Why I Love Summer

The truth is ....all my life I have had the "gift of summer". What I mean by this is that most summers I have time off from my regular job. Oh there were many summers where I taught summer school for extra money. But most years I had the awesome freedom of days without schedules, alarms, and responsibilities. Oh true, there are usually summer projects but still over all I have been able to enjoy the relaxed days of summer in many ways just like in childhood....where the last bell of the school year would sound and you were FREE, FREE, FREE for a whole three months....now honestly for me it is more like 6 weeks but hey...I'll take what I can get.
So in truth...people may love the sunny days, and the warm weather, and the green grass, and vacations....but ME....what I love is the gift of time that the summer bestows upon me....Time to just sit....time to read, time to sort things out in my mind...time to putter around without the stress of all the obligations that come with life and work...time to reflect on life and all the things that are important to me.
So now take a moment and look again at the picture at the top of this post....my husband (Papa) and little Evan...last summer...just sitting on the bench....sort of fishing...but more just sitting...thinking about the water, the sun, the grass....those are minutes well spent and so hard to come by in our busy hectic lives!! Relaxing is something we forget to do...every minute is booked and the "to do" list is long...so long sometimes I'm sure I'll never get to it all in this lifetime....but then again...what's more important? The to do list....or moments of calm and quiet...like pictured above....those are the moments that make the soul sing....


printersdevil said…
Ginger, I also love summer and for much the same reasons as you stated. I have been blessed to have the summers off due to teaaching. The summers got shorter and shorter through the years, but they were so special. After taking a disability retirement in 2001, I had a lot of time to reflect and appreciate things. When I decided to return to work part time, one of the prerequisites for me was that I had to be off during the summer. I don't think I could function without that time to recharge and reflect.
Carrie said…
What a great picture.
SeaRune said…
I do so enjoy spending summer with my kids...from feeding the ducks, having picnics under a shady tree, laying on a blanket on the grass and watching the clouds...so much fun! I can't wait!

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