Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life is Good Today

The morning after......this year's party was the HillBilly Hoedown. And it was a blast...hmmmm...if a bit wild. So one event over......and the trip to the beach tomorrow...our flight is early 6:40 am but we will have the whole afternoon at the I'm looking forward to arriving!! Life is Good today! Things are calm for the moment and even though there are plenty of "unknowns" I am trying to let them drift into the dark corners of my mind and rest there. In other words....STOP...worrying.

So there's plenty to do around the house, going back to work on the 27th, and other matters BUT for now...they are ALL off limits....the lists can wait, the projects can gather dust a bit longer, and work will be there when I arrive on the 27th....for now...LIFE IS GOOD TODAY.....and for the next five days.....

I'll try to get up some photos from the HillBilly was a fun backyard bash....the decorations were super easy....and cute too....Katie even build an outhouse out of cardboard boxes....TOO FUNNY!! The next BIG event at ourt house is BOO BASH 3.....which we will have on Halloween this year. Kelsey may miss it because she will be doing stuff with college friends...and I offered to change the date but she said not too....everyone last year asked why we didn't have it on Halloween since it was a this year I decided to have it on the actual day of Halloween. I'll take LOTS of pictures Kelsey...WE are all such "losers" no one else has anything to do on the one has a life except Kelsey...LOL.

Well dear readers...the last minute laundry and packing is not getting finished so Adios....and see you after the trip!!

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