Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Morning World

Good Morning all you readers of Ginger's Journey. Lately I have been thinking of the state of the world. I guess what with the election looming and just makes me think about things like..."why can't we all just get along"...teaching Kindergarten was a whole lot easier back in the liked each other and disagreements were over minor things that were easy to remedy by saying: "I'm sorry" and sharing.

I had a recent conversation of late with someone from another country. As I was striving to better understand why they were homesick and wished to return to their native country...I decided to look up their "home town" on the internet...and I think this one phrase summed it up..."San Juan del Rio is the most famous for the kindness of its people..." WOW...I have to admit...this was an eye opener for me and caused me pause....I'd hardly describe our town that way...or for that matter many towns in the state or country. That's not to say there aren't many fabulous kind hearted people around...that's not to say that the USA is not one of the greatest countries in the's just to say...that in describing the people in our country...of late...that I would NOT use the term..."kindness".

WOW...I'll say it again WOW....makes me think that while the economy is of major concern...I am more concerned about the social climate of our country...where it has become "acceptable" to yell...."Kill him," at a political rally. Oh I know there are those of you that will argue that of course it is not acceptable...but it is occurring and when you look at is just one small example of what I am talking about...the mere fact that people explain it away by saying it is just a few radicals...only happens a few times...doesn't represent the American people etc....

I believe that what happens to the "least of us" is the essence of our country. When a single person is treated with disrespect, disregard for human dignity, treated as less than human, regarded with disgust is the beginning of a disease that will progress until what used to be isolated events...become common place. It is happening already. If we think of it as a disease with ...oh say five stages...I'd say we are at about Stage Three. It frightens me when sarcasm, rudeness, hatefulness, and arrogance is regarded as the norm. Don't get me wrong...this is NOT a political commentary about the candidates...I just used that as a small example...this is more important than is about the exchanges that occur in everyday life and the erosion of social graces that are apparant across the country. It makes me sad...and it makes me embarrassed for our country.

But as usual I come back to the "I can't save the". If I look at the broad picture it is overwhelming...I can't control/correct/fix all the "stuff" going on....BUT I can make a committment to look at kindness and acceptance in my own life...I think I do a pretty good job with it but it is easy to slip into put downs, sarcasm, etc....or to be just unaware of how our words and comments affect others. It is easy to say that other countries and locations have their own negatives...and they do....but it does not erase the fact that creating a climate of kindness is a very desirable goal. I will continue to reflect on how I can become a kinder gentler person. Maybe you will join me in this journey toward a kinder gentler world.

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