Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lost in My Thoughts

Man have I lost my mind? I haven't written a blog entry since like April 12th....and that was just to post Happy Easter.... No.....I've just been lost in my thoughts....somewhere between reflecting and rambling. So all you Ginger's Journey readers....it's time to let you know some of my thoughts.

1. First of all I have been writing...just not on the blogs....I am working on creating a unique oracle deck of cards called The Journey. This deck is based on events and symbols from childhood and my life along with interpretations to go along with those. I'm getting some input from other family members who have these experiences/events/memories in common with me. So far there are 63 cards and I know I will be adding one more....maybe even more. Next is the artwork or symbols for the cards.

2. I was already in the process of creating the oracle deck when I stumbled on the idea of soulcollage cards. So I am in the process of another similar adventure in the creation of some Soulcollage cards. You can read about this process idea at Kaleidosoul as well as other sites by searching with the term soulcollage. I do not have my materials yet but I have started my collection of pictures to use...other than getting supplies and finding pictures I doubt that I move forward with this project until June. You can also visit the authors site: SoulCollage.com

In addition to these two projects I have been doing a lot of personal journaling....so yes I have been lost in my thoughts...but I am still around and hope to have more to share with you soon!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Time to Go Gnome...

Here's a picture of our new BFF...he was with us this past Thursday and had to partake of a bit of Margarita....as well as explore the restaraunt....I have more pictures to share...but thought I'd start out with this cutie....We are going to use the Gnome theme for two upcoming birthdays...so you will be hearing lots of Gnome news along the way...LOL ...the theme is actually going to be...It's Time to Go Gnome...and I have the perfect picture to explain why....I'll share that with you in a day or so...until then Have a Gnome Day.....and I'll gnome you later!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things to Ponder in the Week Ahead

Peace: Oh not world peace....although that would be lovely...not something we can bring about right at the moment...So focus on inner peace....believe in yourself and your dreams...Be good to yourself...let go of regrets...and "should haves"...Be at peace with who you are!

Cupid: Oh not necessarily love.......more like be cautious of things that inspire passion in us...not just romantic passion but just a zealous passion...whether it is ideas, leaders, or programs...too much passion hinders us from seeing clearly.

Protection: Remember that protection comes in many shapes and forms. From Guardian Angels to friends....Be thankful for friendship given and received...defend and support friends in a time fo need.

Perfect Day: It will come...the time when you will see everything fall in to place...and you can bask in the glory of a perfect day...just remember that it is a fleeting glory...life is fluid...and the days will rise and fall like the sun in the sky....BUT don't let that diminish your happiness when a rare day of wonder happens!!

Word for the Week: Amusing

Well...here it is time to describe the past week....and I'm going to choose....amusing...yes it fits perfectly....

School has been amusing lately...things are never as they seem and someone is always around the upset the apple cart....I feel like theres a lot of smoke and mirrors....I am finding it a bit amuzing to watch people trying to avoid crashing into something since it's sort of hard to see through all the smoke!

The weekend was pretty amusing and you can see that by reading the post directly below this one! It started with Kelsey's very funny sense of humor on Thursday night...and continued to be quite amusing through Saturday...

It's good to find amusement on this journey through life...there are so many aspects of the journey that we can't control and they bring us stress and worry. So amusement is a VERY GOOD thing!!

Wild Columbia Weekend

We headed off to Columbia for a weekend of "girl fun". First lunch...then mall shopping. swimming, hot tub, dinner and a comedy show...then hanging out back at our room at the Stoney Creek Lodge....and ordering some late night pizza....oh...that's after a quick stop by Tropical Liquers...LOL...leave it to a college town to have a frozen drink place that puts stuff in take out cups...although technically you are not suppose to take them anywhere.!!
We had planned originally to go to the SoCo club and watch a show there. We even called ahead a couple weeks ago to see if they were having a show this weekend...and we were told...that they were...however upon arriving we discovered that there was no show....We were a bit disappointed but as so often happens in life...you gotta roll with the punches....so after a bit of discussion we headed to Deja Vu for a comedy show! At Deja Vu we listened to a Greek comedian...he was a hoot!...His name is Basile and he insists that his mom's name is Rosemary and his dad is Herb...He was very funny!!! We had some drinks...one of which could become a favorite...its called a Bomb Pop.

This is Kelsey and Christy hanging out of the sunroof...killing some time while we decided what to do. It was an AWESOME weekend...full of fun and laughter....a little different than we expected but still quite enjoyable!

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