Friday, October 10, 2008

Stepping Outside the Journey

Couple other ups and downs...things that normally would not affect my confidence or create self doubt but when you are in a whirlwind of emotionality....any little thing seems to appear to loom over you with impending doom. But tonight I shall write about something other than my crazy mixed up feelings....I will step outside the journey for a bit and wander along a side path for a short time.

So tonight I will write about the Fairies...Roses, Sangria, and Moonlite Nights...

Fairies: It's fairy flocking the veil between the two worlds becomes thinner and thinner as All Saints Eve approaches....if you linger in the quiet evening dusk you just might catch a glimpse of the fairies ....dancing around the fairy ring. For some it's told that the fairies charm is so alluring that they are lost in the magic longer able to return to the real world of human existence but not fully fairy-ish either. Struggling...spending all there days searching for the fairies again....longing for just a glimpse into the other realm.

Roses: While I am not a huge flower fanatic and mixed bunches of flowers are just as alluring to me as Roses...there is just something in the air that makes me think roses...for the delicate petals of a rose are silky to the touch...the essence of the rose is one of love and are beautiful and deep in color...but there are many hues that are lovely....yellow, lavendar, peach. For the rose is silky, fragile and yet sturdy, transformed from bud into full bloom...

Sangria: Ok I am not a heavy Sangria drinker....but I love the fruity...heady flavors mingled together in an excellent blend of Sangria. Where the tangy sweet mixture of the fruit juices collide with the zip of wine...creating a for....well fit for FAIRIES!!!! Poured over crushed ice and sipped through a tantalizes the tastebuds and touches the inner soul....

Moonlite Nights: I love the full moon...I know...I know....things get a bit crazy during a full moon...but I love it just the same....maybe it's the fairy magic...maybe it's the pull of the moon on my love of the natural world...THE OCEAN...or maybe it's just the calm feeling sitting in the moonlight...sipping ....The tranquility of the night lite by the moon is like a lullaby to the soul!!!

So my little journey down the side path was refreshing....drowning in deep thoughts for too long can make one just a tad ....ummm....well insane!!!

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Loved your post! I tagged you on my blog, if you are interested in participating, please do!


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