Monday, August 17, 2009

Lets Talk About Beginnings

So today's the first day of a new school year, a beginning. In our lifetimes there are many beginnings and sometimes people become a bit bittersweet about them. For most beginnings have the ending of summer, the ending of a year, the ending of high school. Yes it can be bittersweet, sometimes there are regrets or the feeling that time is peeding by and one just hasn't had the time to do the things they really wanted to and now it has slipped away.

Yes one could take that position, rather a dreary one I'd say...for quite a bit this summer...I bemoaned the fact that summer was speeding by and I just wasn't doing the things I wanted to....for many reasons. Finally I just gave up...I let life unfold, I stopped agonizing over the passage of time. I'll not regret that choice, it opened up my days so that although not perfect, at least they were light and full of possibilities. Think of it this you spend those minutes, hours, days, sighing over what you didn't do, wallowing in the pity of days that are passing quickly, you FAIL to fully live the day that is BEFORE you.

As others have said better than I, happiness isn't about getting things perfect or having everything we want (material or otherwise). It's about being happy with what you do have. It's rather HARD, I'll give you that. And my moods can be a bit grumpy and self pitying too...but in the end I come around to my own way of can not be lived in regret, despair, sadness, can only be truly lived when one shrugs off those qualities and embraces the essence of life....putting one foot in front of the other, finding something to smile about, moving gracefully along the path.

So it's time to get ready....for the first day back adventure, so I can bemoan the fact...or I can look forward to seeing friends, bonding again with people I've spent over half my life with. The good times and the bad, unfolded with these colleagues, these people some of whom I have a real connection with, and some of which merely a job binds us....but either way...they are the history of my life...and as such we have a tie...a common is good. Life is Good Today!!! And in saying it and believing it...make it so.

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