Saturday, March 28, 2009

Word for the Week: Kaleidoscope

Hey Readers...I thought it might be interesting every Saturday or pick a word for the week...oh ho ho....this is not a word to reflect on for the coming week...but rather a descriptive sort of sum up the week just lived during this wild and crazy journey called life..!!!

As you can see the word for the Week is Kaleidoscope...yep that's right....I was gonna use D-R-A-M-A.....but then I opted for a more colorful it...kaleiscope=colorful!!! The week I am referring to is actually a tadbit over a started back on Saturday March 21st with our little adventure in drink making...yep...what you see pictured above is a Denutter...a colorful drink with quite a punch to it. Let's see if I can get our "secret" recipe right...hmmm....1 shot of vodka, one shot of rum, one shot of tequilla, one shot of ameretto, one shot of (secret ingredient) and some sweet and sour mix. This original lovely blue drink is actually very tasty and very is like a Truth Serum, gone psycho.....oh dear.

Then hmmm....let's know it happens every Thursday...some how the blue was gone and we ended up with some red and green my book....not near as tasty! Then there was a little...drama...crazy stuff created by fatal attraction sort of was almost whoopass time...LOL. The slogan for the night: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Well Friday went by with a bit of flair...started out dark and black...with a twinge of blue and know ....sad, blue, and a little anger...but over the period of a few hours...the sun came out to play and it was sort of a hazy yellow....warm feelings....oh maybe not warm fuzzies but still warmer and just a little shade of a rainbow in the sky....(please people I am speaking in metaphors). was rainy in real life.....but that rainbow came out to play in full color....the lovely shades of color splashed across the sky of life increased until I was just sure we'd find a pot of gold at the end of it. The only thing about Rainbows...they it takes some work to keep a rainbow in your life...and we will just need to see over time.

YEP kaleidoscope pretty much sums up the week....colors were shifting, and mingling, and colliding with each other so quickly one couldn't tell whether to laugh, scream, cry, or just plain hit something...(err or someone)...the speed with which things were moving was quite astonishing....WOW...the path of this journey through life is more ways than one!

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