Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Faery Day 2009

It's Faery Day today....time for all of those who love faeries to pause and celebrate the realm of faery. Today may I suggest a faery meditation.

Faery Wings: Put on some soft music and sit cross legged or in a comfortable position iwth your back open to clear space. During the meditation take deep slow breaths and focus your attention on your shoulder blades. Try to "feel" where your wings are...yes you heard right your wings....they are invisible but they are there!!! Once you feel the sensation of your wing spots....concentrate on unfurling your lovely wings....once they are open ....allow them to soak up the positive energy from the universe for some time....stretch them and curl and uncurl you finish your meditation close your wings and go about your day...relaxed and ready for some magic!!!
Hope you enjoy Faery Day...!!!

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