Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wandering the Pathways of My Mind

Well this post is just going to be some random wanderings through my thoughts...I wanted to write a post called Summer Signs and then I realized that I didn't have the summer pictures on this computer so I will have to get that tidbit up later!!

Pathway #1: Why do summer days slip by soooooo quickly. So far this summer I have accomplished NOTHING...None of my great projects have unfolded and I haven't been having wild fun either...THIS WEEK...that is gonna change!!

Pathway #2: Summer Party: July 18th...theme: HillBilly Hoedown....the only thing is...the party pretty much signals the end of mky summer break....back to work...hmmmm I think July 27th!!

Pathway #3: I am thinking about doing a SOLO Roadtrip in October....just two or three nights...not sure where yet...have to give that some thought....just me myself and, the open road, beautiful fall folliage and a good book or two!!

Pathway #4: I have been asking myself how I can get back into bloggin...lately I just have been horribly uninspired....hopefully I can change that!

Pathway #5: SERIOUSLY....

More blogging later....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Faery Day 2009

It's Faery Day today....time for all of those who love faeries to pause and celebrate the realm of faery. Today may I suggest a faery meditation.

Faery Wings: Put on some soft music and sit cross legged or in a comfortable position iwth your back open to clear space. During the meditation take deep slow breaths and focus your attention on your shoulder blades. Try to "feel" where your wings are...yes you heard right your wings....they are invisible but they are there!!! Once you feel the sensation of your wing spots....concentrate on unfurling your lovely wings....once they are open ....allow them to soak up the positive energy from the universe for some time....stretch them and curl and uncurl you finish your meditation close your wings and go about your day...relaxed and ready for some magic!!!
Hope you enjoy Faery Day...!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Along the Journey We Meet People.....

It has been awhile since I have written about "people"....people in our lives that sway our journey through this life, people who perhaps ease the burden of a long travel...people that seek out places in our heart and bring with them.... laughter, joy, and sometimes tears.

It's strange that as the day is beginning, in the quietness of the morning, while the rest of the world slumbers....that I am thinking once again about people....for they are the thread in the tapestry of my life....some are golden threads woven tightly throughout...while some are faded and loose....for just as there are people we hold close in our hearts and memories...there are others that are short strands...that without close examination, one might almost forget their presence in the tapestry.

Some of the colors are brilliant, breath that just the fact that they are in the tapestry at all (no matter how long)...brings about a transformation.....makes the quest through life a higher one....where just perhaps for a moment...just through knowing catch just a glimpse of the soul....that invisible essence that make people....well....people. I have known several people like own mother, my friend Jay....well the list is in my you too have your own list.

Hmmm....just for a moment lets talk about the threads that are bittersweet...the ones where disillusion, disappointment or pain played a role. Oh we all have those threads...some are short....some are perhaps only a stitch or two...a cruel word, or perhaps a brief encounter that has a strong emotional sting to it....What of those? Should we rip them from the tapestry of our life so that we are not reminded of them?

To me, each thread is important, the brilliant golden ones, the colorful ones, the short ones, the long ones, the faded ones from days long gone...and yes the dark ones...for each has taken us somewhere on this journey through life...each has taught a lesson even if we do not yet understand the complexity of that lesson. Each has meant something on this do not dwell on the dark ones...and do not rip them out...simply accept their part in your tapestry and let them fade into the background.

As we are weaving the tapestry of our lives....sometimes we wonder...perhaps ponder...why things happen as they do...why a delay occurred, why we didn't "see" or "know" something sooner, perhaps a detour has delayed a life event...or we wonder why we made a choice (perhaps a bad one), or we contemplate how things may have turned out differently...if we had only...this or that....Waste no more time on such pondering...there is a natural order to things...when the time is right...things unfold as they should. Perhaps there was a lesson that needed to be learned before the path was clear. Perhaps a deeper emotional understanding was needed or time for some concept to waste not your time, the steps of your life's journey.... on such worry...Things are as they need to be...See that which is before you and do not waste time on the past....or the future.

So Ginger's Journey readers, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts along this wonderful, heartfelt journey and may you always enjoy the many threads that are in your tapestry.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Invitation to Inner Child Series

Over at Just Ginger I am writing a series of posts about the Inner Child cards. These cards are a basic tarot deck based on Fairy Tales. While I know little of tarot I do know quite a lot about fairy tales and as such this deck interested me. I shall not transverse off into a tangent about whether tarot cards are witch craft or devil worship or whatever because the Inner Child cards are not set up as such. I believe that basically tarot cards, oracle cards, or any other form of divination is not in and of itself evil, but rather it is the use they are put to that may or may not invite evil.

So if you are interested in reading about the Inner Child cards, their fairy tale lessons, and how I interpret their meanings please feel free to join me over at Just Ginger. Many times I tie the cards into my own religious beliefs about Christ and God. In the very beginning with the 0 card you will see that is just what I have done. Evil does not exists in cards and writings. It exists in the hearts and minds of men. When we ignore it and instead look at the beauty and lessons that can be learned we have achieved a higher level of "being" and we diminish the lure of things that are best left alone to fade into the darkness.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Time to Go Gnome Birthday Bash

In May we hosted a Gnome birthday party for Sherry and Cresia. Unfortunately Kelsey wasn't able to attend because she was off on an adventure in Houston (Little Mexico). But the rest of some of Sherry's work friends had a great time...and loved posing at/on the bar!!!
A birthday just wouldn't be a birthday without some whip cream in the are two very happy gnomies!!!

The BIG gnome is the one that started it we each have a little gnome that goes on adventures with us...Kelsey's went to Houston with her...and Cresia's and Megs went to State track with them!! It's always just an adventure waiting to happen with us....What will we come up with next? Oh should never really ask that question!! LOL

Friday, June 5, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Birthday Bash

Oh me Oh my!!! There are just too many things to write about....I am way behind in updating my blog and I'm going to start with the current and then gradually phase in the events/issues/thoughts/etc...that I have missed putting up...
So last night we had a birthday bash for Athena and Katie at Margarita Thursday...El Jimador's...They picked an 80s theme since they were young uns back then...well still relatively young compared to me...

Kelsey really enjoyed dressing like a bad ass....LOL...well sort of a bad ass.....
We all got goodie bags from Athena and Katie that had 80s stuff in them...we enjoyed the bracelets, handerchiefs, chapstick, and other assorted goodies.....OH yes could I forget the BIG WAX LIPS.......

Cresia enjoyed "playing around" with the wax lips...anyone remember much fun when we were kids....and they still are....BUT a lot more expensive now...LOL

We really enjoyed the evening and if you notice I have on four buttons that represent the last four birthdays we Barb's next? And Meghan's? We need to think theme....can't wait to add another button to the Birthday button collection!!

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