Friday, July 17, 2009

When My Heart Aches For You

My heart aches for you,

With the fury of a thunderstorm

Lightening ripping the sky apart

Electricity, jagged lines

Pouring from the wound.

Aching to comfort,

Not knowing how.

Aching to enlighten

Blinded myself.


A heart absorbs

But can not erase.

Oh to see through

Different eyes

Believe with the heart.

Rasping winds of change

Do not suck the air from life

Torrent of rain,

Wash away the emptiness

Leaving only beautiful memories.

For it is in the beauty of my heart

That love exists

Not washed away by the flood

It seeks shelter there

Dwells and will not fade.

My heart aches for you

To take away the pain

To resonate with meaning

To bear the sorrow of


GB Schenck, July 2009

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