Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Brambles on the Pathways of Life

The pathways of life are seldom clear....the mossy sandy paths that flow easily through the days of our lives are few and far between. Mostly the paths are rocky, hilly, full of potholes and covered in brambles. It's hard to see the path and stepping forward is often just a guess as to where your foot will land.

And when we put that foot forward we actually have no idea if we are still on the path we were meant to travel or somewhere entirely different. It seems as if the path is uncertain, if it is emerging from life even as we are moving our foot forward. As if... up to this point it has not REALLY existed...but is somehow magically appearing as we move forward. There are so many possibilities...a little to the left, a little to the right, straight ahead, or should I leap really far far off this path and choose a new one?

Such is life....for at times the heart can be both heavy and light. There is joy and sorrow. There are things that are meant to be...and yet they just don't seem to happen....then again there are things that were never meant to be...and as such those paths remain hidden. Sometimes for me...the trouble is knowing which is which...have I just wandered off the path or am I miles away from it? The brambles make it hard to know for sure....and it is in this uncertainty of my mind that I dwell is a choice I know....BUT at times there are things in life that do not truly appear as choices...hardships, life's realities, unfulfilled dreams....they are choices forced upon people because of life...not choice....

So in those particularly instances....the choice is only in how we cope, how we think, how we deal with the challenges, AND in that we do have some choice...we can focus on the positives, we can see the love, we can say: "See you later." instead of goodbye. We can envision this next path or the path down the road a ways as a GREAT adventure...not a sad "wish it was different" BUT as a chance to expand and explore the world and life even more....BUT still it is hard at times to keep that slant on life...I shall try.

Dear Readers.....hopefully I will be touching base with you again tomorrow before I fly to my beloved ocean on Monday....until then TAKE CARE and BE KIND.

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