to lose a sense of direction. To become overwhelmed with all the "need" in the world. All the things that we can do NOTHING about. Put those aside. I have. Concentrate instead on the little kindnesses that we can do...the connections we can make....the understanding and acceptance of others that we c…

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming. Faster than I thought possible. Today I worked on my Christmas Notebook and started finalizing my lists...yikes there's still lots to do.

I have been looking at adding a new nativity set this year. I have several but most are novelty a snowman nativity set and a Boyds Bears one....and even though I love them...I wanted a nativity set with a bit more realism to it...I have a couple smallish ones that fit the bill but not a main one...I looked at several from Italy and a couple generic ones from the USA....there was a nice Native American one also. But then this one from Mexico caught my eye on Ebay. I like the size...the main figures are about four and a half inches managable without being tiny...the painted details add a whimsical touch to the set...and so it is MINE....but it won't arrive for a couple of weeks!

Another addition this year is a Advent wreath candle has the tiny purple and pink candles with a place in the c…


Have you ever wonder how we become "who we are?" What events, which people, what inner reflections form the foundation of self? I'm not sure our "basic inner self" changes much over time...but the way we express that self can and does change. I think these expressions of self evolve over time and differ with different stages of life.

Sometimes we "hold ourselves back" and do not let live the life we were meant to live for fear of disappointment, embarrassment, or some other self imposed "rules". Oh surely there are choices we make that later we cringe over....BUT there are also missed opportunities that we sigh over. I would rather cringe a few times than to feel the empty feeling of having missed an opportunity....for time passes, moments slip past, and we will never be this way again. The seconds, minutes, hours that we miss out on...because of our lack of self confidence, or fear, or indecision...or whatever....can NEVER be reclaimed.


The Stories I Collect

The stories I collect have no rhyme or reason...outside of some soul touching connection that they create inside of me. For the stories I love are varied...and some are worn old with time but each retelling or rethinking (which ever may be) enriches the story and buries it deeper into my heart. Honestly many would not evoke the same response in you that they do in me...because stories are personal...the ones I collect may have meaning only to me...because of a feeling, a connection with some aspect of my life, or just because of my unique way of viewing life.

I will tell you that there are some stories that are of sadness and loss. They are still there buried inside but they are not often honored with a retelling because in my mind those are the kind of stories that are best left to float away on the winds of time. They are stories that bruise the spirit and trouble the mind and while they never quite is best that they are only ghosts of the past and they flicker softly …

Stories I Love

I was talking to a young friend the other day and he was amazed at how much information I had about other people, life's events, and daily occurances. Honestly I don't try very hard to get just seems to come to me...people tell me need to question or prod...they just do. They do it because I am interested. AND I listen...not just on the surface but below the surface too...what their words mean and what their heart is saying.

He stated that he knew very little about the goings on at school and in the community because he didn't want to get involved as he might "get in trouble". Hmmm...I think there is definately some merit in what he said. I also think his perspective comes in part from being young, being male, and being from another country (not the USA). I think Americans are more likely to be well...let's just put it bluntly...nosey about other people's private affairs and honestly I am no exception.

However I think that there is a sl…

Good Morning World

Good Morning all you readers of Ginger's Journey. Lately I have been thinking of the state of the world.I guess what with the election looming and just makes me think about things like..."why can't we all just get along"...teaching Kindergarten was a whole lot easier back in the liked each other and disagreements were over minor things that were easy to remedy by saying: "I'm sorry" and sharing.

I had a recent conversation of late with someone from another country. As I was striving to better understand why they were homesick and wished to return to their native country...I decided to look up their "home town" on the internet...and I think this one phrase summed it up..."San Juan del Rio is the most famous for the kindness of its people..." WOW...I have to admit...this was an eye opener for me and caused me pause....I'd hardly describe our town that way...or for that matter many towns in the state or country…

Boo Bash 08 Reflections

Well Boo Bash 08 is just a memory...we had a great time. Actually several people cancelled at the last minute so next year I am inviting twice as many...LOL

We had a lovely evening weather wise and the two fires were warm and toasty. We sort of had "two Boo Bashes" cause some people left around 10:30 and then some late arrivers came at 11:00. Kind of disappointed we didn't make it to 3:30....only till 3:15...LOL I will post more later and include some photos...

Fall Tour of Homes

Cathymac has organized a Fall Tour of Homes for Magical Holiday Home....along with some other bloggers. Check out the fabulous fall decor. Start by visiting Haunted Hamlet and see Cathy's creative stuff...then if you check out this post Fall will find links to the rest of the participants! I have some pics up over at Great Pumpkin Day.
Last minute additions to the tour!! Better late than never!

Journey to Boo Bash 08

Working on Boo Bash 08 has been a bit of a struggle this year. And since it is Saturday...I suppose I better kick it in gear. I think we will have a small turn out this year which is fine. The house is looking okay on the surface but there is plenty hiding here, there, and everywhere..LOL

I will devote Staurday morning to working on the back yard and then move indoors for some finishing touches. The living room FINALLY has the fall decor out and as I may have mentioned....I am keeping it rather SIMPLE this year....still all in all it looks nice. The kitchen has a few fall touches also!

For the Bash...I plan on keeping up the SIMPLE theme by dressing in black and donning a bird-like mask as my costume...LOL. I managed to move the boxes of decor to an easier location in the garage so that it will be easier to pick out what we want to use Saturday. We also bought a new fire pit. We already have one and we will use that one down in the yard itself but the new one will go on the patio so we…

A Card to Myself


It's My Birthday!


Bloggin the Down Lows

Have you ever wondered about all the behind the scenes stuff...the manuvering, the plotting, the planning...and all the other "stuff" that goes on in people's lives? Oh I'm not talking about people who live pretty straight forward lives...I am talking about the schemers...the back stabbers...the game players....people that think the way to accomplish what they want is to be secretive and pull strings to get things to "turn out" the way that want them to. WOW...that takes a lot of energy and makes everyone a little crazy! Truth be told...most of them aren't really fooling anybody...everyone knows exactly whats...what!

A Few Down Lows of Late

Job Openings: Do you really think "the plan" isn't is...makes me a little leery but I do know the direction all of this is heading and's not about have it your way!
Being Mad: Get over one meant anything by move on...if you dwell on it...that's your …

Blogging from the Heart

As I mentioned earlier...when things are at hurricane is easy to blog from a deeply emotional level. I know there may be real people...ummm....not that my cyberfriends aren't real....but people that know me in real life...that might be reading Ginger's Journey...and they maybe wondering WTF....or ummmm something like for those of you who know me in real time, real life, real face to face relationships...never fear!

Most of the turmoil lately has to do with deeply personal and/or family issues not the day to day grind of school and work and such. Not that there haven't been things that make me doubt... minor glitches or annoyances of late...(there always is)....perhaps those I have not been able to handle as well...due to other "stuff". Perhaps they are more important because of other "stuff" and so they become entangled in everything else.

Which reminds me of a book I read one time...can't remember the title....but it is all abo…

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by teachermomof2. So read the rules above and I will get to posting my 7 weird things....ummmm...which seven should I use? 1. I grew up on a haunted farm. 2. I love the ocean. 3. I enjoy fairy folklore. 4. I was borned in October 5. I have traveled to Australia 6. My favorite months are June and October. 7. Fall is my favorite season. TAG: Holiday Hamlet Harvest, Fall, Autumn Whimsical Mom Autumn Havest Twilight & Acorns Ghostly Pumpkins Leaves and Pumpkins Autumn Blessings Off to leave comments so you will know you have been tagged...LOL

Stepping Outside the Journey

Couple other ups and downs...things that normally would not affect my confidence or create self doubt but when you are in a whirlwind of emotionality....any little thing seems to appear to loom over you with impending doom. But tonight I shall write about something other than my crazy mixed up feelings....I will step outside the journey for a bit and wander along a side path for a short time.

So tonight I will write about the Fairies...Roses, Sangria, and Moonlite Nights...

Fairies: It's fairy flocking the veil between the two worlds becomes thinner and thinner as All Saints Eve approaches....if you linger in the quiet evening dusk you just might catch a glimpse of the fairies ....dancing around the fairy ring. For some it's told that the fairies charm is so alluring that they are lost in the magic longer able to return to the real world of human existence but not fully fairy-ish either. Struggling...spending all there days searching for…

The First Step of the Journey

Every journey begins with a first step...then the first block...the first mile..and so on...Such is also this journey that I struggle with...this balance between who I am, who others want me to be and who I strive to be. It is a journey we travel many times throughout our lives...sometimes with glorious sunny days of discovering just who we are...and sometimes with storms of discontent, self doubt, and hurt.

I have been on this path many times in my life. Difficult times often force us to travel this road. And in my life there have been many....I'm not complaining....simply stating a fact.... The death of a parent, the death of a child, the loss of a job.....Sometimes joyous events can also... but I find it much less often. There are turning marriage, the birth of a child, aging, illness and others..... that evoke this desire or maybe I should say NEED to put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

But when it is thrust upon you quite unexpectedly is li…

Notes From Within

If you have read the last few know that I have been struggling with the decision of whether to blog my "real" thoughts and feelings or to continue the self imposed censorship that has created part of my "writer's block" of late. And then sometimes we have chaos know when the butterfly flutters on the other side of the world and affects the weather right our own backyard...and so sometimes it is FATE that forces a hand and takes the decision out of the conscious mind and into the heart....for the mind ponders and worries and censors...whereas the heart just writes...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And so as you may have noticed from the tone of recent entries that I decided to let the heart lead...not that the censor is not still there...pondering and worrying lest you dear readers think I have lost my mind....let me assure you....I have not....but when the mind is full and the heart is is easy to spill powerful emot…

Journey to the Truth

Have you ever had the unexpected moment of discovering that all you thought was true and real is just an illusion? When you finally come to the realization that none of the things you try, none of the efforts you make, and none of who you are as a person really matters. Because there is always someone, no.... not just someone.. everyone... there to pick you apart until all that is left is the bare bones of who you once thought was (if not perfect) at least acceptable.

Because when it is all said and have to accept that there is no one who has your back and you are very much alone on this journey...this journey to what....the truth? Or at least everyone's truth but your own. For to know who we are takes time and effort and it is so much easier to look at who we think others are than to notice who we are. So to trust is perhaps after all a mistake...

Have you ever experienced the deepest hurt that strikes at the core of who you are, what you believe and shapes who you are f…

Dead Uncle Songs

Okay...they aren't really dead but you know sometimes parts of your family are just beyond repair and when you get to that point in just seems easier to think of them as dead. You may think we (those of us in this part of the family) are quite horrid...but really unless you have lived the story...there is no way to really know the betrayal and some point you just no longer care and move on. So here is my dead uncle verse...sung to the tune of You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille....(sort of to the tune!)

You picked a fine time to find us dead uncle
With Mexican friends and a beer in each hand
You made some hard times
We've lived through some bad times
And now we just no longer care
You picked a fine time to find us dead uncle.

When one is out trying to have a good time...the last thing you really need is to run into a ghost from the past. But at the same can prove quite enlightening. The level of energy that goes into trying to make a person reco…

Blogging the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Well as my dear daughter Kelsey so kindly pointed out...not doing too good keeping up my blog of's the thing...censorship (self imposed)....LOL....most of the stuff I'd love to blog about...I can' know when things crowd my mind or capture my attention...or tug at my heart....trouble my mind ....or create laughter that no one else can understand except me.....I like to write about them. But of late most of those things need to be kept know rants about school, feelings about life, love, and the pursuit of better friendships...stories about the down lows and the not so down lows....escapades that no one probably truly appreciates unless you are there....personal stories about dead there might be a story I could blog....

So anyway...I am experiencing writers block. Partly due to...well...just writers block....trying to think of fun new things to write about. And partly due to the fact that when your mind is full and your he…