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Ghost Tour #1...The Adventure Begins

For those of you that don't know....I'm a BIG taking off on a ghost tour journey is just about the craziest thing I've done lately...hmmm....well bar the whole tattoo thing..LOL! So Wednesday evening the ghost hunters all gathered at my home...six in total to explore the paranormal of Missouri. We watched the movie 1408...which I must say went from semi-scarey to sort of well...dull. Then we examined our ghost kits and prepared for the journey.

Each ghost kit contained a flashlight, a cross, hand warmers, a magnet on a string, some sage, and a whistle (for emergencies). We started out reading from the Bible...a common ritual among ghost hunters by the way and a needed ritual for those of us chicken hearted souls! We were preparing to go to several locations with reported paranormal activity and folklore abounding with tales of strange happenings. Some of these sites were well known to my niece and me because we grew up in the location we visited and some of th…

Journey to Adventures

Adventures in life. You know adventures are not without risks. That is the thing...adventures can be dangerous, fun, exciting, heartbreaking, fulfilling, wonderful. dreadful, and all manner of things.

Sometimes we take out on an adventure without really thinking. Sometimes we squirm, wiggle, think, ponder, and worry over an adventure. At times the adventure just happens naturely even without you knowing it's an adventure until it's over with. At other times we think we are on an adventure and it turns out to be just the same old thing.

A TRUE adventure is one we embark on, knowing full well that there is no way to predict the outcome. The map is there before us but there will be times when we just throw the map away and follow our heart or soul...we just travel along on a hope and a dream...sometimes that is enough and at other times we stumble and fall. But when you risk gain nothing. Life becomes less fulfilling.

Sometimes adventures bring us heart break...sad but…

Ghost Tours the Scenic Route: Cemetery Version

Well the Ghost Tour is all set for Wednesday November 26th...we leave Warrenton around 8:00 to 8:30. Prior to leaving we will watch 1408...executive decision on my part as some wanted to watch the movie(s) on the actual day of the tour. When we arrive back home safely...we may take in another flick or ghost hunters are encouraged to watch the three movies prior to that day!

So there are lots of cemeteries in Warren County and in the state of Missouri....we plan on taking a bit of a road trip as we really need to pick ones that have a bit of history...and there are plenty of thoses. There may just be a short trip around the bluff road...hmmm...I think it's still drivable....where the hounds of hell roamed. Some want to "walk" the road and I am insisting that it waits for warmer weather and a bit more experience "ghost hunting" Down the gravel raod which leads to the bluff road there is a location I want to was the site of a hauinted house fr…

Thoughts About Common Things

Have you ever really thought about things we take for granted everyday? Well, for those of you that read Ginger's Journey will not surprise you to know that I like to ponder things...unique unusual things and common mundane things.

Sunrise...isn't it amazing how the sun comes up one has to nag it to get out of bed. Well...yes I know that technically it is the earth let's hope it just keeps revolving because there is nothing as wonderful as the dawning of a new day!Sunset...the beauty of ending a day well lived.Ice...yes ice...not on the roads for heaven's sake but in a glass...with fresh brewed tea poured over it...snapping with it's brittle coldness...soothing the throat on a hot summer day.Blankets: A snuggly blanket to wrap up in, to watch tv under, to curl up with a book make a tent out of and play monster and laugh about the silliness of life.Keys...keys to cars, to houses, to boats, to hotel rooms, to diar…

Journey Into the "Unknown"

Well one of my young friends has inspired me to write a bit more about the haunted farm and the surrounding area which is full of local folklore, legends, and just generally weird stuff.

Let’s review…I’ve wrote some about the Silent Woods, the Hounds of Hell, the Little Man in the Attic. The Ghost Lights, and a portion of the story of the Little Old Woman. There’s plenty more folks…I’ve not finished the Little Old Woman’s saga as it stretches across more than fifty years of sightings. And then add to that…the face in the window, the strange “resort”, the devils moss, the nightly visits of a creature that traveled along the boundaries of the farm, the opening doors, noises in the nights, and a multitude of other unusual occurrences.

Woven in with that I will be writing about some even older family history that was passed down to me by my mother and some of her insights into the strange happenings specifically and thoughts about such things in general.

Kelsey is doing some research about g…

Journey Past Thursday

Have you ever been having a so-so kind of day and then suddenly it gets amazingly better? What makes the difference between one of those's okay days...and one of those...much is GREAT days....hmmmm....people we care

What makes a friendship? I don't mean "people we hang out with" or even "people we party with"...or "people we work with"....or "people we go to school with" ....I mean REAL friendship...friends are people that "have your back" matter the circumstances...people who can be disappointed in you but never lose faith in you...people that want the best for you....people who never give up on you...have high expectations for you...and no matter what always see the best inside you.

There are two types of friendship...well more than that...but two I want to reflect on....

The friendship I listed above...REAL... deep rooted....I care about you and I don't even …

The Journey to Self

People may think I have lost my mind...Mexican friends, tattoos...blogging...Wow...well I guess blogging isn't exactly in the same category as the tattoo...or is it?

Here's the thing...I am fine....never been I know that is what totally insane people There comes a time in life (at least I hope) where we say...I'm going to do as I please and who cares what people think. I mean after all if they have nothing else to talk about besides my antics...they must lead very boring lives indeed. That is where I am...who cares...people say ..."why did you get a tattoo?" The answer is simple... because I wanted to.
It is truly a nice place to be...but let me say I always temper my decisions. I think about their impact on others and their potential to impact me in negative ways.

For example my friendships. By befriending my south of the border I hurt anyone? I can assure you that the answer to that is no. I know the nature of those fri…

America I Love

I know posting anything remotely political I run the risk of horrid comments but I feel strongly about the recent election so here goes....

America I Love...I see you in the faces of the people celebrating...white, black, hispanic, asian...young, old, men and women. I cried...from joy that a time has come when boundaries...created by race, sexual preference, age, gender etc can be brushed aside if only for a short time. This election was about hope and the American people were on fire with it last night.

America I Love...Thank you the people of America for giving me back faith, hope, and the belief that maybe kindness does still exist in the country I love. Thank you for giving me "the best" you have to offer instead of the worst. Thank you for giving us a chance to say...Yes We Did!!! Many will think my beliefs are naive but we can build nothing on hate, prejuidice, fear, racism, intolerance, and disrespect. BUT we can build a foundation for America on renewed hope, faith, be…

Journey to My Tattoo

Ho Ho Ho...yes readers of Ginger's read that right....TATTOO....while I was at the the conference...I got a least you think alcohol was involved...IT WAS NOT!!! None what so ever...LOL

I have pictures of the whole process and other details which I will share with you once I get the photos loaded on the computer...might take a few days! I've actually thought about a tattoo a couple times before this...but when the opportunity presented itself...I decided why not...REMEMER that roller coaster???.......I got on it!

For those wondering is on my right lower leg and it is a cute fairy with reddish hair...(well duh....would you have expected something else?) My friend texted my youngest daughter earlier in the day because she was making fun of us for sitting on a bench outside relaxing...ummmm....I think she said something like "how exciting" which my friend replied..."don't worry we have something in the works for l…

Life is Like an Amusement Park

Life is like an amusement park. It contains things that create joy, send shivers down your spine, are thrilling, dangerous, and awe inspiring. Rides that are safe and comforting and ones that make you fear for your life. Ones that mix you up and turn you upside down. Ones that make you scream, cry, hurt, and laugh.....sometimes all at the same time!

Things that are Merry go Rounds....that are fun to ride but really don't take us anywhere....nice for a bit but they just move in a circle and bring us right back to where we started. Sometimes Merry Go Rounds have their "place"...they are needed...they are comfortable...they reassure us that things are steady and we can "ride" for as long as we like. But stay on a Merry Go Round for too long and you start getting a little dizzy...a bit nauseated...and you have a sinking feeling of dissatifaction.

Things that are scary like Roller Coasters...they create shivers, make us wish we could "go back",…

Journey into November

Tomorrow I will be heading out (with a couple other counselors) to Tan-Tar-a....for Missouri School Counselor's I will be missing a few days here at Ginger's Journey. Never FEAR....I shall can't keep a blogger down for long...LOL.

My niece Christy has started a will enjoy checking out: Foster's Fact Fiction and Fun Some of her entries may sound a bit familiar as they talk a bit about family stories and the haunted farm...from a slightly different will enjoy hearing about the ghost lights from a child's point of view in the Sunset post.

I am still enjoying remembering the laughter from Thursday night...that's why I am a "collector of stories" You never lose the good feelings....they still linger in the story and each retelling or re-remembering helps us experience at least a small measure of those feelings again.

Laughter....that's an important topic and one we will visit again in the coming…