Thursday, October 16, 2008

Journey to Boo Bash 08

Working on Boo Bash 08 has been a bit of a struggle this year. And since it is Saturday...I suppose I better kick it in gear. I think we will have a small turn out this year which is fine. The house is looking okay on the surface but there is plenty hiding here, there, and everywhere..LOL

I will devote Staurday morning to working on the back yard and then move indoors for some finishing touches. The living room FINALLY has the fall decor out and as I may have mentioned....I am keeping it rather SIMPLE this year....still all in all it looks nice. The kitchen has a few fall touches also!

For the Bash...I plan on keeping up the SIMPLE theme by dressing in black and donning a bird-like mask as my costume...LOL. I managed to move the boxes of decor to an easier location in the garage so that it will be easier to pick out what we want to use Saturday. We also bought a new fire pit. We already have one and we will use that one down in the yard itself but the new one will go on the patio so we can sit around it and also have light from the fire as we enjoy the evening. So far the weather forecast is favorable for a nice evening!

Well back to work on the laundry and the kitchen!! More later!

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