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The Black and White Paths of Life

There are times in life, kaleidoscope days, filled with color, bright, shifting patterns of love, intrigue, discovery, laughter, and joy. Mingling together, one bleeding into the next, constantly shifting and rearranging themselves in infinite patterns and paths.
And then there are the black and white paths of life...oh I'm not referring to sadness or upset or disappointment. That is much darker. I am referring to the paths in life that we take sometimes, or perhaps it would be better to say we wander along them whether it is our intent or not. We
find ourself caught in the "dullness" of black and white. The days stretching before us like mindless trails for the lost wanderer to traverse. Black and white paths have nothing to do with whether we have plenty of things to keep us busy, nor even if we have friends and joy. Rather the black and white paths are more about the it travels through life...encountering much...yet lost and longing for something. What? It i…

Wandering the Autumn Paths

Wandering the autumn paths of life. For the seasons of the year are like the seasons of our lives.

In the spring of youth, things are fresh and bright and new. Glistening with the dewdrops of adventure, each morning brings a new surprise. There is warmth and there is sunshine but there is also the sudden thunderstorm that rips the sky apart and drowns the earth. Uncertainty is present, will this tiny planted seed grow? Will it endure over time?

In the summer days of adulthood, even in the evening air there is heat. The darkness of the night, in the moonlight we dance. The days open before us, the end is nowhere in sight. The days are long and the possiblities are endless.

On the autumn paths, there is wisdom and appreciation of the ending of a season. There is brilliant beautiful colors that liven up the landscape with their hues of orange, yellow, red, and brown. There is love for the harvest, for what the work has brought forth. The abundance of life well lived. Autumn is the season o…

We're Going on a Ghost Hunt (#3)

Here's the corner stone from the haunted house along the bluff road. If you remember, the bluff road is about three miles from the haunted farm and the Hounds of Hell roam from the bluff road to the farm and back. Hey...Perez Hilton even wrote about the Hounds of Hell, he just called them sonething else...I'm positive that he read it here at Ginger's Journey and just wanted to be as "up" on all things spooky as we are!!! can say whatever you want about grass growing...but that outline in the grass is just spooky. This is the cemetery with the orbs that we photographed at midnight.

This photo is from another cemetery...the one where the actual human crazy people chased us with their headlights out. Please note the red dripping from the top. All the tall headstones had it. Yes, it could be berries from birds....but then again...perhaps that's just what "they" want you to think!

Okay....fellow ghost hunters....and Ginger's Journey reade…

Magical Holiday Home Forums Down


At first I thought the problem was something I had done in managing the boards but after careful analysis by three knowledgable people, it has been determined to be a site failure of unknown origins. We are looking at ways to get the boards back up and running but I am not sure of the time that will take or exactly how they will be re-created. Continue to watch this page for further details.