Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Soul Musings

Most of you readers know...I'm sort of attached to some concepts...life's journey, the soul, intuitive self, along with I'm sure a few other things...story collector that I am. This morning on the way to work I was pondering a few things....life's lessons so to speak...and I thought "huh...if I put all these little gems together...I could write a book." Not sure anyone would read it or publish it (lol)....or buy it...BUT I could certainly write it. Yes, of that I am sure. And so this evening I give you the title....Soul Musings.....and you readers will be part of the journey.

I will write the "chapters" here at Ginger's Journey...for better or worse...they will unfold along the way...hidden among family stories, poetry, reflections, the haunted farm saga, ghost hunts, the gnomes adventures and other topics of interest....perhaps of interest only to me..but hey...its my blog...if you want to write about what interests you then...START YOUR OWN BLOG...lol.

In fact there are some posts here...that already could be included in the book...Landing on the Hudson...is one that comes to mind...so perhaps I shall search those out and label them anew so that when you search Soul Musings...they will all fall into place. I have a couple topics already bubbling in my brain....but when and how they fall onto the page is anybody's guess....thats the way I write with no real rhyme or reason just the soul's urging for a voice.

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