Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blogging the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Well as my dear daughter Kelsey so kindly pointed out...not doing too good keeping up my blog of's the thing...censorship (self imposed)....LOL....most of the stuff I'd love to blog about...I can' know when things crowd my mind or capture my attention...or tug at my heart....trouble my mind ....or create laughter that no one else can understand except me.....I like to write about them. But of late most of those things need to be kept know rants about school, feelings about life, love, and the pursuit of better friendships...stories about the down lows and the not so down lows....escapades that no one probably truly appreciates unless you are there....personal stories about dead there might be a story I could blog....

So anyway...I am experiencing writers block. Partly due to...well...just writers block....trying to think of fun new things to write about. And partly due to the fact that when your mind is full and your heart is's hard to just write chit chat stuff....when what you really want to write is dynamite....nitty gritty introspective stuff..... or expose' type of stuff that hits a person in the stomach and rocks the core of what people think of as their world.....things to challenge one's thinking or feelings or even life's outlook...when you want to cut right to the core of what makes us human...but also about what makes us vulnerable...when the little things seem just that..."little" and the "big" things just take a lot of energy to tackle....when you think that if you really spill it onto the page someone might send the men in the little white jackets to lock you up. That's WRITERS BLOCK at a whole new level.

So anyway...I'm still sorting things in my mind...what to blog...the good, the bad, or the ugly...or some as yet unknown combination. This journey isn't really any different than's just taking on a new level of challenge....whether to "be real" a whole new level....or to travel the "safe route". Let's just's going to be interesting...this internal struggle I have between censorship and authorship.


organizedhome said...

Ginger, you have just put into words what is afflicting Webmistress Ming.

I want the blog to be for ME--but if it's in public, I have to censor it.

Not sure how to resolve this, short of going underground, getting a generic spot on a shared bloghost, and alerting ONLY friends that I'm out there.

I dunno.

Keep your chin up, honey--or just write your entries and set them to private. Usually works for me!

LisaW said...


You know, that's what journal blogs are ...

"when the little things seem just that..."little" and the "big" things just take a lot of energy to tackle"

Let it out girl! We are here!

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