Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're Going on a Ghost Hunt (#3)

Here's the corner stone from the haunted house along the bluff road. If you remember, the bluff road is about three miles from the haunted farm and the Hounds of Hell roam from the bluff road to the farm and back. Hey...Perez Hilton even wrote about the Hounds of Hell, he just called them sonething else...I'm positive that he read it here at Ginger's Journey and just wanted to be as "up" on all things spooky as we are!!!
Okay....you can say whatever you want about grass growing...but that outline in the grass is just spooky. This is the cemetery with the orbs that we photographed at midnight.

This photo is from another cemetery...the one where the actual human crazy people chased us with their headlights out. Please note the red dripping from the top. All the tall headstones had it. Yes, it could be berries from birds....but then again...perhaps that's just what "they" want you to think!

Okay....fellow ghost hunters....and Ginger's Journey readers...I'm really itching for another ghost hunt. You remember hunts one and two proved to be rather spooky...and quite honestly what better time for hunting ghosts than October. So yes, I'm getting the team together for another journey in search of the supernatural and the not so supernatural.

A couple weeks ago we went on a daytime ghost run (see some photos above) to look again at those spots that offered us such fright in the dark hours of the night when the darkness conceals and the veil between one world and the next is at its thinnest. Even in the light of day the mystery remains. The cemetery that we photographed at night. The one with the orbs that floated in the air in several places over the stones. Those orbs that were only visible in the photographs and not to the naked eye. Even in daylight it still had an aura of mystery. The air thick with anticipation and the sky clear we walked among the headstones and let the place "speak" to us. Many of the stones are very old and can no longer be read. The stories of people's lives eroded away by time and weather.


Meghan said...

fun fun!! good post. how do we know the birds aren't in with 'them'???

Ginger said...

Exactly right...maybe "they" control the birds!!! think about it!

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