Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remembering Our January Journey 09

Dancing to the Cupid Shuffle and any ole song! We were trying to work off all those calories from the wine, chips, dips, and other assorted goodies! And yes we do realize that our PJ bottoms do not match our shirts...and guess what...we just don't care....that is the joy of friendship...accepting each other, supporting each other, and not judging!!!
Ummmm...Kelsey is laughing at my dance moves....but REMEMBER...DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!!!

Okay we all had a lot of fun laughing at each other while we did the Cupid Shuffle....if you have never tried this little should...its a ton of fun! And the laughter was GREAT!!!! Part of the joy of January Journey was hanging out with friends and supporting each other on this journey through has to have laughter...or the soul cannot survive!!!
We also enjoyed the hot tub, pool, watching movies that were popular during different people's high school days, and looking at year books....hence the journey was a journey through the decades...the 70s through the 2000s were represented at our gathering!!


Anonymous said... have me on your blog dancing in my Pj's seriously...

Ginger said... look fine!!

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