Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve...Eve.

Well two more days in 2008 and then we will usher in the new year! I'm a little tired today as last night we watched the Alamo Bowl Game....WhoooHooo...M-I-Z-....Z-O-U! They about made me have a heart attack with that missed field goal and over time...Jeeze! Today we are headed for Columbia for dinner and then to an MU Basketball game...with some family and friends. Then tomorrow...dinner and the Funny Bone with friends...wow...this week is flying by!

I have several things "in the works" for 2009. One is our January Journey event on January 17th...Hopefully lots of laughter and good conversation...Then on to planning the Chinese New Years party....hope I can get it all together. As you may know...my word for 2009 is ACTION...which means I need to be super organized and plan well in advance to actually accomplish the things I want to do in 2009. I have also picked a little motto for 2009...SPREAD YOUR WINGS....its part of the header over at my blog Just Ginger....along with a beautiful fairy...lol.

As I live my word and motto for 2009...I will look at it from three different perspectives.
  • One of course is is living my motto and word in my home...which is always a work in progress. So organizing and managing my home...some day I aspire to be ORGANIZED...maybe this will be the year!
  • Second is living my word in my social/friendships...not putting things on the back burner...not just talking but DOING the things I want to do.
  • Third is living my word and motto in my personal realm/self.....making sure my thoughts, internal world, self, and spiritual self are in accord with what I want them to be. Part of this will be a journey of self discovery and reflecting and writing about things to clarify just who I am and what I stand for.

All three perspectives will honestly be challenging journeys...as we start out the new year with high hopes, dreams, and expectations....that are easily lost or buried under the grind of daily life...one of the ways I am planning to have the emotional energy to embark on these journeys is to REMIND myself that I am not the keeper/planner/fixer/emotional sponge for ALL people...really for NO ONE...This will involve disengaging a bit...not in a harmful or hurtful way but just not WORRYING about everyone else...let them take their paths, make their choices, and sometimes cry their own tears...not that I will not offer comfort to those in need....BUT simply that I will STOP being overly involved in things...because perhaps the journeys of others are best traveled by them...not me.!!

So I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you here at Ginger's Journey...and hope that each of you at least take a bit of something away from my posts...that in some way you connect, understand, learn from, reflect on or are challenged by my writing...I'd love to hear your comments, thoughts, and ideas so feel free to leave a comment or post on the little message board...I enjoy learning from you also and each of your brings a unique perspective to my life!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


This lovely house and lake remind me of the fantasies of life...or perhaps to you this picture is not as lovely as it appears to me. I could understand that...the house is in the distance and the area surrounding the lake seems a bit overgrown and unkept. The foot bridge is fragile and one might wonder whether it could hold the weight of one crossing. The sky is not bright and sunny but rather filled with clouds...tinted with darkness.

But to me it has a certain allure...almost a magical quality that hints of fairy rings, dancing, and the magical belief that all things are possible...that the veil between the Faire World and the Human World is thin and easily transcended...like the fantasies of life. .

Life's fantasies are like that sometimes....where we believe in the unbelievable...hope that good triumps over evil and believe with all our hearts that the veil that divides things in our world is thin. Sometimes in fact...fantasy is much better than the real thing...for in our fantasies...everything is magical, divine, and meaningful....daily life is an adventure and our hearts sing with the excitement of living every moment. But then reality appears...out of the mists of fantasy...sometimes reality is not as we envisioned it...and there can be hurt, doubt, and disappointment.

It is the purpose of life's journey to traverse these times...to accept or overcome the reality and move beyond it...to something different. But to do it slowly...to live the moments...good and bad...to let things be for a bit ...to explore the realm of reality...perhaps with the edge that fantasy gives you...that certain outlook or attitude that fantasy harbors... bring a bit of that into the realm of reality.

And when all is said and done..when time has been allowed to wax and wane...then sometimes there is change or letting go, or moving into another phase, or acceptance, or any number of outcomes. Judge them not to be good or bad...for they just ARE...and that is the same.... be it reality or fantasy....

Rediscovering Ginger's Journey

I decided to play around a little with my blog title picture. I've used a couple different ones but the waterfall one with the flowers that I've had up FOREVER...is my fave....until today as I was working on some graphics for my other blog...and I happened across this one....not saying I like it better than the old one...but it did speak to me...the pretty waterfall, the solitude that the picture envokes...speaks to me about the journey through life that each of us embark on....while friends and family accompany us...in a way...all of us are alone on the journey...for each person's journey is unique and specific only to the individual traveling it.

So I thought I'd use this picture for awhile for as we move into a new year I am reminded of the solitude of the journey. Now please note that solitude doesn't mean lonely...no not at all...solitude is just a certain aloness that allows us to regroup, cope, and ultimately decide the paths we take, the ones we ignore, and the ones that are in some way blocked for us. And while I am a very social person...a certain amount of solitude even for myself is necessary. As well as a reminder that each person leads their own life...and while we might think we know the direction they should travel...we do not.

Take Care Ginger's Journey readers...and know that at least in blog land...we will travel 2009 together...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Journey Into Christmas

It is December 21st....4 days until Christmas...I used the title Journey INTO Christmas instead of TO Christmas for a reason. As the years pass, I discover that Christmas is not an "end place" so you can't journey to it. Rather Christmas is a mood, an aura, a "zone", a feeling, an attitude, a dimension. It is at times easy to "find" and at other times it is as illusive as a a butterfly on a summer day. You can "see" it floating there in front of you but you just can't seem to capture it.

This year as I journey into Christmas, I am leaving behind worries and cares, and reminding myself that I am NOT personally responsible for the emotional well being of every person in my life. That family and friends are important and that connections with others are at the top of my list but at the same time they can not be all consuming. I can not be sucked into the vortex of other people's emotional lives. Each person must traverse the emotional journey of life on their own. And I am reminded how fleeting emotions are...and therefore I am treasuring those wonderful warm feelings when they arise while reminding myself that the flow of life means that emotions will change day by day and hour by hour.

The after Christmas blahs are common but there is also something extremely refreshing and renewing about the start of a brand new year. With blank calendar pages, and crisp new journal pages, and the possibilities of so much...the new year stretches before us....a clean canvass on which we paint the portrait of our life. Let 2009 be a masterpiece!

I have picked ACTION as my focus word for 2009. I'm a great planner but not always so great at follow through...so ACTION is the word I will live during 2009. I've already started. I am planning a January Journey...which is a "girls only" event. I have already booked the room and issued the invitations and the planning stage is well underway....it is a special little Celebrate Me event....I'll share more about it in a post later!!!

So over the next four to five days...I will indulge in the wonderful sensations of the Christmas season....I will journey INTO Christmas and enjoy it with family and friends...I will remind myself that this journey will not always seem "perfect" but what it is...what it symbolizes is perfect. I will let go of worries, doubts, expectations, disappointments, and unfounded obligations and emerse myself in the LOVE of the holiday season!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU.....and REMEMBER that 2009 will be a NEW YEAR...with new possibilites, new questions, new answers, and most of all new journeys!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just Ginger's Thoughts

Well I know I owe you the closing chapter in the ghost tour but for tonight my mind is too tired to contemplate where I left off and add the last details from our night of adventure. And so we will just move along on our journey with some random thoughts....

Why is it at just the moment when you think things are going well...when the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and all seems right with the world....something seems to rush to the surface....grab hold and make things a lot more complicated than is necessary?

Sometimes we have opportunities to open doors...to provide chances or moments for others..what's complicated in knowing when to back off...when to let the journey slip into its own rhythm. Let the course be determined by forces outside yourself. It is time...the door is open...it is for others to walk through or to stand on the threshold...or to decide to knock upon another door.

My mind is weary and full of random thoughts...things that are tangled like a broken spider's web. And so dear readers this post is short...and I shall head to bed....hoping that the dawning of a new day will result in a clearer focus and a lighter mood.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Home Tour 2008

The ladies of Magical Holiday Home are having a Holiday Home Tour...be sure and check out all the great pictures on people's blogs...

The complete listing is HERE...

My own blog is Rudolph Day Ramblings and I've got the pics up!!! Be sure and check out all the blogs because there are some cute cute ideas!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ghost Tour #1 The Adventure Continues Part Two

So after ditching the two pick ups that followed us at speeds of which we wish to forget...we took a turn down Old Church Road...a tiny bit down this road is the site where the old church used to stand. It had been empty for many many years and was finally torned down. The church was supposedly haunted even though no one could really say for sure as to the nature of the haunting. We stopped and took some photos of the concrete steps and part of the foundation that remains. On close examination of the pictures we could observe what appeared to be faces in the photos...oddly these are only clear when viewing the pictures on the camera and not when developed or downloaded to the computer...strange...must research this more.

Down this road are also two very old houses both on the left side of the road and several miles apart. We stopped and spotlighted the one that is supposed to be haunted by an old man...there are spooky shadows lingering in the photos and this house bears closer scrutiny later. For some reason in the dark we missed the second house and will need to examine it closer at a later date.

We decided to head back to the haunted house by Flying J...via a trip by Zion Cemetery again and looked long and hard at the old part of the cemetery hoping to see the dark shadow walking in the older part. But alas no further paranormal activity was observed. So traveling along a back road we made our way back to the Haunted House and old cemetery we had visited earlier in the evening. It was on this leg of the journey that an even odder occurance made us question the wisdom of our adventure.

But as I'm short on time and want to give complete attention to the telling of this part of the adventure...I'll close for now and be back later to reveal the last stage of the ghost tour and the odd figure dressed in black that spooked us more than any shadow in the cemetery.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ginger's Thoughts and Such

Well I know I owe you Ginger's Journey readers another Ghost Tour installment...but I'll get back to that by and by...for tonight I just want to ramble a bit...I mean I am pretty good at that...LOL.

I found myself thinking today about the irony of life...you know strange things like the "perfect couple" who just can't seem to make it work...and then the "long shot"...the ones that no one can visualize together...and those are the ones that are soul mates...that laugh and cry and get mad and forgive and trudge through the journey of life...at least for a bit or maybe forever.

The irony of life...like people that never seem to have any money but live life more richly than the people living in the 450, 000 dollar houses. That savor and enjoy the food they eat even when it doesn't cost 500 dollars a plate and yet those that partake of the most expensive cusine come away hungry.

The irony of life....like knowing what's important and living it out everyday instead of just when a crisis hits. Caring about people even when it's not popular but building something from those relationships...something that sticks around when times are tough!

The irony of life...learning more from death than from life...learning from mistakes more than accomplishments, learning more from the least of us than the most....learning from the youngest and the oldest...and everyone in between...learning EVERY second of this jounrey through life.

The irony of life...knowing with your heart more than your head could ever know....letting go of doubt even as you fear the most...leaning on someone even when you want to resist...

The irony of life...searching for someone who makes you laugh even when he/she stands right before you...forgetting that differences are what makes us a strong team.....wanting acceptance and yet not NEEDING it....depending on others as much as on yourself...

These are the things that careen through my mind tonight...nothing really deep...just ironic...and as we quickly approach the greatest holiday of all...I should be busy with things left to accomplish...and instead I find peace in the rhythm of life's journey...it will all come together as surely as the ocean tides.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ghost Tour #1 The Adventure Continues

Well....as I left off on my last ghost post...we were traveling toward the bluff road and laughing about whether it was Grandma Annie that had spooked us at the cemetery...when we arrived at Indian Grave Road...as we started to pull in Christy is like 'what is that"...when I looked I thought it was the wing of a chicken with feathers...Christy later explained she thought it was a bundle of twigs tied together...ala....Blair Witch Project....Well it really ended up being a log with frayed wood...but freaky none the less because it was located right at the entrance to the road...

We turned down the road which is sort of a dead end because it comes to a creek and you have to drive along the edge of it for about a 100 yards and then cross at a low water location and continue up up up the road on the other side. It is passable with the right vehicle...but iffy....with most cars. The Indian Grave is actually on the opposite side of the creek than where we were entering. Well this is a very narrow road...actually sort of a combination of a dirt road and a gravel road...poorly mantained if maintained at all....with trees closing in on both sides...large bare trees...with huge vines and broken branches. So we stopped part way down and discussed getting out...Now with time and light and the comforts of home EVERYONE insists that they would have gotten out...YEAH right! We decided to stay in the vehicle and turn off all lights. As we sat in the total darkness...the black air seemed to close in around us...we talked just briefly about the legend of the Indian walking along in this area because his grave was disturbed and then everyone commented about being afraid to turn the lights back on...LOL...afraid of what would be standing there...LOL...BUT we did get the lights back on and attempted to back out of the road...we almost got stuck which gave us all pause as NO ONE wanted to get out and push..!!!

Next we proceeded toward the entrance to bluff road...there is another low water crosssing here...and we MADE Christy get out to check whether her vehicle could handle it...this is quite close to the Indian Grave road so we were still quite spooked. She hurried back to the car insisting that she heard bells jingling in the woods directly to our left...And we plowed forward...into the stretch of road all the locals call...Bluff Road....now this road is narrow with a bluff to the left of us and a drop off into a creek to the right of us...the trees...are spooky with large roots dangling into the water and we kept watching the creek bed for any movement. The reflections of the trees were ghostly as we shone the flashlights down into the water...Again we contemplated getting out but instead just rolled down all the windows...I mean there was really no where to go...to the right or left...so we would have had to remain on the narrow road regardless. We saw lots and lots of eyes across the creek staring at us...deer? hounds of hell? some other sinister creature? It was impossible to tell but I will say if they were deer they were not spooked easily by our flashing lights or noise.

We happened upon a carcass...stripped to the bones...creepy and we paused to examine it and took pictures. We later determined it to be a deer...but it was sinister and spooky in the dead of night on a road where legend tells of many evil forces. While looking at this...we were all turned to the left....suddenly the hair stood up on my arms and on the back of my neck...I realized that we were all facing the left with our backs unprotected on the creek side. I turned and placed the Bible between us and the creek with the hope of at least slowing down any evil forces dwelling there...in this hollowed out, wind sweep, lonely place. We paused for prayer...yes it's true...the vibes here in this lonely deserted stretch of road...just radiate with an oddness that is hard to explain...even in the light of day...one finds themselves looking around fully expecting to see "something" standing on the bluff or along the creek bed...at night this feeling is 100 fold!

We paused several more times along the road and then proceeded to the haunted bridge. Quite a few years back a young boy drowned just down from the bridge...recovered several weeks later down river. The bridge used to be metal with VERY old wooden planks but of course has sense been replaced with a modern version...as we drove onto the bridge....we observed some racist writing...in large letters....KKK...if you ain't white....you ain't right....this gave me a bit of pause...but we decided to turn around and get out on the bridge for a bit. As we turned we shone the spotlight into the woods and along the bridge. Then using just our weak flashlights we got out and walked along the bridge looking down into the river below and watching for anything unusual. Suddenly Christy who had remained in the car...started yelling "get in the car...get in the car..." so we all ran, scampered, jumped, and such into the car...one friend was still not in the car when Christy started to drive...we yelled for her to stop which she did. The lost ghost hunter was then drug into the vehicle and the door was slammed shut...The reason for the panic? Two trucks were driving FAST toward us and we had the distinct feeling that they were coming for us. It is possible they thought we were spotlighting deer but we just wanted ot avoid a confrontation so we took off....And they followed us FAST...after awhile they had to slow down though because as gravel roads go we were kicking up a lot of dust and honestly they just couldn't see. They followed even after we reached the black top but Christy and I imagine that once they passed us and observed two middle aged ladies in the front...they just decided to stop....LOL!!!

Well more in the next installment...this is getting sort of long and I still have lots to tell....Old Church Road is next in the saga...so I will continue there when I return again!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Journey into December

It's December first....I can barely believe it....and we kicked off the holiday season with a ghost tour...LOL....over at the Magical Holiday Home boards I was just writing about Moving Beyond the Traditional....and I think that certainly qualifies.

December is shaping up to be a busy and fun filled month. There are still lots of things left to be done...so I'm making a list and checking it twice...LOL....Santa will come regardless..Well I just wanted to pop in for a quick hello and good morning to all of you Ginger's Journey readers....don't miss the first of three installments about the ghost tour....just scroll down a bit...it's right under this post!!

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