Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dead Uncle Songs

Okay...they aren't really dead but you know sometimes parts of your family are just beyond repair and when you get to that point in just seems easier to think of them as dead. You may think we (those of us in this part of the family) are quite horrid...but really unless you have lived the story...there is no way to really know the betrayal and some point you just no longer care and move on. So here is my dead uncle verse...sung to the tune of You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille....(sort of to the tune!)

You picked a fine time to find us dead uncle
With Mexican friends and a beer in each hand
You made some hard times
We've lived through some bad times
And now we just no longer care
You picked a fine time to find us dead uncle.

When one is out trying to have a good time...the last thing you really need is to run into a ghost from the past. But at the same can prove quite enlightening. The level of energy that goes into trying to make a person recognize and respond to you (him not us) when you are so thoroughly being ignored is fasinating. And the fact that we had a language barrier in trying to explain the situation to our friends...actually made the whole saga a tad funny. AND this was actually round two...for there are two dead uncles...and two Fridays in a more than just a coincident... let's just say I will NOT be surprised if there is a round three...since now they most surely know our hangout.

So there is just a kernel of the nitty gritty...introspective saga...that is my life currently...and not so currently...many will understand the scenerio...perhaps having lived similar moments or chapters in their own lives....some will find it as foreign as we used to find our Mexican friends...either is worth blogging...if only for the sheer power of putting the words in print. Perhaps in the near future I will unfold the whole story onto the blog pages and explain as best as words allow...the dynamics that swirl in the air and obscure one's vision.

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organizedhome said...

Boy, can I relate to this one.

In the past year, I've had to consign an entire wing of my family--beyond repair--to the dead uncle category.

Talk about pain!

When you do this, it's a choice not unlike a fox gnawing off a leg to escape a trap--but just like the fox, you finally decide that despite the agony, losing the leg will be BETTER than staying in the trap.

So you gnaw away, but the leg is still GONE.

Ginger, we're thinking about you.

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