Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Friend

Journey with me,
Through this life
Touching not hands
But hearts

No words,
Just a melody
Of unspoken thoughts
Truths we know

For love
Is not measured
By words
Nor even deeds

It is measured
In the essence
Of connected

Monday, March 30, 2009

On My Mind

I should be in bed...the hour is late and the morning comes quickly...but alas...just a few more minutes before the quiet darkness of the bedroom gives the mind too much time to think. Too much time to ponder the whys, the whats, the how comes, and all the other questions that honestly there are no answers for.

For it is in the stillness, when the gentle hand of darkness lulls the earth to rest that troublesome thoughts seem to gain more power than they possess in the light of day...for the mind can wander down paths that are best avoided. Lurking there along the worn trail are doubt, anger, sadness, regret, indecision, and any number of little monsters hoping to snare the weary traveler.

Such paths should be avoided, underfoot the ground is hard and damp with tears and overgrown with vines of worry. To travel such paths is to become ensnared by them...to ramble along uncertain of direction, speed, or destination. To long for an end to the journey but even as the feet grow weary the mind still searches, and how can the mind find those things that are not there.

For the answers do not lie in hows, and whys, and what ifs....indeed perhaps there are no answers whatsoever and the futile search is exhausting the spirit and trapping the soul in a maze that can not be traveled with any degree of success....

Perhaps now is the time, ask the questions without expecting any real sort of answer...then tuck them away...nay they will never disappear....let them see the light of day once and for all........let them be heard...voice them....expecting nothing in return....clear them from the mind and soul...whisper them, murmur them, speak them, shout them....release them....but do not desire a real answer...for many do not know the answer....they hide it even from themselves........in fact...there are those more chained to the path than you...they can not escape and travel it forever...in their mind...

In releasing yourself...maybe just maybe you release them too....and it is in their release that they finally see.....a new way.......a path shrouded in mist...but clearly there...lite by moonlight and dusted by the stars....underfoot the mossy path speaks of love and forgiveness...even when it is undeserved....for that is the path of light...a nightly journey that is a lullabye for the soul and sweet retreat for the heart.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Word for the Week: Kaleidoscope

Hey Readers...I thought it might be interesting every Saturday or Sunday....to pick a word for the week...oh ho ho....this is not a word to reflect on for the coming week...but rather a descriptive word...to sort of sum up the week just lived during this wild and crazy journey called life..!!!

As you can see the word for the Week is Kaleidoscope...yep that's right....I was gonna use D-R-A-M-A.....but then I opted for a more colorful word...lol...get it...kaleiscope=colorful!!! The week I am referring to is actually a tadbit over a week...it started back on Saturday March 21st with our little adventure in drink making...yep...what you see pictured above is a Denutter...a colorful drink with quite a punch to it. Let's see if I can get our "secret" recipe right...hmmm....1 shot of vodka, one shot of rum, one shot of tequilla, one shot of ameretto, one shot of (secret ingredient) and some sweet and sour mix. This original lovely blue drink is actually very tasty and very deadly...it is like a Truth Serum, gone psycho.....oh dear.

Then hmmm....let's see....MT...you know it happens every Thursday...some how the blue was gone and we ended up with some red and green Denutters....in my book....not near as tasty! Then there was a little...drama...crazy stuff created by fatal attraction sort of people...gosh...it was almost whoopass time...LOL. The slogan for the night: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Well Friday went by with a bit of flair...started out dark and black...with a twinge of blue and red....you know ....sad, blue, and a little anger...but over the period of a few hours...the sun came out to play and it was sort of a hazy yellow....warm feelings....oh maybe not warm fuzzies but still warmer and just a little shade of a rainbow in the sky....(please people I am speaking in metaphors).

Well...today was rainy in real life.....but that rainbow came out to play in full color....the lovely shades of color splashed across the sky of life increased until I was just sure we'd find a pot of gold at the end of it. The only thing about Rainbows...they fade....so it takes some work to keep a rainbow in your life...and we will just need to see over time.

YEP kaleidoscope pretty much sums up the week....colors were shifting, and mingling, and colliding with each other so quickly one couldn't tell whether to laugh, scream, cry, or just plain hit something...(err or someone)...the speed with which things were moving was quite astonishing....WOW...the path of this journey through life is colorful....in more ways than one!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Song List for Life Right Now

Here's a little list of songs...just for fun...describing life right now...hmmmm...I'll let you guess...they aren't all about me...just about life around me....work, home, and play...LOL...some may involve me, friends, or hmmmm lets see....some "not so much" friends...

  • Take This Job and Shove It

  • It's Five Oclock Somewhere

  • Since You've Been Gone

  • Bad Bad Leroy Brown (think female version)

  • I've Got Friends in Low Places

  • Jose Curevo

  • I Will Survive

  • Refried Dreams

  • Family Tradition

  • Career Suicide

I love that last one...Career Suicide.....now that's F-U-N-N-Y!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

That Other World

Soft reflections
Of the other world,
Hidden behind mist
and twilight.

Rhapsodic song,
Tunes of things
Unknown, unheard
Mystic melodies transform
Mundane into magical.

Lingering dewdrops
Beneath feet,
Dancing lightly on the trail
New discovery
Speaks of old wisdom.

Seek visions,
Pure potential,
Harmony & truth
The soul sings.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Bucket List

My daughter Kelsey has started several blogs but I wanted to share with you the one called Kelsey's Bucket List. This is an idea I am assuming based on the idea behind the movie of the same title. Lists of things you would like to do before you die.

Above you see the header of her blog...LOVE the picture...seasons changing and blending one into the other. I have way too many blogs or I'd be tempted to start a bucket list myself...maybe I'll add one over at Just Ginger! LOL

I'm sure Kelsey would love for you to leave a comment about her list or perhaps suggesting some things she might want to consider adding....the more ideas ...the better for a wonderful adventure-filled life!!!Anyway I just wanted to share the idea because I think it is a fun blog type and also because writing down our dreams and marking them off has a certain power to actually MAKE them come true!

Journey Updates

  • I'll be doing the Shades of Green drawing this weekend and letting the lucky winner know!! So stay tuned!
  • I have lots of pics that need to be put up so those will be coming to Ginger's Journey soon.
  • I'm not planning on another drawing until Christmas in July....so relax and enjoy reading and look forward to a nice Christmas assortment in July!
  • I only got one poem up in February so I still am planning to put up more...never fear

Monday, March 16, 2009

Being a Dragonfly!

Hello Ginger's Journey readers.....

Today I'm tired...with lots to do and no real desire to do it...lol...I'm home after the first day back after spring break! But when I'm tired by head is filled with random thoughts...and so it is today...when the mind still spins while the body wants rest...

I've been thinking about The Journey...this journey that we embark on at birth....nay most likely even BEFORE birth...the journey through life....some days...some times.... in our lives glide by like butterflies in the sunshine...seamless days of wonder and delight...And then others make us feel bruised...like we are riding in a lifeboat, battered by high winds and waves on the open sea. Those are the times when all we can do is cling to the side and hope not to capsize.

And yet if we can just make it through...the journey will continue and the waves will settle and life will move forward...it might be awhile before we feel like the butterfly again....oh come on....we may NEVER feel like the butterfly again...but that's okay...we can be a wonderful magical dragonfly instead. For we grow and change everyday and honestly...who wants to be a plain old buttefly if you can be the magical dragonfly....confident, quick, and sure as it hovers above the water...dipping, swirling, and gliding with a speed surpassed...hmmm...maybe by a cheetah.

You know...its all in the way you look at it...despair over not being a butterfly right now....or extreme joy to try something new....like being a dragonfly....all these people get butterfly tattoos...hmmm there are pages and pages of designs....but me....Me...I think the dragonfly is lovely...and strong...and delightful!

Well...enough rambling from now....TAKE CARE & BE KIND!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why I Love Summer

The truth is ....all my life I have had the "gift of summer". What I mean by this is that most summers I have time off from my regular job. Oh there were many summers where I taught summer school for extra money. But most years I had the awesome freedom of days without schedules, alarms, and responsibilities. Oh true, there are usually summer projects but still over all I have been able to enjoy the relaxed days of summer in many ways just like in childhood....where the last bell of the school year would sound and you were FREE, FREE, FREE for a whole three months....now honestly for me it is more like 6 weeks but hey...I'll take what I can get.
So in truth...people may love the sunny days, and the warm weather, and the green grass, and vacations....but ME....what I love is the gift of time that the summer bestows upon me....Time to just sit....time to read, time to sort things out in my mind...time to putter around without the stress of all the obligations that come with life and work...time to reflect on life and all the things that are important to me.
So now take a moment and look again at the picture at the top of this post....my husband (Papa) and little Evan...last summer...just sitting on the bench....sort of fishing...but more just sitting...thinking about the water, the sun, the grass....those are minutes well spent and so hard to come by in our busy hectic lives!! Relaxing is something we forget to do...every minute is booked and the "to do" list is long...so long sometimes I'm sure I'll never get to it all in this lifetime....but then again...what's more important? The to do list....or moments of calm and quiet...like pictured above....those are the moments that make the soul sing....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remembering Our January Journey 09

Dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and any ole song! We were trying to work off all those calories from the wine, chips, dips, and other assorted goodies! And yes we do realize that our PJ bottoms do not match our shirts...and guess what...we just don't care....that is the joy of friendship...accepting each other, supporting each other, and not judging!!!
Ummmm...Kelsey is laughing at my dance moves....but REMEMBER...DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!!!

Okay we all had a lot of fun laughing at each other while we did the Cupid Shuffle....if you have never tried this little dance...you should...its a ton of fun! And the laughter was GREAT!!!! Part of the joy of January Journey was hanging out with friends and supporting each other on this journey through life....it has to have laughter...or the soul cannot survive!!!
We also enjoyed the hot tub, pool, watching movies that were popular during different people's high school days, and looking at year books....hence the journey part...it was a journey through the decades...the 70s through the 2000s were represented at our gathering!!

Inspire Cards

Need something to inspire you? Like to inspire others? Read about creating a deck of Inspire Cards over at my blog: Just Ginger. I am trying to give each blog it's own "personality" LOL...so

Ginger's Journey is more like my journal or diary...a little of this or that or whatever pops into my head at the moment. Sometimes inspirational, sometimes, wild & crazy, sometimes fluff, sometimes deep thoughts...lol

Just Ginger is inspirational, celebrate me and Just Ginger projects....along with anything else focused on personal growth and life goals.

Faery Dust & Faery Kisses: Is all things faery....fairy gardens, fairy crafts, poetry, faery cards, faery folklore, etc.

Month by Month: organizational and household tips and ideas.

Rudolph Day, Great Pumpkin Day, Hippity Hoppity, and Turkey Day: are each about the specific holidays they embody.

I hope this makes it easier for you to find the blogs that best fit your reading needs!!! Enjoy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ghost Hunt #2

Here's a picture of our group for Ghost Hunt #2. I simply must get back here and write up a description...but if you are VERY curious....you can visit Kelsey's blog....called The Eye of the Tiger and read her post with a description of our adventures that night!

Thoughts about Nothing in Particular

Well...here's a little post about nothing in particular....lol....go figure. I'm going to have to get busy if I ever hope to catch up to Perez Hilton...hmmmm.

Strange events have taken to occuring around here lately...like dark figures chasing people in cemetaries late at night...or maybe like comments on myspace disappearing....or even...cards that disappear and then turn up again.

Time is in a time warp....traveling fast when we want it to slow down...and crawling by when we want it to speed up...Time and age are sort of like that other dimension...you know the one I wrote about a while back where I felt like something was speeding toward me....hmmm....did I write about that here? Or in my daily e-newsletter called The Saga...well anyway I transgress...I am talking about this uncanny feeling of something hurtling toward me....just outside my realm of consciousness or sight...just existing there on the edge of the here and now...I proposed that it was another me...in another dimension leading a somewhat similar existence...and that ever now and then this me...and that me...get very close to each other...and that is the "thing" I sense or feel...there just outside this reality...OK...honestly...I am not insane...I just think deep thoughts...and ponder things that are impossible or at least impossible in the reality that we live in now....LOL

Do you think age is mind or body? While we complain a lot about the aches and pains of growing old...is OLD...a mind or body or perhaps spirit concept....and is it good or bad...or does it depend...because while an old body might have problems and old mind might be considered a Sage....wise you know...while and old spirit might be both wise and connected in ways the common person can not know.

Well....I warned you...this post is about nothing in particular...and as such can come to an end...right now!!! LOL...without a conclusion or a purpose...odd ramblings...late at night. When the mind is weary but unable to sleep.

Focus for the Day: Tobaira of the Waters

Well today's focus is brought to us by Tobaira of the Waters. Let me start out by saying that this is the first focus card that has presented reversed. I'm not sure if when focusing we are to look at the reverse of the card or both. With the other cards even though they presented right side up, I sort of wove all aspects of the card into our reflections and so I will do that also but just felt inclined to mention the reversed status.

Tobaira of the Waters is a healing faery. She presides over the healing powers present in water. We have all heard of the Fountain of Youth...well there are other supposedly magical water sources also. There are wells and other places that bestow healing, skills, or wisdom on people. For example the Hippocrene fountain in Mount Helicon gives one great poetic skills. One drink and the drinker acheives a certain level of poetic skill, another brings more and a third allows the person to be at a poetic "high". Tobaria and other healing faeries work diligently to keep healing waters, springs, and other sources from becoming contaminated by many things in the human realm. Not just pollution but negativity etc. Faery waters reflect the emotional state of the humans around them. Words that speak of Tobaira are: serenity, meditation, and graceful acceptance of change. (The Faeries Oracle, Text by Jessica MacBeth, copyright 2000) For more information about the Faeries Oracle you can visit Faery Wisdom or World of Fround.

Tobaira speaks of change particularly emotional change. Like water emotions are fluid and ever changing. We have choices about where to head..."toward the calm flowing purity of the faery waters or the boiling cauldron of hot temper and steamy emotions" (MacBeth, 2000, pg. 126). Reversed Tobaira may speak of "emotional needs not meet or a thirst of the spirit or emotions" (MacBeth, 2000, pg. 126).

Now I need to move into other archetypes that may have this description and lastly my personal thoughts about Tobaira. We must keep in mind that our personal thoughts and ideas are just ask important as what any "expert" tells us but I do enjoy enriching my own thought processes by examining different views.

Well....hmmmm....finding specific archetypes that are like Tobaira of the Waters is proving to be difficult for my muddled mind today. There are plenty of "healing archetypes" and there are plenty of references to water so I will share a couple of those.

Archetypes that are healers are plentiful...they may be a spiritual figure, physician or even a therapist. The need for wholeness is strong so throughout history there has been much focus on healing...very often spiritual. Many references to water include references to its healing benefits. And we can also see this is Christianity with the baptisim ritual with water and with Jesus washing us clean of sins.

In addition, in archetypical terms water is often the symbol for the unconscious. Along with others like caves, the forest, the night, and the moon. These tend to be feminine images because most of them that enclose or nourish or viewed as female. I think the whole idea of water and the unconscious speaks to the idea that healing the spirit is VITAL to our existence perhaps even more so than healing the body.

In my search I found a blog, that seems quite interesting...First of all the title Emerging Crone is well....just interesting...and then the blog description: "Guaranteed to thrive where planted, Flowering ecstatically in the garden of my soul".....well that is just cool!!! I just did a little looking around but I plan to go back and read some more later. The entry that came up in my search had to do with rain. Okay...rain...water...you following that whole line. Any way at the end of her post she posed these questions. I think they fit a bit with our reflection today. "What gifts does the rain bring you when it comes? What dams are needing to be breached so you may flow to the sea?" (The Emerging Crone)

Now I would reword those questions for us today as we Focus on Tobaira of the Waters:
  • What gifts does Tobaira of the Waters bring you?
  • What blocks need to be overcame so that you may become the person you are meant to be?

My thoughts on Tobaira of the Waters:

  • First the reversed presentation: Hmmm perhaps telling us that we all need to get in touch with our emotional selves and that are spirits are "thirsty" for us to provide them with a cool drink of water to refresh them.
  • This is a card of choice: cool calming faery waters or turbulent, boiling emotions. We have to recognize that we have a choice and we make the choice.
  • Also I think of the fluid changing nature of water. I think the water represents what we need at any given time......in other words we find what we need NOT what we seek. Sometimes they are the same but not always.
  • Reversed the card also speaks of calming down and quieting the waters before making decisions...probably never a bad thing.
  • Water...we are like what made up of a large percentage of water.... does that mean we have the healing power of water inside each of us...but we just need to figure out how to access it?
  • The Ocean: as Kelsey can attest...I'm a big lover of the ocean...the largest body of water on the earth...does this speak of me or to me in some way? I mean I like lovely walks in the woods and mountains and other naural settings...but to me NOTHING is quite like the Ocean!! Watching it for hours as time slips by quietly.

Well, dear readers, I could go on and on forever...but there are thoughts for you to think and now is the time for you to do so. PLEASE note that the Focus for the Day will be presented at my other blog: Faery Dust & Faery Kisses after today. If you are interested in reading more, please visit me there!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late Night Ramblings

It's late.....I should be in bed...instead I'm sitting here at the computer wondering...about a lot of things...nothing life altering...just "stuff".
  • Like why sometimes no matter how kind we are to others...in the end it all turns out about the same.
  • Like why the easiest things in life sometimes turn out to be the hardest
  • Why friendship at times seems more give than take
  • Why the way we are is more important inside ourselves than to anyone else.
  • Like when is time going to slow down a bit and let me catch my breath
  • Like why is wondering about stuff "strange" to some people
  • Like is my mind or heart the most important thing to keep open?
  • Like when is tomorrow more important than today.

You know....just stuff like that....stuff that takes us in a circle and brings us back to where we started.

Todays Focus: The Un Dressing of a Salad

And you thought the name of yesterday's character brought a smile. The Undressing of a Salad is one of the cards in the Faeries Oracle created by Brian Froud and with text from the book written by Jessica Macbeth....so since I'm not sure if there is an archetype present here or not I will write a bit about the card itself so we can get a bit of insight and then I'm off to check the internet for similar symbols...remember it is not the name that is important but rather the insight or philosophy of life that the card brings us.

To create a salad various things must be brought into play and combined to create a tasty dish but how does one "undress a salad?" That is exactly the point...and while it might seem impossible ....is it? On this card we have quite a few remarkable images coming into play. We have Adroito, the Faery of Doing Impossible Things and he is balancing orbs. He is also called the Faery of Being Impossible (hmmmm some people don't need any help with that...lol) and the Faery of Avoiding Extremes...There are other creatures on the card also...all with their own message....but for now...Consider the act of Balancing Things....that in and of itself is a huge message and one which we should ponder often...(The Faeries Oracle, Text by Jessica MacBeth, copyright 2000). To read more about the Faeries Oracle you can visit Faery Wisdom or the World of Froud.

Anyway not only is balancing what we are pondering today but also the times in life when we have to turn bad into good. And think about balancing balls or orbs...eventually you drop one or someone snatches it away from you...those are the times when you have to be creative and realize that old balls wear out...maybe its time to get a new one? Think about it.

Hmmm...today is not a good day to write about a complicated aspect....as time is short for research, however...I will throw in what ever tidbits I find and maybe revisit it again at a later date...Again these are just things that resonate with me...and may or may not be accurate of what is being suggested to us...just other points of view, thoughts, and history

The Goddess Maat is an Egyptian goddess that is the feminine aspect of Thoth. She is representing the concepts of truth, justice, balance, order, and the Divine Law. She has also been called the Goddess of Truth and Universal Order....now that would be one balancing act right there!!!

Hey here's another perspective I just stumbled across and hadn't thought about...all the horoscope signs are in effect archetypes....and of course Libra (my sign) is one of balance! the outward mode of Libra is activating, creating and illuminating....hmmmm I love that word illuminating! Libra is the archetype of intimacy, balance, relationships and aesthetic beauty. Libras symbolize the creation of social harmony and justice. The image associated with Libra is the scales. Attaining balance and standing up for fairness are key goals.

As I have been scanning and looking for similar archetypes...sharing the common idea of balance or finding the good in the bad etc...something just struck me...ALMOST all of the archetypes have an element of balance in them...like yesterday's the Pook...having a villian turn into a hero and vice versa....Or The Green Woman being three in one The Crone, The Maiden, and The Mother, all of those aspects balanced together in this archetype....or The Dark Lady...whose purpose is to guide us through dark times and into new beginnings (balance between despair and joy or turning bad times into good).....HMMM...are you seeing where I'm going with this?

To me The Un Dressing of the Salad is a metaphor for almost ALL aspects of life...with two key ingredients...BALANCE and TURNING THE BAD into good.....or like I like to call it ..."getting through the darkness and coming out into the light again" It is through this process that we can journey through life successfully and to live our life to the fullest...and be the individuals we truly were meant to be.

Anyhoo....those are just my thoughts on this subject and I'll be interested to hear others should they present themselves.!! Until later dear readers ponder these thoughts and may they bring a sense of purpose and balance into your lives!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Times and Fads and Upside Downs

Well went to the mall shopping with dear daughter Kelsey today and I was doubly amused....while looking at jewelry...I started noticing lots of leather, peace signs, and other "hippie" like pieces. Of course Kels was liking them and I told her...we finally had the "same" taste cause all of the pieces reminded me of my old high school days...LOL. Had to pick up a couple things for myself as well.

Then when I started looking at some of the clothes out there for the spring and summer....wow...that one beach cover up looked an awful lot like the old "peasant dresses" that were all the rage in the 70s. Not that's I'd dare wear any of those wild prints now days but they are sure out there....just waiting for a new generation to fall in love with them!

I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland and I had just fallen down the rabbit hole...time was flipped upside down and all the old was now new again! It was quite an adventure...who needs a time machine...just head for the closest mall and check out the FADS....

Focus of the Day: The Pook

Okay...don't laugh...the focus for the day is embodied in The Pook, or shape shifter. Today we reflect on words such as paradox and resolution. We also think about the "good in the bad" and the "bad in the good". For everything under the sun has a dual nature or the possiblities of good and bad. Our paradoxes and confusions are self created and the Pook just dresses them up a bit to confuse us. The Pook is against rigid mind sets and in his own (often maddening way) encourages us to develop inquiring minds. His challenge is for us to "wake up" (The Faeries Oracle text by Jessica MacBeth, copyright 2000) You can read more about the Faeries Oracle at Faery Wisdom or World of Froud.

The Pook, is simply the name that is given to this archetype in the Faeries Oracle but this concept or archetype is present in other cultures, religions, and lore from around the world. On a worldly realm....the shape shifter is present in many screenplays...that character that switches from good to bad...or vice versa. The character who has been a villan and then in the final few moments of the story does something heroic and self sacraficing....you can name a bunch that fit I'm sure. And of course, the other also...characters that we believe to be good that end up doing horrible things or betraying others.

The shape shifter is sometimes called a spell caster because of his ability to change appearances and navigate through various setting...conscious and dreaming. As this blogger: Woffle puts it think of the politician who can put on any face in any situation. But on the positive side the Pook has the ability to see the possibilites in any situtation.

This archetype is referred to frequently in Native American cultures and can travel through different level of consciousness, dreams, awake or on the astral plane. I'm not sure of this but it makes me wonder if the shape shifter is also the guide during "dream walking"...like I said that is just a guess but it seems to fit.

Some believe this archetype is closely linked to the trickster. There are many archetypes that appear to have the ability to shape shift: Tezcatlipoca, of the Aztecs and Esrsanatlehi, a powerful Navajo deity. For these though shape shifting is just an "added bonus". The true nature of The Pook is to show us the good in the bad and the bad in the good. To wake us up to all possibilities and to break us out of rigid thinking patterns.

If we think of the archetype of the Trickster he finds expression through human imagination and experience. He is a Jungian Archetype and as a character creates realities in the duality of time and illusion. Sometimes he breakes the rules maliciously but usually with a postive outcome in the end. And while some of this is true of the Pook...any trickster or shapeshifter can be good or bad...or at times both...It is in the decisions made about the use of changing shapes that the role of helper or hurter is created.

For me...The Pook...speaks of examining rules, giving up rigid mind sets, and attempting to see the dual naure of people and situations. When the Pook turns up in our lives its time to examine our beliefs and to clear away the confusion...the information we need is there...we just need to find it among all the paradoxes. Or on the flip side of that, sometimes he stops by to tell us the information is not available at this time and we need to get on with our lives until the insight is present.

I don't know this Pook guy can be pretty confusing...lol...but that's okay...the dual nature means that with confusion there is also clarity....so maybe that comes in the end! Or maybe they send another faerie our way to clear that up!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Green Woman

I find it a bit interesting that yesterday's focus was the Dark Lady and today's is the Green Woman...perhaps the universe is trying to tell me to focus on the beauty and strength of being female...hmmm...not sure but The Green Woman is also an archetype....however finding her counterparts throughout the world is proving to be slightly more difficult than the Dark Lady. But today I will share with you what I am discovering.

The words associated with the Green Woman are wildness, expectant gratitude, natural magic and untrammeled creativity. The Green Woman dances naked whereever she wants. She is unencumbered by what you think of her because she is confident in her worth because of her life and experiences. She shows us how to release the constraints of artificial rules and limitations. She reminds us of the power of growth and the importance of perserverance and patience. She symbolizes a time for developing talents and for self confidence. (The Faeries Oracle Text by Jessica Macbeth, copyright 2000) You can read more about the Faeries Oracle at World of Froud or Faery Wisdom.

As far as this particular archetype in other cultures...I am sure it exists...I will continue to look for this "woman" under different names but here are a few tidbits I have uncovered already.

The Green Woman's image can be found in the stonework of ancient churches in England and France, and is viewed as the feminine face of nature. Also known as Sheela-Na-Gig she is often pictured entangled in vines and foliage. The Green Woman's "nature" encourages us to see ourselves despite self limiting perspectives we have taken on through the years. To read more about this view point of the Green Woman please check out Becoming the Green Woman. Perhaps this blogger says it best with her words...."The Green Woman is at once both an ancient archetype and a primal life force that is constantly creating and recreating herself through the cycles of birth, bloom and fermentation."

Some believe that The Green Woman is three in one. At the same time Mother, Maiden, and Crone. And there are many references to The Green Woman is relation to herbal healing. In fact I even discovered online courses related to this ancient art. There are many references to The Green Man and the Green Woman...more information seems available on the masculine image than the feminine.

In fairy folklore there were tree fairies called Green Ladies, that lived in the trees and were often offended if the trees were not treated with respect. Old sayings have it that before cutting a branch it was best to ask the fairies for permission.

So my focus today is to ponder the wild creative nature of growth...perhaps self growth. To recognize that I am what I am...and that is quite enough in and of itself. Seeking acceptance and positive regard is human nature.....but the Green Woman says to Dance and celebrate yourself for being who you are! ... Be self confident....experiences and life by the age of 51 must have taught me something of worth...just listen to it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Check Out

My wonderful daughter Kelsey's new blog....Eye of the Tiger ....she has amazing insights into life for one so...well young....but maybe some people have "wise spirits" regardless of their age.

Kelsey is new to blogging. She is an Education major (secondary English) at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Kelsey is "the baby" in the family and has a delightful sense of humor with a kind heart and caring nature. I hope you'll take a minute to check out her new blog...its so much more fun to blog when you know SOMEONE is reading it...

The Dark Lady

Today's focus is to ponder the meaning and message of The Dark Lady....hmmm...the most widely known reference to the Dark Lady is Shakespeare's Sonnets....and perhaps Cher's song of the same name. While these are common references they may or may not have anything to do with the true essence of The Dark Lady. How then did the archetype come into being and what is its "true" nature?

Drawing from memory and inner thoughts without reading...I pulled forth what is perhaps typical of beliefs about the Dark Lady...a temptress, representing passion, desires, and impulsive behavior.....imagine my surprise then when I discovered that this "symbolic image" has only minimal connections to such things.

One interpretation of The Dark Lady is that she is the keeper of all thoughts and ideas and the guardian of the unborn. She holds the dreams and ideas that have not yet sprung forth in us. She is with us in the darkest of nights and guides us through passings whether they be death or simply an ending of a phase or thing in our lives. She is there at the end of our grief process and helps us to move forward to a new beginning. The words associated with her: unconscious power & wisdom, rituals, mysteries, secrets. (The Faeries Oracle, Text by: Jessica Macbeth Copyright 2000) You can read more about the Faeries Oracle at Faery Wisdom or World of Froud.

As I explore and strive to understand archetypes and how they have developed over time and virtually across every culture and society on earth...it brings me back to Christianity and my belief in God. How do I reconcil this interest with a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ? Is it dabbling in areas that are best left alone? In truth, while I do not know the answer to this....I believe that exploring these concepts enriches and reinforces my belief in a Higher Power. In my life that is God and Christ. I know for others that may not be the case and while I can argue with you that my beliefs are the REAL beliefs...in truth I have no way of proving that to you or anyone else.

So I decided to read a bit more about the Dark Lady and was very interested in finding an article in the National Catholic Reporter called Art & Spirituality: Seeking the Dark Lady. Here I will try to paraphrase those ideas that resonated with me and caused a bit of pause. For further information plase check out the link. It is a short easy to read article.

Key Points from My Perspective:

1. Images of a black or dark skinned Madonna with dark hair are among the oldest Madonna images in the world. Hmmmm...it is believed that these are a result of symbolic meanings and representations of attributes of goddesses.

2. Black Madonna images, both sculptures and paintings, have been found around the world. This representation of the feminine divine has been noted by Jungians and mystics. This image in its blackness represents the mystery surrounding the divine...a light so bright as to be seen only as blackness.

3. Also know as the Queen of Nature, she represnts fertile transformation both in the common meaning of the word...through birth & nature but also internal birth and change.

4. Other names depicting the Dark Lady through out Mexico and other countries: Sorrowful Mother, Mater Dolorosa, The Madonna of Solitude and Sorrow.

5. There is also similarities between the Dark Lady and a Hopi spirit called Crow Mother. She is noted as the Keeper of Balance and is the mother who fertilizes life.

6. BUT perhaps the most interesting to me was the following quotation taken from the article by Rich Heffern but is in part contributed to Craighead. ....

"With contemporary lore about black holes at the center of our galaxy and elementary particles burbling into existence out of nothing, Craighead said, “science now shows us pragmatically what people in both the Old World and the New have probably always known forever, with their deep hunches about our origins. Black is holy. It’s the mysteries of the night sky. We both come from and are contained somehow by this darkness.”

National Catholic Reporter July 25, 2008

Those are my ramblings today about the Dark Lady...she is encouraging a connection to the earth which I find ironic in this age of "going green". So while the term dark might lead one to believe in evil...the Dark Lady represents nature, sorrow, new beginnings and the essence of transfomation. She is a strong feminine image that evokes strength and support.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Focus of the Day....a message

Today's message has to do with the nagging thoughts of things left undone...those little pangs of guilt about accomplishing the things we need to do and marking them OFF the list...heck just even make the list to start with.

Furthermore the message says things cannot possible go right when we have so many things left undone...so TAKE CARE of business and movement forward can start!!!

It reminds me of how much energy I waste avoiding doing things or putting them off....so much energy is FREED once things are set into motion....so off the computer I'm getting and BACK to work on things around the house!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Focus of the Day

I have always tried to include a daily word or inspirational quote in a little daily newsletter I send out my email every day to a dozen or so friends....I call the newsletter THE SAGA...and each daily edition has it's own name....Monday's Musings, Tuesday Tidbits, Wild & Wacky Wednesday, Thursday Therapy, and Friday Frolics. But recently I started trying to pull a daily card or saying to use as MY focus for the day...

Today's focus was endings, closure, starting over....well most people here know my beliefs about endings....they never happen without a new beginning...and yet why is it so hard to contemplate endings....to really wrap our arms and our minds around endings....to embrace the thought of endings...

I suppose first and foremost is our dread or fear of the unknown...no matter what we have...be it a job, a relationship or some other aspect of our lives....at least we KNOW it....to let go of it offers up a whole new set of possible problems...ones we may be unfamiliar with or uncertain of how to handle.

Second...often endings leave us with a sense of failure or regret...no matter how well we may have handled some aspect of our lives...endings mean we will never have the chance to improve, do it over, or achieve it at a better higher level. As if by merely continuing we would be able to be better in some way.

Third I think endings create questions...what to do next, when to do it, how to do it...why it is important to choose etc...Questions can be difficult and always contain a certain level of uncertainty. But it is in questioning that we discover the true essence of our journeys...it is where fact meets fiction or maybe fiction molds the facts...I don't know...sometimes in life its hard to distunguish between the two.

Well, that's it for the moment Ginger's Journey readers....I'll be back again later with more profound and not so profound thoughts!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It Strikes Me

That new readers to Ginger's Journey....might think that I'm a bit mad with all the talk of Faerie Folk and Ghost Hunts....FEAR not....I am sane....ummmm or at least I'm not dangerous! LOL...the whole faerie saga...goes way back to childhood and several journeys in life where I have been inspired by faerie folklore and art work...Oh yes....and did I mention I have a Fairy Tattoo ? I just got it in November...! Not to mention that my two favorite months of the year are June and October....always have been...but only recently have I discovered that these are two prime times when the veil between the fairy world and the human world is at its thinnest.

Now the whole ghost hunt thing is a totally different saga...and you might be enlightened by reading the posts that are under the label of The Farm. These describe growing up on a haunted farm and why I do think there are plenty of things in this world that we do not and can not understand. Some of us just started talking about the stories and others we have heard and it just sort of snowballed into ghost hunting.

And so the Faeries and the Ghost Hunts are just part of my adventures on this journey though life...any readers who stick around or come back often will discover that my interests are varied...and they are like the dry leaves in the wind...blowing helter skelter across the paths and roadways of my life....at time a swirl of passion and interest...almost an obsession...and at other times just merely passing whims...it matters not because they are just.... what they are...a way to enjoy and investigate this wonderful thing we call life!!!

Pre Ghost Hunt Details

This past Sunday....my logistics expert and myself...went on a pre-ghost hunt tour to check out the places we will be visiting on our 2nd Ghost Hunt....Two very old very rural cemeteries and a haunted bridge. Nothing in the lore about the two cemeteries but well...they are old and I am sure there are stories...LOL. The bridge is the location of where a headless, armless, legless torso was discovered. The remainder of the victim was ground up and feed to pigs...YIKES....not a pretty thought....and I am sure it qualifies as a TRAMATIC death....so lore has it that you can sometimes see the head floating in the area along the bridge and river below.

Also on the trip over we will re-visit the cemetery where we experienced the shadow figure walking among the old graves and the knocking on the shed that caused our frantic scrambling back into the vehicle. And then on our return trip we will again venture around the old bluff road and hope to spot the Hounds of Hell roaming on the hillside or across the river...

Hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer as we would like to get a good look at some of the areas. As some of you readers may know....this is our second trip and until we have traveled the path of this particular journey...I don't know what to expect....the locations are perfect but ghosts can be a bit illusive unless the spirit strikes....LOL....get it... spirits strike...a little ghost trip humor...!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shades of Green Giveaway

Don't forget it's March...which means we are having a Shades of Green Giveaway here at Ginger's Journey....between now and St. Patrick's Day post comments either using the blogger comment feature or on the little message board. For every comment you will have your name entered in a drawing for a bunch of GREEN stuff!!! Good luck!

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