Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Another Day

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart."

It's another day...the sun is shining but because life's path has taken another turn..the day seems just a little less cheerful....

Well this is my third day back at work and I have been so preoccupied with everything else happening in life that I haven't even whined....LOL. Today I am interested to see if we got a better run on the class schedules because we ended up changing the master schedule at the last's always a gamble...and it certainly didn't "fix" all the problems but I am hoping it has "helped". Will see when I get to the office I guess.

In other areas: I'm working on some projects over at Month by Month...setting up the August section of the Month by Month notebook and also creating an Autumn Notebook. Busy hands keep thoughts from wandering so to speak. I am trying to blog more...since I got off track but my internet has been giving me fits...and I may need a new main computer and wireless if I disappear for while that might be why.

Well...have to get off here and get to until later dear readers...TAKE CARE & BE KIND.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Amigo, My Friend

Amigo, matter where you roam...let your heart lead you. My greatest wish for for you to find happiness. For you to know your heart, to follow your dreams, to forget your worries and to smile that wonderful smile of yours. To live life....livin la vida loco

It is not easy on this eve of your departure to smile for you are like family (familia) and my heart knows the lonliness it will feel. But I will not make it harder for you by trying to hold you here. You must listen to your are tired...and you want to go home...this is something I understand. Oh, you may not stay there forever...but for now it is what you need. I can see it in your eyes, I can feel it in your words, and I can catch just a glimpse of it in your smile which is not as happy as it could be.

Mexico, my friend, is not so far.....So safe journey my amigo...may God be with you as you travel the miles back home....and I shall not say goodbye....instead I will say..."See you later..." for of that I am certain. You are always welcome in my home, family, and life. God speed your journey and may the joy you feel in your dreams of Mexico be as sweet in real life as it is in your memories.

Parting is such sweet sorrow because in doing so we become more fully aware of the love and power of a relationship. To not feel any sorrow would mean the depth of the connection is very shallow but when the pain is strong...the relationship is one of great meaning and that has happened on this journey through life to teach us make our journey a little help us understand some aspect of life, to point us in a new direction.

Some say that people we have strong connections with are "soul mates"....not in the narrow definition of one that we have a romantic connection with....but in the broader sense....a person of such strong connection we know we were MEANT to meet and no matter how long the relationship lasts....there is something of great importance to be learned from it. Soul mates are not all love and laughter...sometimes there is sadness and tears....YET in knowing a soul mate...we capture a different aspect of life...we grow in some way...we reach new heights, understand more, love more deeply, express more vividly or any number of ways that life can be enriched.

So amigo, you and I were meant to meet....and we shall I am certain meet again. Hasta luego!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who Let the Gnomes Out?

All three of our gnomes traveled to Florida with us. Mine is called Willow and Katie's is named Miles. Kelsey has a gnome also called_______________.
Here are all three gnomes splashing around in the ocean!! And YES people looked at us sort of weird when we were taking pictures of our little friends.

And of course no trip to the beach would be complete without getting buried in the sand!

And when we weren't looking the three little troublemakers hopped up to the Cabana bar for a little spirits. Lucky we found them before they got too loaded. And below is a picture of the three at The Pier in St. Petersburg. They had to be careful so the Pelicans didn't think they were fish and swoop them up!

All in all I think the gnomies had fun in Florida....they have been asking about their next trip because they do soooooo love to travel!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeding the Pelicans at the Pier

One of the things we did on vacation was to drive into St Petersburg and go to The Pier...What a lovely view of the ocean and the pelicans were awesome...Here are some pics of us feeding the pelicans. You could buy five fish for five dollars and when you climb up the platform...they swoop in from the ocean because they know it's dinner time!!!
Katie took a turn feeding them also but she was a little leery after the lady told us to throw the fish and not hold it in our hand or they might fly right up to us!!!

Kelsey tosses the fish quickly to our friends and they are ready and waiting!! On The Pier, the view of the ocean is wonderful and there are several shops and places to eat. We enjoyed an ocean side table during lunch and relaxed in the beauty of the ocean!!
Plenty of more vacation stories....maybe for the next one we will look at the gnomes antics while on the trip...all three of our gnomes traveled with us via plane to Florida.

The Master Maker....

Still don't have the photos uploaded...but I wanted to write....mostly because I'm avoiding cleaning house...yes its I thought I would write about....

The Master Maker....that little part of us...that's an expert on something....come on...we all have hidden talents...things we are masters of....the Master Maker...says are achievements are wonderful.....reflecting part of who we are...and achievements are not just about money, fame, and can be a sense of peace, the glory of good friendships, or the skill of being a good story teller...AND being a master doesn't mean that you hold it above everyone and everything else....the TRUE Master Makers are HUMBLE....they downplay their talent and they see it as "nothing much"...

Yet....there is a certain fulfillment in recognizing and appreciating our REMEMBER....CELEBRATE...the MASTER MAKER in you....Embrace it, enjoy it, relish it!!

Okay now I simply must get off the computer....I'll be back later with some more Hoedown pics and a story or two...


I'm back from the beach and there's so much to do and so much blogging also....I have tons and tons of stuff to share with you here at Ginger's Journey....I'm making a list...but I want to get some pictures loaded also to go along with everything!!!

1. Another post about the HillBilly Hoedown....more much happened that I've barely touched on it.

2. Vacation Saga....probably more than one post..cause there's pictures, general vacation stuff...and then the awesome stories of...feeding the pelicans, racing the dolphins, and the ghost in our hotel room...yes my heard right a GHOST.

3. Back to School some other school thoughts...

4. GNOME adventures....I have several that have not gotten put up I'll work hard to update you on all the gnomie stuff!!!

I'll try to get something up later today...but first laundry and getting those pictures on the computer....TAKE CARE & BE KIND

Sunday, July 19, 2009


GONE TILL JULY 25th....until then....TAKE CARE and BE KIND

HillBilly Hoedown

Here's a cute little hillbilly from our summer party: HillBilly Hoedown 2009.
Here's an "inside" look at our outhouse.....complete with the latest in toilet paper holders.
Too much moonshine...and this ole hillbilly gal....just can;t take any more!!!!
The outhouse....quite a popular attraction...lots of hootin and the Hoedown!!

Life is Good Today

The morning after......this year's party was the HillBilly Hoedown. And it was a blast...hmmmm...if a bit wild. So one event over......and the trip to the beach tomorrow...our flight is early 6:40 am but we will have the whole afternoon at the I'm looking forward to arriving!! Life is Good today! Things are calm for the moment and even though there are plenty of "unknowns" I am trying to let them drift into the dark corners of my mind and rest there. In other words....STOP...worrying.

So there's plenty to do around the house, going back to work on the 27th, and other matters BUT for now...they are ALL off limits....the lists can wait, the projects can gather dust a bit longer, and work will be there when I arrive on the 27th....for now...LIFE IS GOOD TODAY.....and for the next five days.....

I'll try to get up some photos from the HillBilly was a fun backyard bash....the decorations were super easy....and cute too....Katie even build an outhouse out of cardboard boxes....TOO FUNNY!! The next BIG event at ourt house is BOO BASH 3.....which we will have on Halloween this year. Kelsey may miss it because she will be doing stuff with college friends...and I offered to change the date but she said not too....everyone last year asked why we didn't have it on Halloween since it was a this year I decided to have it on the actual day of Halloween. I'll take LOTS of pictures Kelsey...WE are all such "losers" no one else has anything to do on the one has a life except Kelsey...LOL.

Well dear readers...the last minute laundry and packing is not getting finished so Adios....and see you after the trip!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Brambles on the Pathways of Life

The pathways of life are seldom clear....the mossy sandy paths that flow easily through the days of our lives are few and far between. Mostly the paths are rocky, hilly, full of potholes and covered in brambles. It's hard to see the path and stepping forward is often just a guess as to where your foot will land.

And when we put that foot forward we actually have no idea if we are still on the path we were meant to travel or somewhere entirely different. It seems as if the path is uncertain, if it is emerging from life even as we are moving our foot forward. As if... up to this point it has not REALLY existed...but is somehow magically appearing as we move forward. There are so many possibilities...a little to the left, a little to the right, straight ahead, or should I leap really far far off this path and choose a new one?

Such is life....for at times the heart can be both heavy and light. There is joy and sorrow. There are things that are meant to be...and yet they just don't seem to happen....then again there are things that were never meant to be...and as such those paths remain hidden. Sometimes for me...the trouble is knowing which is which...have I just wandered off the path or am I miles away from it? The brambles make it hard to know for sure....and it is in this uncertainty of my mind that I dwell is a choice I know....BUT at times there are things in life that do not truly appear as choices...hardships, life's realities, unfulfilled dreams....they are choices forced upon people because of life...not choice....

So in those particularly instances....the choice is only in how we cope, how we think, how we deal with the challenges, AND in that we do have some choice...we can focus on the positives, we can see the love, we can say: "See you later." instead of goodbye. We can envision this next path or the path down the road a ways as a GREAT adventure...not a sad "wish it was different" BUT as a chance to expand and explore the world and life even more....BUT still it is hard at times to keep that slant on life...I shall try.

Dear Readers.....hopefully I will be touching base with you again tomorrow before I fly to my beloved ocean on Monday....until then TAKE CARE and BE KIND.

Friday, July 17, 2009

When My Heart Aches For You

My heart aches for you,

With the fury of a thunderstorm

Lightening ripping the sky apart

Electricity, jagged lines

Pouring from the wound.

Aching to comfort,

Not knowing how.

Aching to enlighten

Blinded myself.


A heart absorbs

But can not erase.

Oh to see through

Different eyes

Believe with the heart.

Rasping winds of change

Do not suck the air from life

Torrent of rain,

Wash away the emptiness

Leaving only beautiful memories.

For it is in the beauty of my heart

That love exists

Not washed away by the flood

It seeks shelter there

Dwells and will not fade.

My heart aches for you

To take away the pain

To resonate with meaning

To bear the sorrow of


GB Schenck, July 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life is Good Today

"I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand Life is good today. Life is good today." Zac Brown Band.

Yes folks, life is good today....looking forward to my party on Saturday...HillBilly Hoedown....and my trip to the ocean on Monday...DO I have everything ready for Saturday?...NOPE....bags packed for Monday?...NOPE....but I will get is good. !!! Stopping worrying about everything and letting it unfold. That's not to say I have been doing nothing...cleaned the kitchen yesterday and mopped the laundry and I'll start packing...I have one flowerbed to weed but I skipped today and will get to it in the morning!!

I praise the Lord that I have the ability to get up each morning and plan my day, food to eat, and the sense to appreciate the good things in life. Good begets good. Positive thinking changes life. The path is steep and the rocky climb is still there...but it will be okay. I am confident of it.

Life is GOOD today and I will not waste it worrying about yesterday or fretting about tomorrow, Life is GOOD today!!! Dear readers, until we meet again...TAKE CARE and BE KIND.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Heart Can Sing

So as I wrote yesterday, I am letting go of the worry and frustration that has been sucking the life out of me lately. That does not mean I am hiding and withdrawing and simply shutting no....quite the opposite. I am doing a bit here and there...but with the change in mind set....renewed energy...little accomplishments that are celebrated...I weeded my rock flowerbed this morning in the dewy morning....and it looks very honestly if I finish nothing else today I did one job that had been bugging me...I am not letting my worry about others control my life any longer.

Yesterday and today I started out with a morning prayer, handing those worries over to God. For He is the only one that has the power to deal with them....I am powerless....on this journey through life. For in His Glory, He can guide, counsel, comfort, where I can not. This has made a big difference for me and I will continue this ritual as it eases my mind and assures me that change will come about, answers will be found, and difficulties will be eased, not through my hand, but through the hand of my Lord. I am renewed in the spirit of love and peace through His guidance.

There are 6 and 1/2 days before my trip to the ocean, which is a blessing for me. Much needed enjoyment, relaxation, and joy in the beauty of this wonderful creation: the ocean. I will pray daily there too.... in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. And this will bring me peace and ease a troubled mind and anguished heart. For a God that creates such a wonder can surely solve the small troubles of man.

I have missed my ramblings here at Ginger's Journey, so rest assured it is one of the pleasures that I will not let let fade. Until later, dear readers, TAKE CARE & BE KIND.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vanishes in a Flash

Summer has zipped by and wow....I can sit here and write about all that I did not accomplish....and where will I be at the end of the post??? The exact same place....nothing accomplished and feeling blue....a few days ago...I decided to STOP stressing over it and just accept that this summer DUE TO MANY pretty much a be it....the days are still rolling by and I can choose to use them to complain and feel stressed or I can just keep moving forward....doing a little here and there and accepting that for now it is the best I can do...AND as usual I need to remind myself to work on projects and ENJOY myself during the school year can not be lived in 8-10 weeks in the summer....I have a whole year....and I need to praise the Lord and REJOICE in the gift of each day that he bestows upon me.

NOW....on a positive week from today....On the 20th of this time in the morning...I will be headed to Florida via fact hmmmmm I might even be there by now...Five glorious days the Lord has provided for me to relax, appreciate the beauty of the ocean that He created, and soak in positive energy. The picture above is the resort we will be staying at...!!! Right on the beach!!!
I need to remind myself that regardless of the obstacles that life throws my way....there is much to enjoy, love, and appreciate. I must also remember we are never given more than we can handle...although sometimes I've felt near the breaking point....I have always survived to put another foot forward on this path of life.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's Just Another Day's just another day...nothing big....nothing just is...what it is...haven't accomplished much other than spinning things around and around in my head which has pretty much became a permanent state of mind lately.

I did manage to clean out and organize ONE file drawer...yeah for heart just feels sort of it's absorbing all the bad vibes around...I just can't shake the feeling although I have been trying and seems like an illusion sometimes...people seem to think and feel one thing and then all changes...upside down or sideways...people can't make up their minds or their's a sorry state of affairs....Not just one person but just about EVERYBODY right now.

I know, I am not suppose to be blowing around on the winds of everyone else's emotions and lives BUT some how it just all seems to carry me a cyclone, hurricane or tsunami....and lately it has just been coming from all directions at one wonder I feel like I'm suffocating sometimes...

It's funny...I seldom get carried too far away by my own emotions....I mean I can shrug off stuff pretty easily and move on.....I can shift focus, forget it, let it go, find something else to focus on, let it float away, turn it into an "oh well" etc. BUT when it comes to people I care about...sigh...its just not that easy. Life is pretty darn difficult sometimes and sometimes I wonder what it all means...this leg of the journey right now....what am I suppose to learn from it?

Is the lesson along this path to become LESS involved? Is it to recognize that others have their own emotions to learn to deal with? Is it that I am not able to "fix" everything. Is it to back away from being the caregiver too much. I don't know, I'm just having a really hard time lately finding...JOY....and it sucks....I'm usually pretty happy go lucky...but lately...BLAH....and the worst is....I still feel like I'm waiting for the next surge of the storm....maybe that is the problem....I anticipate more surges, thunderstorms, lightening, and such...therefore...I am off balance...its like waiting for a terminal illness to is with a sense of dread....and yet a strange relief that I wait for the end of this stormy phase of life...Perhaps tomorrow the rainbows will peek through...

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