Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ghost Tour #1...The Adventure Begins

For those of you that don't know....I'm a BIG taking off on a ghost tour journey is just about the craziest thing I've done lately...hmmm....well bar the whole tattoo thing..LOL! So Wednesday evening the ghost hunters all gathered at my home...six in total to explore the paranormal of Missouri. We watched the movie 1408...which I must say went from semi-scarey to sort of well...dull. Then we examined our ghost kits and prepared for the journey.

Each ghost kit contained a flashlight, a cross, hand warmers, a magnet on a string, some sage, and a whistle (for emergencies). We started out reading from the Bible...a common ritual among ghost hunters by the way and a needed ritual for those of us chicken hearted souls! We were preparing to go to several locations with reported paranormal activity and folklore abounding with tales of strange happenings. Some of these sites were well known to my niece and me because we grew up in the location we visited and some of the stories directly related to our family. We departed the house at 9:10 pm.

Our first stop was an old cemetery in Warren County. It is off a highway but pretty much in the middle of no where. We had visited this location early in the daylight and had commented on the super old tombstones. But our main area of interest was a tree in the back right hand side of the cemetery. this tree was old and dead and the bottom of it had some twisted barbed wire ingrown in it......creating what looked surprisingly like a demonic face. The rustling leaves and total darkness made the start of our journey quite an experience. I could hear something moving in the leaves directly to the left of me but when ever I turned on the light there was nothing there. I made it part way to the tree and had to stop and turn off my light as a car passed on the road nearby. The others froze also. I really had no desire to explain to the police why a group of six of us were in the graveyard at night...LOL. A few of our group made it over to the old tree and took some photos...the face is not as noticeable in the picture as it is in real life but I will post a picture in another post soon.

Our next stop was to a cemetery that is right next to Interstate 70...along the service road...not an easy place to be discreet. Right next to this one is a rather large rather old vine covered house that is reported to have a ghost. When we pulled into a very smallish drive next to the house my niece insisted that she had a VERY bad feeling. So she refused to let us exit the vehicle and instead we sat in the car watching the house in the darkness for movement of any kind. All the windows and doors are out of this house. We then travel a few yards down the road to the small cemetery and again did not exit the vehicle. Partly because of the bad vibes Christy was insisting on but also because there was still plenty of traffic at this time of evening. We decided to move on and return back home via this site and try to get a better look.

Our third stop was a cemetery in Lincoln County near the small town where I grew up. This is also the place where my mother, father, and several other family members are buried. We parked at the VERY back of the cemetery behind a small metal utility shed and as the car was black it was well concealed from anyone passing by. We walked up the center road in the cemetery and directly to the right is the oldest part. I saw a black shadow moving along in this part of the graveyard but I said nothing. When I turned on the light and examined the area....I was unable to see anything out of the ordinary. We continued on...when we were about in the center my oldest daughter thought it would be funny to say..."Grandma Annie if you're here...give us a sign" Now my mother Anna Bell was a strong believer in the paranormal and often warned about tempting the fates Christy and I chastened Katie and laughed nervously. We stood for a bit here in the darkness looking around and then started back toward the car.

As we neared the metal shed which sit by itself on a small patch of land Katie said..."Get in the car, get in the car..." and the ones that were walking behind me quickly sprinted around and started bailing into the car...I never even had the chance to ask what was what...just..."get in the car...get in the car..." SO...of course I got in and we sped off. Evidently according to the ones in the back of the group there was a LOUD bang on the metal shed as they walked by it which freaked them out. No idea of the source. I then dared to mention the black shadow to which Christy responded by saying that when she had originally turned the car around in the parking lot she had thought she had witnessed someone walking in that part of the cemetery but she had hesitated saying so for fear no one would get out and look around.

It was only as we were driving down the road toward where the Indian grave is.... and the old bluff road that both Christy and Katie said at the exact same time..."That was Grandma Annie"....was it? or was it something more sinister?....of that we will never be sure...but if it was my mother I can assure you that she was laughing her head off when we all scampered into the car like scared rabbits. And she was most likely shaking her head saying..."I told you not to mess around with stuff like this!" It would have been just like her to do something like that!!!!

Well this post is very long and I've yet to talk about the Indian burial road, bluff road, the haunted bridge, and the final trip to the house/cemetery along the interstate and the other I'll save those for another post.....because the fun only gets better and better!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Journey to Adventures

Adventures in life. You know adventures are not without risks. That is the thing...adventures can be dangerous, fun, exciting, heartbreaking, fulfilling, wonderful. dreadful, and all manner of things.

Sometimes we take out on an adventure without really thinking. Sometimes we squirm, wiggle, think, ponder, and worry over an adventure. At times the adventure just happens naturely even without you knowing it's an adventure until it's over with. At other times we think we are on an adventure and it turns out to be just the same old thing.

A TRUE adventure is one we embark on, knowing full well that there is no way to predict the outcome. The map is there before us but there will be times when we just throw the map away and follow our heart or soul...we just travel along on a hope and a dream...sometimes that is enough and at other times we stumble and fall. But when you risk gain nothing. Life becomes less fulfilling.

Sometimes adventures bring us heart break...sad but true...there is no way to avoid that possibility except to hide from pack your suitcase, sit in your car with a full tank of gas...and do NOTHING...sad but true...people do it all the time.

Some adventures bring us the most amazing days of our lives. Some go on and on and are days that we will never forget...these are the stories that we will collect and cherish and hold dear.....some adventures end abruptly....or slowly...or fade into something else...but they end...

Life is not easy...sometimes it is very hard to know the adventures to embark on and the ones to let pass you by...but maybe in not knowing...we actually live our life more fully...maybe we actually experience the things we are meant to experience...because without them we would not be or become the people we are meant to be...if an adventure is truly calling is not one that is easy to avoid...those are in my opinion...the ones worth embarking on...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ghost Tours the Scenic Route: Cemetery Version

Well the Ghost Tour is all set for Wednesday November 26th...we leave Warrenton around 8:00 to 8:30. Prior to leaving we will watch 1408...executive decision on my part as some wanted to watch the movie(s) on the actual day of the tour. When we arrive back home safely...we may take in another flick or ghost hunters are encouraged to watch the three movies prior to that day!

So there are lots of cemeteries in Warren County and in the state of Missouri....we plan on taking a bit of a road trip as we really need to pick ones that have a bit of history...and there are plenty of thoses. There may just be a short trip around the bluff road...hmmm...I think it's still drivable....where the hounds of hell roamed. Some want to "walk" the road and I am insisting that it waits for warmer weather and a bit more experience "ghost hunting" Down the gravel raod which leads to the bluff road there is a location I want to was the site of a hauinted house from long long ago...I have several stories handed down from my mother about this particular location but I am pretty sure the house itself is gone. If i get a chance I'd like to drive it in the daylight before heading into the unknown at night..LOL.

Then there is a RATHER old cemetery in Warren County that has some good possibilities...again a pre hunt day time trip is adviseable as I am not at all sure it will be open and accessible at night. This will most likely be our starting point and then the road trip over to Lincoln County...or perhaps it will be our ending destination...hmmmm....lots of logistics to figure out yet!

I made us some little "business cards" for fun but I need to redo them as I used the wrong initial for Christy...sorry about the CJH...but I only printed a dozen or its easy to scrap them and start over...and honestly do we need more than that? LOL....I mean it's just a "novelty" we aren't exactly gonna be handing out Ghost Tour cards..!!!! I think we better all survive our first ghost tour before we go into business.!! LOL

Ghost Tour Two...will be haunted bridges...I have two definate possibilities and they happen to be about 50 miles we may have to rethink whether to mix it up a bit and take in haunted local...that go with each bridge and break them into two different excursions...or ? I have a small tape recorder which I want to get some batteries for...if nothing else I want to record everyone's know the imagination is scarier than any thing paranormal...and when you let the imagination run free you can conjure up all kinds of scary stuff.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thoughts About Common Things

Have you ever really thought about things we take for granted everyday? Well, for those of you that read Ginger's Journey will not surprise you to know that I like to ponder things...unique unusual things and common mundane things.

  • Sunrise...isn't it amazing how the sun comes up one has to nag it to get out of bed. Well...yes I know that technically it is the earth let's hope it just keeps revolving because there is nothing as wonderful as the dawning of a new day!
  • Sunset...the beauty of ending a day well lived.
  • Ice...yes ice...not on the roads for heaven's sake but in a glass...with fresh brewed tea poured over it...snapping with it's brittle coldness...soothing the throat on a hot summer day.
  • Blankets: A snuggly blanket to wrap up in, to watch tv under, to curl up with a book make a tent out of and play monster and laugh about the silliness of life.
  • Keys...keys to cars, to houses, to boats, to hotel rooms, to diaries, to offices and desk drawers. The unique mold of each one...opening doors and experiences...that are up til then unknown...keys that let us experience life, find things, move about, and protect ourselves...and then perhaps the GREATEST key of all....the key to someone's heart. Sometimes romantic ....sometimes not...sometimes just a deep connection, a friendship, a special role in another person's life. Keys to hearts...given too easily are like cheap hotel rooms...they serve the purpose for a short time...but one never really feels comfortable with the situation.
  • Calendars...blank crisp pages to fill with the adventures of life. Memos to remember, places to be, important dates of those that matter most
  • Socks...I have a love hate relationship with socks...let's face it I prefer flip flops and no socks...but when the air grows crisp there's nothing like a snuggly pair of socks to slip on. When your sitting at a football game and extra pair of socks are like a life preserver....allowing you to stay for one more touchdown!!
  • Cell phones: I'm telling you these are never ceases to amaze me how I can type in a message and send it across the miles and it knows just which phone to arrive at...LOL...sort of sounds like witchcraft to me!

There are lots of things in life that are simply amazing...thought provoking....useful....inspiring etc...Let yourself notice them...until we meet again....TAKE CARE!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Journey Into the "Unknown"

Well one of my young friends has inspired me to write a bit more about the haunted farm and the surrounding area which is full of local folklore, legends, and just generally weird stuff.

Let’s review…I’ve wrote some about the Silent Woods, the Hounds of Hell, the Little Man in the Attic. The Ghost Lights, and a portion of the story of the Little Old Woman. There’s plenty more folks…I’ve not finished the Little Old Woman’s saga as it stretches across more than fifty years of sightings. And then add to that…the face in the window, the strange “resort”, the devils moss, the nightly visits of a creature that traveled along the boundaries of the farm, the opening doors, noises in the nights, and a multitude of other unusual occurrences.

Woven in with that I will be writing about some even older family history that was passed down to me by my mother and some of her insights into the strange happenings specifically and thoughts about such things in general.

Kelsey is doing some research about ghosts/haunted places in Warren County and I am reading a book called: "In Search of Ghosts" I've leanered several things already...first of all...did you know there is a difference between ghosts and spirits? Ghosts are people that have usually had a tragic ending to their lives and are tied to the place of their death. They can not and do not travel far from this location. While spirits are the part of all of us that lives on past our deaths. At times spirits remain on earth or return to earth for periods of time. They can travel whereever and are not tied to a certain local.

(Now...a word of disclaimer....I am not saying I believe in all of this...I am just reporting what I have read....but I do think there are things in this life we can not explain and I have witnessed some of it with my very own eyes)

So Halloween might be over but when you grow up on a haunted farm….anytime is the right time for “ghost stories”. See you again soon on this Journey Into the Unknown

Friday, November 7, 2008

Journey Past Thursday

Have you ever been having a so-so kind of day and then suddenly it gets amazingly better? What makes the difference between one of those's okay days...and one of those...much is GREAT days....hmmmm....people we care

What makes a friendship? I don't mean "people we hang out with" or even "people we party with"...or "people we work with"....or "people we go to school with" ....I mean REAL friendship...friends are people that "have your back" matter the circumstances...people who can be disappointed in you but never lose faith in you...people that want the best for you....people who never give up on you...have high expectations for you...and no matter what always see the best inside you.

There are two types of friendship...well more than that...but two I want to reflect on....

  • The friendship I listed above...REAL... deep rooted....I care about you and I don't even know withstands the test of time...but it is not always high energy highly fun fun...but perhaps more importantly it withstands the test of time...boredom, excitement, rich, poor, crazy, sane, focused, doesn't matter it still remains true and always lets you be "who you are" without necessarily...agreeing with who you chose to be at some points and times.

  • Then what I call "surface friendship"...these can be fun...they usually are..because surface friendships are about hanging out and having fun together...they are usually highly charged- excitement driven and give you a sometimes needed boost of I have the BEST friends in the world....hmmmm....maybe...maybe not...I think that surface friendships give us the illusion of the things listed above under REAL friendship but I think it is only surface deep...and it is transitional...easy come...easy go...and because of the focus.... these relationships rarely grow deeper....oh they may have their place in our lives but in the end...we are left feeling just a little "empty"...why?

BECAUSE....people have the ever present need to connect with people...not just on the surface but in a deep real sense of the word.....

Well....something to think about here on Ginger's Journey....make sure your life is filled with the things that are important...enjoy the rest...but recognize it for what it is...Take Care readers ...until we meet again here on the greatest journey of all....the journey through life.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Journey to Self

People may think I have lost my mind...Mexican friends, tattoos...blogging...Wow...well I guess blogging isn't exactly in the same category as the tattoo...or is it?

Here's the thing...I am fine....never been I know that is what totally insane people There comes a time in life (at least I hope) where we say...I'm going to do as I please and who cares what people think. I mean after all if they have nothing else to talk about besides my antics...they must lead very boring lives indeed. That is where I am...who cares...people say ..."why did you get a tattoo?" The answer is simple... because I wanted to.
It is truly a nice place to be...but let me say I always temper my decisions. I think about their impact on others and their potential to impact me in negative ways.

For example my friendships. By befriending my south of the border I hurt anyone? I can assure you that the answer to that is no. I know the nature of those friendships and they are solid, mutual, and really quite innocent. That is perhaps the greatest thing about them.

For tattoo...while you may not have one or want one...does my having one impact anyone else? Hmmmm....the answer to that would be NO...people I must say are struggling a bit with this one...people I must say that do not really know me...they think it is just "not me"...LOL...but we have multiple selves and they are lived at different times...and it is ME....just not the me that you might know...and by the way...I still love it....good thing since it's permanent! People seem to want to understand the nature of the if getting one somehow symbolizes something....and honestly I don't think it just is what it is...a tattoo.

For expression of thoughts at any random time, place or about an event...hurt anyone? I don't think views might be different than might laugh at my terms, analogies etc but my words can't really hurt you...I would prefer they INSPIRE or make you REFLECT... But in the end they are only my words...on any given day...and my reality is not your reality....

So off to another day of work....and since today is's MARGARITA THURSDAY....but no late night as work is still there on Friday this week...oh well...there's sure to be some stories to collect and some laughs to be had...and some life to live....I hope you find something exciting to do with your day...even if it is just a small is meant to be LIVED...Take Care

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America I Love

I know posting anything remotely political I run the risk of horrid comments but I feel strongly about the recent election so here goes....

America I Love...I see you in the faces of the people celebrating...white, black, hispanic, asian...young, old, men and women. I cried...from joy that a time has come when boundaries...created by race, sexual preference, age, gender etc can be brushed aside if only for a short time. This election was about hope and the American people were on fire with it last night.

America I Love...Thank you the people of America for giving me back faith, hope, and the belief that maybe kindness does still exist in the country I love. Thank you for giving me "the best" you have to offer instead of the worst. Thank you for giving us a chance to say...Yes We Did!!! Many will think my beliefs are naive but we can build nothing on hate, prejuidice, fear, racism, intolerance, and disrespect. BUT we can build a foundation for America on renewed hope, faith, belief, passion, respect, tolerance, peace and love. All the policies in the world mean nothing with out a strong foundation.

America I Love: I am so proud of all the voters who turned out to vote. Young people taking an interest in the political process...believing that they can make a difference in the future of our country. The historic turn of voting many states shows me a NEW America...a new direction. It speaks to the heart of the American people. And yes I know many voted are part of the HEART of America too but as our system is set up...only one person wins. But I pray that the Amercia of the future will still strive to represent you and respect your views.

America I Love: Much has been said about the significance of electing an African American (bi-racial) BUT Obama is MY PRESIDENT too. Me...a 51 year old white woman from the midwest. That's why there is HOPE because Obama's appeal has reached across many divides and united people in a common's exciting but there is MUCH work to be done and only time will tell if the fires keep burning bright for a NEW AMERICA.

America I Love: The American Dream is at hand...the dream of "WE the PEOPLE"...a bright new day...and regardless whether you consider it important or not...a new respect around the world...It's a great time to be an American....God Bless the U.S.A.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Journey to My Tattoo

Ho Ho Ho...yes readers of Ginger's read that right....TATTOO....while I was at the the conference...I got a least you think alcohol was involved...IT WAS NOT!!! None what so ever...LOL

I have pictures of the whole process and other details which I will share with you once I get the photos loaded on the computer...might take a few days! I've actually thought about a tattoo a couple times before this...but when the opportunity presented itself...I decided why not...REMEMER that roller coaster???.......I got on it!

For those wondering is on my right lower leg and it is a cute fairy with reddish hair...(well duh....would you have expected something else?) My friend texted my youngest daughter earlier in the day because she was making fun of us for sitting on a bench outside relaxing...ummmm....I think she said something like "how exciting" which my friend replied..."don't worry we have something in the works for later"..while I was getting the tattoo she texted her again and said "somethings in the works"...and then a while later she sent two of the artist working on the tattoo....and another close up of the which Kelsey replied...."OMG...." Come on know how "crazy" your mom is!

So anyway....I'm tired from the trip and watching the election results...commentaries at this as soon as I get the pictures ready...I'll give you a REAL TOUR through the Journey to My Tattoo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life is Like an Amusement Park

Life is like an amusement park. It contains things that create joy, send shivers down your spine, are thrilling, dangerous, and awe inspiring. Rides that are safe and comforting and ones that make you fear for your life. Ones that mix you up and turn you upside down. Ones that make you scream, cry, hurt, and laugh.....sometimes all at the same time!

Things that are Merry go Rounds....that are fun to ride but really don't take us anywhere....nice for a bit but they just move in a circle and bring us right back to where we started. Sometimes Merry Go Rounds have their "place"...they are needed...they are comfortable...they reassure us that things are steady and we can "ride" for as long as we like. But stay on a Merry Go Round for too long and you start getting a little dizzy...a bit nauseated...and you have a sinking feeling of dissatifaction.

Things that are scary like Roller Coasters...they create shivers, make us wish we could "go back", and quite honestly always offer the possibility of disaster. Life is like that...think about your life...there are moments, decisions, phases that are like the Merry Go Round...comforting, safe, fun for a bit but just don't quite satisfy. Then there are the Roller Coaster moments...decisions...times...where the risk of disaster looms but the possiblities are also endless. Where one minute you are glad you got on the "ride" and the other your screaming your head off for it to "stop". You are never quite sure you are gonna make it to the end...but when you do.... the thrill is there...and you rationalize away the fear and KNOW that sometime are going to do it again! Those are the moments that linger in the soul.

Sometimes you have to wait in line for those rides....alas it is the same in life. We endure periods of life where everything seems to....take "too long"....cost "too much".... or satisfy "too little". Those are the times to get the "super pass" ....shake up life a little....ride one of those rides that take your breath away...take a a little on the edge...try something you wouldn't normally do....maybe something as simple as opening up and talking to someone new, or maybe REALLY being honest about your feelings (to someone else or to yourself), or perhaps taking the risk of rejection or heartbreak...Let's be honest...all the GOOD things in life require us to ride the Roller Coaster.

And in life the possiblity always exists that when you get to the end of "the ride" you will be a little sad....because it's over, or it took you to heights that you fear, or it made you realize that life isn't easy. But more often than will say...that ride is over but I am riding AGAIN...and you will get in line and wait for the ticket...because the thrill of the roller beyond compare.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Journey into November

Tomorrow I will be heading out (with a couple other counselors) to Tan-Tar-a....for Missouri School Counselor's I will be missing a few days here at Ginger's Journey. Never FEAR....I shall can't keep a blogger down for long...LOL.

My niece Christy has started a will enjoy checking out: Foster's Fact Fiction and Fun Some of her entries may sound a bit familiar as they talk a bit about family stories and the haunted farm...from a slightly different will enjoy hearing about the ghost lights from a child's point of view in the Sunset post.

I am still enjoying remembering the laughter from Thursday night...that's why I am a "collector of stories" You never lose the good feelings....they still linger in the story and each retelling or re-remembering helps us experience at least a small measure of those feelings again.

Laughter....that's an important topic and one we will visit again in the coming days. For there is too little in the world today...well that is a tale for another day....I may post again before heading off to the conference...will see if the mood strikes...until then is the icing on the cake of life.

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