Friday, October 30, 2009

Staying Up Late

Well it's way past my bedtime and I have loads to do tomorrow to get ready for BOO BASH -3 but my friend reminded me that I haven't posted anything new on Ginger's Journey of late so thought I'd post a few thoughts about "staying up late."
  • Have you ever noticed when you "stay up late" the whole world takes on another dimension. In that dark time between sunset and sunrise, when the world is cloaked in darkness....strange things happen.
  • When the last ray of sunlight evaporates from the sky...the mind in search of entertainment can mange a lot of things...and I laugh...I laugh because I know the feelings, the craziness of one more drink, one more laugh, one more thrilling dance...searching for things that remain hidden in the sunlight hours. I know the season of searching.
  • I am a collector of stories....not a judger...I just can't waste precious time in life judging or's time to just relax and watch and listen and discover the truths lingering in the hours of darkness. The stories are varied and interesting and so full of life.
  • I have always been a night person but the confines of children and work and obligations to things that occur during the hours of sunlight have forced me to adapt...but if I had my preference....I'd slip quickly into the darkness of the night, where energy is transformed into something a little more than the norm...with a slight edge that has a tang to it...that beckons to things best understood in the inky black of night....for that is where the best stories are played out, where the best stories are told....when the mind is lured into the ebb and flow of the night...
  • And so this night...I write to you about "staying up late" and there's so much more I could add....not to gossip but to examine, to seek, to understand, to describe, to absorb, to learn, to know, the elements of life...that in the ebony on this night...for it is the "flavor of the night" that has always intrigued me...and for this night there is no exception.

Thoughts to ponder....I shall return and add some more new I prepare for BOO BASH-3. Sorry for leaving you Ginger's Journey readers..."in the dark" is so much to contemplate!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Circus

Taking Evan to the little local circus tomorrow after school. I hope the weather is a tad warmer than today but of course it is mid October. Things have been busy and yet rather dull I need to get stuff organized as we are moving into the busy part of the year.

Life is like a circus....and sometimes like a three ring's a never ending saga of actions....balancing on a uni-cycle.....walking a tightrope....keeping the monkeys under control...avoiding the clowns....well you get the picture.....

Such is life....sometimes I wish it was less complicated but it's like you already have the tickets to the circus of you have to enter the BIG TOP whether you want to or not...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October's Harvest Moon

This year the Harvest Moon falls in October rather than September, which is the most common. The Harvest Moon hangs near the horizon rather than appearing to climb into the sky like most full moons. Traditionally named because it allows more hours of light for harvesting crops, it is one of the most beautiful of the full moons.

Moon lore suggests that this is a powerful moon for exploring inner wishes and dreams or for reflecting on that which you wish to bring to "harvest" in your life. Perhaps it is just the beauty of its moonlight that cause people to pause and think about the wonders of the universe and creation.

Tonight I will take a stroll in the moonlight from the Harvest Moon and reflect on its beauty. The moon is suppose to be highly visible all week, so perhaps you too will have a moment to observe its wonder.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's the Weekend

Honestly...I need to limit my computer time....I have a life to live....LOL

This weekend I am trying to set some limits on my computer time....I have so many things to do but its soooo easy to get lost in cyberspace where there are no dishes to wash, no laundry to do and no bills to pay....BUT alas ....cyberstress can happen,...when we get lost in the world wide web....soooo....I'm trying to get up and get moving...just letting you know...I'll be back to blog more later but for now...ON with life....!!!

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