Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stories I Love

I was talking to a young friend the other day and he was amazed at how much information I had about other people, life's events, and daily occurances. Honestly I don't try very hard to get just seems to come to me...people tell me need to question or prod...they just do. They do it because I am interested. AND I listen...not just on the surface but below the surface too...what their words mean and what their heart is saying.

He stated that he knew very little about the goings on at school and in the community because he didn't want to get involved as he might "get in trouble". Hmmm...I think there is definately some merit in what he said. I also think his perspective comes in part from being young, being male, and being from another country (not the USA). I think Americans are more likely to be well...let's just put it bluntly...nosey about other people's private affairs and honestly I am no exception.

However I think that there is a slight difference....that is that I am a "collector of stories" . I am interested in everything from all sorts of while I like to be "in the know" is not with a malicious or evil intent. It is simply in an attempt to better understand people, their decisions, their actions, and the strange thing we call human nature.

So when you tell me you are from Puerto Vallarta and there are houses up in the hills that have a beautiful view of the ocean and that the sunsets are beautiful. I remember it....not because I can somehow twist it around to manipulate or use you....BUT because it is important to YOU...and if you are my friend...then it is important to me also...AND it tells me something about your heart and soul...that you are kind hearted, that you appreciate beauty, that there are things in this world that touch your soul...and that you trust me enough to share those with me...that is a "story to remember".

Some stories aren't as "beautiful" but still have meaning and merit. Some are trivial, some are sad, some are even views that I do not agree with....but in hearing listening to the stories of heart is open to all kinds of possibilities...and sometimes...honestly my heart is hurt in the process...but would I ignore the stories for fear of pain? I think not...for the stories are what make us human. Some are stories that most people might not be interested in. Why am I interested? That is a question I do not really know the answer to....I just am...who I am .....a "collector of stories".

I'll talk some more about stories later but work is calling and ...I need to answer!

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