Monday, January 26, 2009

Life is Like Landing on the Hudson

The recent landing of a plane on the Hudson River without any loss of lives was amazing. So amazing that it made me think about the array of emotions the passengers experienced during that short 3-5 minute flight. Over the course of just minutes people experienced anticipation, confusion, fear, sadness, loss, terror as the "Brace for Impact" message sunk in, wonder that they were still alive, panic as they realized the icy waters were an extreme danger, hope at seeing the light of day, and joy and relief at the sight of approaching rescuers.

And then it didn't take me long to realize that those emotions...that constantly changing array of feelings are often experienced during life. Life is like landing on the Hudson River. There are many times in life that we ride the same plane full of emotions. Times in our life when we dip from extreme joy to profound despair, whether it's over the loss of a job, a death, or the complications of a relationship that we treasure but do not know how to fix. Life is like landing on the Hudson. And just like the people on the plane, we have to decide if the "shock" of our life experiences are going to leave us paralyzed and stuck in a plane filling with water. Or if we will move forward in the moment and let a "calm" sense of purpose settle over us.

Experiences in life, the way our families interact, our beliefs about life, and our own emotional turmoils shape our ability to move forward. Often we do not recognize the significant impact our relationships with others have on our ability to manuveur that plane down for a safe landing. The most important element in our lives is unconditional love and so many people have no one providing it and no idea what it feels like. Without someone who truly cares for us and accepts us it is pretty hard to land the plane of our life in the Hudson without fatalities.

Life is like landing on the Hudson....the range of emotions can be terrifying but it is in the way that we handle those aspects of our lives that can make all the difference in a safe landing or a crash that ends our lives.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Journeys Go in Circles

I was reading a friend's blog over at myspace and it made me realize that there are a lot of journeys in life that go in circles.

In her case...she met her husband and they dated for awhile and then he graduated college and moved and he didn't want a long distance relationship so they parted on friendly terms. Whenever he came to town to visit they would hang out as friends...several years went by with them both dating other people and then the two of them ended up back together and married. A journey that went in a circle.

Another example that springs to mind is the journeys through education....EVERYTHING in education is a circle....basal readers to whole language to literature sets and back to basal readers. Discipline...assertive discipline to class meetings to love and logic to positive behavioral support....I'm just waiting for the back to assertive discipline!

And then there's the whole time factor....childhood (lots of time) college...gets a little crazier but still pretty free...then jobs/families/bills.....then middle age....rethinking priorities....then retirement....more time and hopefully less bills....LOL.

Sometimes the circles are a process of searching...we have something but we aren't sure it's what we we go looking for something else...we travel here and there in our choices and then in the end come back to what we started journeys can get sort of crazy!!

And other circles are a result of life circumstances...we start out in our home town...we journey out to college, jobs, and other experiences...and then over the course of time...come back to nest in the place that holds our childhood memories...not always of course but frequently.

So if you find yourself...going in not despair...journey into the circle and in the end you will be just where you are suppose to be!!!

EDIT: One of the comments reminded me....that not all circles are good or when we keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over again......and of course that's true...however in this post I was trying to convey the idea that NOT all decisions are FINAL...end of the road decisions...sometimes if something is MEANT to be....we just go in a big circle and come back to it FATE...or KARMA....and we have to be willing to recognize that.....and to be open to it....!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Journey Into Wellness

I started to name this post Journey Through Illness....since I'm sick but then I decided to put a positive spin on it....It's not much fun when your sick but your mind is still going and you have SOOOOOO many things you could be doing, need to be doing, or want to be's me!

I'm hoping the doc will be able to give me something this afternoon but I'm not counting on it...I'm more likely to hear that it just has to run its course...thing is I've been sick since a little after this is an awful long course!!

I'm really excited about getting some Valentine's crafts done but as usual...its one of those things were you have some supplies but not all...and you're note quite sure what you want to try so you just sort of sit there...stumped! I started making a Valentine's Garland but just scrapped it because it wasn't turning out as I envisioned...So back to the drawing board...

I know I have some vintage postcards stashed around here somewhere and I need to find them...I'd like to pull out some of the Valentine's or romantic ones and use them in a display. I did manage amoung by coughing and wheezing to get up a few Valentine's items in the livingroom...a bit of bright red has already liven up the place...

After the doctor I might make a quick stop at the Dollar General store and see what they have out...sometimes I find a gem among the junk!...and then I want to make up some Fairy items to go in a Valentine's bag.

Well...back to the sofa for another quick snooze before braving the cold for the office visit. More later!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Journey with My Art Journal

I worked on an art journal off and on during 2008 but as most things got pushed aside as the busy days of life piled up! I pulled it out today and started thinking about some pages I'd like to play around with.

First I am planning on using some ribbon to create a page that is sort of like French message board with the criss crossed ribbon that you can tuck photos, notes, ticket stubs etc into...Then as I'm cleaning when I discover a little something from 2008 I will add it to the page!

Second I want to create a page for my 2009 Word...I did that last year and I really like the idea of creating a page every year with my will be ongoing documentation of my words over the years.. I'm itching to get to work on it but alas it is almost ten thirty...and I will need to dig out some supplies to get started so I best just dream about it tonight!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Journey is Today!

I'm super excited because today is it...January Jounrey....BUT before I can go there's cleaning house and laundry...uggghhh! Still something to look forward to. I need to dig out my year books...dear I hope I can find them. And get my movie ready too!!

For those that may not know...and how can you not when I've been rambling on about it for a month. January Journey is a girls night at the local Comfort Inn...we have rented the conference room (which has one bed but anyone can sleep over with sleeping bags and pillows because it is huge). We will bring a bottle or two of wine, an appetizer to share...a movie from when we were in high school, a game if we want, our high school year books, swim suit and towel!

I called it a journey because....well as you know I'm into journeys but also because we will journey through the decades because we range from high school in the 70s to high school in the 2000s....and everything in between. I am ready for some fun and laughter...girl talk!!!

I'll give you an update later and maybe some pics...or maybe what happens on January Journey stays on January Journey!!! LOL...See ya soon!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ghost Tour #1 Pictures

I'm finally getting up some photos from Ghost Tour #1 This first one is of the crazy carcass we discovered along the dark and spooky bluff road. We determined it to be a deer but finding it along our path on a rather wild a spirited night made us pause.

This photo is of the demon tree that was in the back right hand corner of the first very old graveyard we visited. It's not easy to see in the photo but honestly it looks like a demon face enbedded in the tree. Below is our first stop on the tour. An old old cemetery. The stones are so weathered that you can not read the names. The darkness and the rustling leaves made it a perfect first stop!

The three novice ghost hunters BEFORE the tour...I like to think they enjoyed themselves...and were just a tad frightened!

A ghost hunting kit I made up...thanks to fellow counselor Sue for the idea...the kit included a magnet, flashlight, whistle, hand warmers, white sage, and a cross. The magnet was on a string to check for changes in the electromagnetic field. The whostle was for emergencies to alert others. The white sage has protective powers, as well as, protection from the cross. We also carried two Bibles with us.

This is a picture of me preparing the white sage to be included in the kits.
Well, I have lots more pics...some still on the cameras so I suppose I will be back later with the second batch...and maybe a third or fourth...the haunted house ones are sort of cool.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ginger's Journey Give Away spice things up a bit here at Ginger's Journey...I'm having a January Give Away....between now and the end of January comment on any blog post....this one...or any that comes AFTER this one and have your name entered in a blog giveaway...which will feature an altered journal...and an assortment of other scrappy items...I'll post a picture soon of the get to get one entry in the drawing for each comment you post!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

P.H. Competition

Every day I write an email newsletter I fondly call The Saga...each daily edition has a name: Monday Musings, Tuesday Tidbits, Wild & Wacky Wednesday, Thursday Therapy, Friday Frolics....together they make up the Weekly Saga...or just The Saga. Currently it goes out to about ten people, family and friends.

It features lots of different things including a word for the day and a thought for the day...and lots of other random stuff. Yesterday I included a Perez Hilton's Competition which I gave "breaking news" and daughter promptly told me that I was not anywhere near which I responded that I needed more interesting friends or more exciting enemies if I was going to make it to Perez's league but hey everyone starts somewhere! So today I'll be wracking my brains for some exciting material...sigh! It's a little hard since it goes out on a work have to be extra cautious as to what is I told her if it was a private's be a lot more exciting!! at Ginger's Journey....I'll be looking for some Perez worthy material to share with you...but once again ...anyone can read it so...some things are best left OFF the written Hey who wants to aspire to be Perez anyway....Ginger's Journey has more class!!! dear readers ....until next time TAKE CARE!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Journey Into the Week

Whoo's the beginning of another week. The weather is predicted to be bitter cold and so I'm not exactly looking forward to venturing out. But I'll travel the road wherever it leads so throught he winter months we trudge.

I am looking forward to January Journey next Saturday night...we will gather at the local Comfort Inn and will be spending the night. We have the conference room so we are all bringing....a bottle of wine to share, an appetizer, a movie that came out while we were in high school, our year books, and a few games. We will be having a "girls sleepover" January Journey style and we can use the pool and hot tub. as well as talk, talk, talk. I think it will be fun.

I called it January Journey because it will be like a journey through the decades because our movies and year books will represent people from the 70s to the 2000's and inbetween the 80s and 90s too. I think we will have a blast! So the week ahead...I'll enjoy it...and it will end on a fun note!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ghost Tour #1 The Story Continues Part Three

Well....its been awhile but I did promise to finish the story of our first ghost tour...for the last leg of the journey we traveled back to the haunted house and small graveyard by Flying's the thing...we were on the service road with no real place to stop. so we ended up driving back and forth SEVERAL times while we would shine our light on the house hoping to catch a glimpse of something supernatural...little did we know that we were looking in the wrong place.

We decided to stop in at the Flying J truck stop for a bathroom break and a soda. As we approached the entrance to Flying J...we first turned into the wrong entrance and had to get back on the service road and travel a few yards down the road to the car entrance. As we neared the turn in spot we observed what appeared to be a woman (although it was impossible to tell) dressed in a long black coat, with the hood up standing exactly at the edge of the service road at the entrance road. she just stood there unmoving as we drove by. As we did so, one of the young ghost hunters turned on the flashlight and the figured turned toward our vehicle and with her arms out stretched she started moving toward the car and mubling something at us.

I didn't even realize what was happening until the young ones in the back started screaming and there was sheer terror in their of course I started screaming Our driver looked in the rear view mirror and loudly exclaimed that she was almost at the back of the car. Now how she (it) could have traveled so quickly from the service road to the back of our car I do not know. But we sped around the parking lot and back out onto the road via another exit with the figure in black, arms upraised glaring at us and mumbling.

We excitedly talked about the experience and felt that it had a paranormal tone to it. Why at a little after midnight would a woman (or any one) be standing right at the end of the road. And why would they turn on us so quickly and move so swiftly? Those are questions we do not have the answers to. With our repeated trips past the nouse and graveyard did we draw the attention of someone entity that was disturbed by our lights?

We made a quick trip past one last cemetery in Wright City and then back to the house for a debriefing. As we looked at some of the pics on the camera we were amazed at the lights, shadows, and other distortions that appeared in them...all in all it was quite an adventure.

Our next Ghost Tour is in the planning stages and I'll update you soon on the next saga. We will of course be visiting some haunted bridges as well as several other locations. Until then...take care readers and know that the paranormal does exist...I heard it in the screams that

I Believe

Enchanted Designs Believe Fairy banner image

Monday, January 5, 2009

The End of the Christmas Break Journey's the end of Christmas break...the journey of on to the next journey...the journey back to work...not much fun but "oh well"...there's sure to be some interesting things kicking this week...

2009 is off to a great start....with my many plans, ideas, hopes, and dreams...but one things for sure...the Journey Continues....and THAT my friends is a good thing because other wise I wouldn't be sitting here typing this...LOL

My head hurts, my nose is stopped up and I have to stop typing and go get ready for the first day back...we have to finish the quarter and take finals due to those snow/ice days before Christmas ....and then we MOVE into 2nd semester the last half of the school year!!! So today I have several school related emails to send out to teachers and then I will write my FIRST Monday Musings of my....there's just soooo much to say.

Well....later readers...I'll be back to tell you more about my wonderful jounrey through 2009!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

To all the readers here at Ginger's Journey!!! The new year has arrived in all it's glory....well actually that is wrong...right now there is no glory...the year is ahead of us....a blank slate on which to write the stories of our lives...the glory, the pain, the decisions, the triumphs, the ups and downs of the roller coaster ride are still ahead of us in 2009!

To me that is what is so exciting about a new year....anything is possible. So as I start this journey into a new year...I start it with some baggage from 2008...we all do...but let's unpack those bags....lets drop them right here on DAY ONE...and move into the new year unencumbered. Move into the new year with no preconceived to new paths and new journeys and new ways of looking at things!


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