Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wild Columbia Weekend

We headed off to Columbia for a weekend of "girl fun". First lunch...then mall shopping. swimming, hot tub, dinner and a comedy show...then hanging out back at our room at the Stoney Creek Lodge....and ordering some late night pizza....oh...that's after a quick stop by Tropical Liquers...LOL...leave it to a college town to have a frozen drink place that puts stuff in take out cups...although technically you are not suppose to take them anywhere.!!
We had planned originally to go to the SoCo club and watch a show there. We even called ahead a couple weeks ago to see if they were having a show this weekend...and we were told...that they were...however upon arriving we discovered that there was no show....We were a bit disappointed but as so often happens in gotta roll with the after a bit of discussion we headed to Deja Vu for a comedy show! At Deja Vu we listened to a Greek comedian...he was a hoot!...His name is Basile and he insists that his mom's name is Rosemary and his dad is Herb...He was very funny!!! We had some of which could become a favorite...its called a Bomb Pop.

This is Kelsey and Christy hanging out of the sunroof...killing some time while we decided what to do. It was an AWESOME weekend...full of fun and laughter....a little different than we expected but still quite enjoyable!

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