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You know SHOUT OUTS...little blurbs directing people to some wonderful thing, or just saying hi, or I don't's my blog so I can make shout outs whatever I want here at Ginger's Journey....

A Shout Out to Meghan and Willie...welcome to SENIOR YEAR...just relax and enjoy!A Shout Out to Columbia....welcome to your new apartment, new classes, and new job! She'll update when she gets her computer back!!! A Shout Out to Jinkerson for not asking me to do any schedule changes.A Shout Out to my fellow ghost hunters....the hunt is on....soon my friends...very soon.A Shout Out to all you MTers.....we ROCK!!!A Shout Out to fellow blogger...Jessica at Baubles and BroomsticksA Shout Out to Evan...just cause!A Shout Out to know you read this !!!A Shout Out to all the students at BHMS.....Character Camp!!!A Shout Out to fellow Fairy lover...Hearth Cricket at Fairy Musings A Shout Out to Larissa...if Kelsey ever lets her read Ginger's JourneyA Shou…

Lets Talk About Beginnings

So today's the first day of a new school year, a beginning. In our lifetimes there are many beginnings and sometimes people become a bit bittersweet about them. For most beginnings have the ending of summer, the ending of a year, the ending of high school. Yes it can be bittersweet, sometimes there are regrets or the feeling that time is peeding by and one just hasn't had the time to do the things they really wanted to and now it has slipped away.

Yes one could take that position, rather a dreary one I'd say...for quite a bit this summer...I bemoaned the fact that summer was speeding by and I just wasn't doing the things I wanted to....for many reasons. Finally I just gave up...I let life unfold, I stopped agonizing over the passage of time. I'll not regret that choice, it opened up my days so that although not perfect, at least they were light and full of possibilities. Think of it this you spend those minutes, hours, days, sighing over what…

Alone on the Stairs

Without you I wait Just another girl Alone on the stairs Memories Echo in my mind Sweet nectar Satisfying A heart Alone For now, just me On the Stairs COPYRIGHT 2009 G. Schenck. Do not reprint without written permission.

So Sweet....


New Blog Adventures

Yes...I know...I have quite enough blogs...way too many in fact...but well to me a blog is like a journal....honestly you can NEVER have too many places to record your thoughts and adventures. And even though some are not updated frequently...they all have a place or a reason for I just can not bear to delete I hop around and write on them as time allows.

My first new endeavor...Once Upon a Time...Enchanted Fairy a blog that explores the Fairy Tale Tarot deck by Lisa Hunt. This newly created deck has a lot to offer. Do not be "put off" by the tarot aspect...because the card images and the fairy tales themselves offer lots of insight into lives without any ties to tarot at all. I know some are VERY leery of tarot...but I encourage you to check out the blog because even though it examines the also examines fairy tales, life, and human experiences....

My second endeavor was to set up a blog to help me develop, create and discuss the…

Even The Fairies Cry

Even the fairies cry
From missing you
Dewdrop tears
Flower petal kleenex
Bowed in sadness.

Drooping wings
Lost flutter
Sun no more
Only the rain
On Fairy pain.

Copyright 2009 G. Schenck, Do not reprint without permission.

Soul Musings

Most of you readers know...I'm sort of attached to some's journey, the soul, intuitive self, along with I'm sure a few other things...story collector that I am. This morning on the way to work I was pondering a few's lessons so to speak...and I thought "huh...if I put all these little gems together...I could write a book." Not sure anyone would read it or publish it (lol)....or buy it...BUT I could certainly write it. Yes, of that I am sure. And so this evening I give you the title....Soul Musings.....and you readers will be part of the journey.

I will write the "chapters" here at Ginger's Journey...for better or worse...they will unfold along the way...hidden among family stories, poetry, reflections, the haunted farm saga, ghost hunts, the gnomes adventures and other topics of interest....perhaps of interest only to me..but hey...its my blog...if you want to write about what interests you then...START YOUR OWN BLO…

Things That Make Me Smile

1. Pictures of family and friends
2. An email from family or friends
3. A good book
4. A favorite song
5. Happy memories
6. A good story to "collect"
7. Kind words
8. A smile
9. Being "remembered"
10. Doing a kindness for someone else
11. Being generous
12. Making someone else smile
13. Laughing
14. A phone call from family or friends
15. Knowing that someone cares
16. The ocean
17. The sunset
18. The sunrise
19. Autumn
20. Christmas Joy
21. Caring for someone
22. A good mystery
23. Not being ignored
24. A joke
25. Making other people happy