Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bloggin the Down Lows

Have you ever wondered about all the behind the scenes stuff...the manuvering, the plotting, the planning...and all the other "stuff" that goes on in people's lives? Oh I'm not talking about people who live pretty straight forward lives...I am talking about the schemers...the back stabbers...the game players....people that think the way to accomplish what they want is to be secretive and pull strings to get things to "turn out" the way that want them to. WOW...that takes a lot of energy and makes everyone a little crazy! Truth be told...most of them aren't really fooling anybody...everyone knows exactly whats...what!

A Few Down Lows of Late

  • Job Openings: Do you really think "the plan" isn't obvious...it is...makes me a little leery but I do know the direction all of this is heading and hey...it's not about me...so have it your way!

  • Being Mad: Get over it....no one meant anything by it...so move on...if you dwell on it...that's your decision...

  • Grades: Students earn them...no one should just "give them"

  • Full Moon: It's gonna be crazy for a few days....there's a full moon tonight!

  • False Praise: Empty and/or false praise is more damanging than just keeping quiet...don't praise to "save" self esteem cause you are just gonna make it ten times worse.

  • Talking Behind My Back: Gosh I'm flattered...I must be very interesting!!

  • Chicas: Some are better than others....but no one is perfect!

  • Amigos: Some are better than others....but no one is perfect.

  • Just Ask: If you need or want something...just ask.....no games needed.

Well....enough of all that....the night is slipping by and I have things to do...so off the computer and on with life!!

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