Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Amazing Life

Yes that's what I said..."my amazing life." There are so many that would look at the life I lead and feel as if it is rather mundane and only they knew. The real knack behind having an amazing life is BELIEVING....Believe is my word for 2009 and it is a powerful word. It can refer to God, faith, spirit, justice, and any number of concepts. Yes even faeries. My life is AMAZING.....because I BELIEVE.....and because I look for amazing things and find them in the small treasures of life. Perhaps little trinkets of life that others ignore...So here are seven reasons my life is amazing...oh there are many more but seven seems to be "the number" ....there are seven days in a

1. My life is amazing because I have the most amazing friends. I have a friend about to be deployed (2nd time) and her courage and faith in life is amazing...I have a friend who has raised a lovely daughter by herself, a friend in Mexico that makes me smile, a friend that can fall in the bushes and not spill her drink, a friend that faces hardship but never gives up....and on and on...there are too many to list...and each one carries me through life with laughter, and joy, and tears sometimes. I have young friends (to revive my spirit)....old friends...(to keep me in line) between friends (to keep me on the edge)....I love that all my friends flavor my life in such unexpected ways.

2. My life is amazing because I have the most amazing family...okay...a little crazy but still pretty amazing. Family that loves you even when you say crazy that jumps in the car to shop WALGREENS and MICHAELS on Thanksgiving evening. Family that joins me for MT, holidays, and are always up for an "adventure" it The Best Mary Kay party ever...or Boo Bash or the Summer Bash.....or a good Ghost Hunt....or a whole day of playing Mexican Train Dominoes. I have the cutest little red headed boy that makes my heart dance also!!!

3. My life is pretty amazing because I have a career that allows me the honor of hearing other people's stories. A work place with some pretty amazing co-workers. The luxury of being in the same work place over a long period of time without being laid off, cut or fired. Well....hmmm....fired almost...LOL....just kidding.

4. My life is pretty amazing because God has given me the personality and the ability to focus on the good in life. The resilience to bounce back from some pretty hard times. The intelligence to learn from mistakes (well most of the time).

5. My life is pretty amazing because I can find adventure in ANYTHING....well just about. I enjoy so many aspects of life that each day is a new adventure...some big...some small....some only an adventure by accident...but still. I love that I have a wide range of interests..ghost hunting, writing, oracle cards, other cultures, cooking (hmmm), stories of life, mysteries, animal guides, holiday entertaining, moon lore, faeries, travel, sports, reading, blogging, ....etc. etc. etc.

6. My life is pretty amazing because I have traveled to the ocean many times and hope to again. Yes the ocean is the most beautiful sight in the world. It brings me such inner peace and total relaxation. I have been blessed to see the ocean in Australia, in Jamacia, in New Zealand, in Texas, in California, in Virginia, in Florida, in North Carolina, in Hawaii, and probably a few other places I'm forgetting to list. The ocean is amazing and to see it is also...many people never have the life is pretty amazing.

7. My life is pretty amazing because I am a Story Collector....yes collecting the stories of life makes my own life pretty amazing. The other day Kelsey said that I ask dumb things none one else is really interested in....but in the questions the story unfolds...the more details...the more colorful and elaborate the story...the more connected to the person whose story it is....We in today's world have lost the art of listening, absorbing others energy through their life stories, each one defining who we are as we travel through life. It's pretty amazing when people "let you into their worlds"...and I am so thankful for the stories I have heard, tales of joy, tales of woe, tales of laughter or suspense...

Well....there you amazing life....where I might whine and complain and even snarl a bit...but all in's pretty amazing!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Tunnel: Part Three

The tunnel.....urban legend....oh wait maybe that should be....rural a place of paranormal activity?? It's kind of hard to distinguish....when examining the history of the tunnel and the land surrounding it....first of all, there has for a long time been comments referring to "rag heads". Is this the religious group that supposedly owns and operates a compound or resort or whatever that particular place is? Perhaps the 'rag heads" even predate that facility and refer to some sort of cult like or naturalistic group. Many old timers can mention them but really provide few details of the group. EDITED: Some called them rag heads because they wore some type of head dress....however I have also found reference to the term "shake rag" being used for the group.

Then here's a little tidbit I just picked up....tales have it that reflected in the water of the tunnel and the puddles around it, one can catch glimpses of severed hands...."ghost hands" so to speak. At one time someone's hand was severed on the tracks and fell to the tunnel below. This haunted phenomenum casts another interesting aspect onto the tunnel.

In addition, one tunnel visitor states that in the woods up to the tunnel there were shrunken heads hanging in the trees. Fake or real....? No close examination was conducted but the informant claims they had a voodoo "feel" to them and swayed eerily in the wind. The picture above IS NOT from the tunnel area but is simply used to illustrate this post. Now encountering that on a lonely dead end road in the middle of no where might be enough to cause me pause, even in the daylight hours.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lessons Forgotten

Old songs play
Over again
Like scratched records

Sweet perhaps
Lost now
Second time around

A skipping song
Nothing learned

Past lessons
Like nightmares

Carelessly tossed
Across the bed
Unopened, useless

Lessons unlearned
Presented again
Mastery just
An illusion.

@ G.Schenck 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday the 13th Ghost Hunt

Here is a picture by the gate of the cemetery where we took the pictures that showed all the orbs last time. This trip we managed to get out and walk around for just a bit. A couple people stayed in the car. I stood by the fully open door of the car for quite some time listening while three others in our group wandered around in the dark cemetery for a bit. As I was standing by the car I kept thinking I heard, what I guess I will describe as chanting in the distance somewhere. I kept trying to figure out where it was coming from. I ventured away from the car about 20 -30 feet into the edge of the cemetery. Three others remained with the car. Suddenly I heard the car door slam shut very loudly. The hunters that remained with the car told me the door slammed shut very hard all by itself. They immediately called for the others to return to the car so we could leave. About the same time the door slammed, my niece in the back seat was shivering cold and my daughter also in the backseat became very sick at her stomach. When discussing the occurance later...Kelsey who was walking through the cemetery commented that she had also heard chanting or voices but couldn't tell where they were coming from.
This is a picture of a very odd tree along the bluff road. If you look closely you can barely make out an orb in the upper right section of the photo. When I zoom up on that part of the picture using the camera you can see the orb very distinctly. I need to figure out how to enlarge that section and down load it to the computer to share with you. Honestly one of the reasons we take pictures is to examine them later. We continue to find interesting things in the photos.

This one is by haunted house number one. If you look closely to the right of the tree in the lighted area. Perhaps you will be able to see the man with the black top hat and cloak peering around the tree. Again it is very distinctive in the zoomed up picture, so I'll try to get it up later. Kesley thinks it looks more like the face of a girl with a long cloak. Either way...we all see something in this shot.

Haunted house number the shot of the upstairs window you can very clearly see a woman with dark hair and a white blouse....again difficult to see here regular size..... much easier when zoomed up on the window. This house is HUGE....and we plan to do some research on the history of the house and any stories related to it.
The ghost hunt was pretty low key this time...with a few things..first the slamming door was one within reach of the door and no wind whatsoever. Plus the door didn't just slammed and the car was parked on flat ground. Second the weird shadows or images in the photos we took...There are more than I posted here....but I'm hoping to get the close ups of them before posting more. Another thing of note which may or may not mean anything....lots of animal activity...cats, cats, and more cats, raccoons, possums, deer, coyotes and what we believe was a bobcat. On our other trips there have been hardly any animal activity at all....but perhaps it is just the time of year.

We did learn a lesson from our first ghost trip where we started down a narrow dead end lane and then ended up having to back up in haste and fright. We started to explore a cemetery on a dead end road...but the road became very narrow and almost a dirt road. So we decided to turn around and hold off on investigating this one which is supposedly quite spooky. We need to do a day time run there first to check out the area and plan the logistics of a night time trip!!
More details later.....this will have to tide us over....for a while...a daytime run may be possible over Christmas break or a nice day during the winter....but for night's unlikely we will go out again until March or later. In the meantime...we have some research to do....I've also located a few supposedly haunted bed and breakfast places that I'm interested in checking out too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Ghost Hunt

It's almost time to journey out...hopefully some pics and good stories tomorrow!!! I think we are going to have to start charging for our ghost hunts...everyone is

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wandering the Paths of My Mind

I've been thinking a lot lately...Dangerous past tends to led us off in directions perhaps best left alone.

  1. I've been thinking about people and what motivates their behavior and honestly....the only time I think about that is when their behavior is annoying, frustrating, unbelievably stupid, insensitive, or irrational.....or perhaps some other things...but you get the point...usually something with a negative connotation.
  2. I've been thinking about clutter...yes clutter and how it sucks the life out of us, EMOTIONAL CLUTTER and how its probably the hardest to get rid of, MIND clutter and how we juggle so much stuff in our gets overwhelming...
  3. I've been thinking about legends and lore and how most of the time there's some level of truth to's just sorting out what is what. Stories handed down through the ages are the most colorful and thought provoking.
  4. I've been thinking about what's fair and what's not and how sometimes...just sometimes our whole lives come down to just one decision, one word, one choice, one moment woven in time...that changes or impacts our whole sense of direction, that colors everything that comes after it, and erases all that comes before it. But also about how seriously we TAKE everything....years from now things that filled our minds and hearts will just be tiny dust particles of the past...and we will wonder why they consumed so much of our lives and times...when later they lack importance at all.

So ponder those for a bit...I'm off to work and I'm sure there will plenty more to think about later..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tunnel Lore Part 3

There's some weird stuff in the woods around The Tunnel. For example why are these stones stacked like this and painted purple?? Ok hunting but they are located in a strange place and further back in the woods in several locations are stone alter like constructions. While they certainly don't appear very threatening, it does make one wonder why. There are some other oddities I'll be sharing with you along the way. However I have a story. A story that happened quite a few years back.

On the road leading up to The Tunnel there are two low water bridges. Low water bridges are simply slabs of concrete poured in the creek and when the water's low they serve as bridges, when the waters high....well good luck. The second one is pretty close to the tunnel itself. On this particular night, several teens were crossing the second bridge and gasped when they looked up to see a person in a dark robe standing directly in front of the car. He reached out a hand and put it on the hood of the car. Where upon the car immediately died. As they frantically tried to start the car they were astonished to look back up and find the man gone as quickly as he had appeared...the car started and they left in a hurry. Frightened by a real person or a ghost, the adventure for the night was over.

I'll be collecting more first hand accounts of things that happened in the dark of the night on a dead end road where train whistles sound in the distance but there's never a train in sight...or even tales of daytime looks that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and make you question exactly where does spooky stuff dwell in the daytime. I hope you are enjoying The Tunnel series and I'd love to hear your comments!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tunnel Disclaimer

The road leading up to the tunnel itself is a county road so anyone can drive on it. However the tunnel and the land surrounding it is private property. Please take note of this!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Tunnel Part Two

Some of the "artwork" inside the tunnel. One can see where the name came from.
Even in daylight the center of the tunnel is very dark and eerie.

Pausing for a moment to listen to the metallic tinging noises.

Another picture, the light slashy sounds in the water are a little freaky too but perhaps just water dripping from unknown locations.

The Tunnel: Part One

I'm going to be doing a short series of posts on The Tunnel....I'd like to include some history, some local lore, and personal experiences and observations. Some people call it Satan's Tunnel, some people call it the Devil's Tunnel, I simply call it The Tunnel, don't want to give it any more spooky power than already seems to exist in this lonely tunnel at the end of a now dead end road, in the middle of no where surrounded by woods that have their own history. I've known of the tunnel all my life and quite honestly the lore about it has increased dramatically about it over time. Perhaps a result of more people hiking into the middle of nowhere to see it. Or pehaps as a result of the witness of more people to some unusual occurences.

In the photo above...we are actually coming back out of The Tunnel...we managed to make it all the way through and take a look at the other side despite the weird noises and a couple of unusual things. There's some water in the tunnel varying depths but nothing too deep. and the floor is extremely uneven and pitted in places. As soon as we stepped inside the tunnel we heard the roaring noise...I'll call it a roar but that doesn't quite explain it. Sound like a train far far off in the distance...but don't get me wrong the sound was loud enough to be heard clearly and it lasted for at least five minutes the first time so not a quick occurance. We paused and listened for a bit and I kept checking because I thought perhaps it was a car on the gravel but no one ever showed up in a vehicle or otherwise...

As we made our way through The Tunnel, we heard several metallic tings...of unknown origin and nothing metal at all inside the tunnel or as far as the eye could see outside the tunnel. We paused and snapped a few pictures of the writings and such inside the tunnel and then made our way almost all the way through when the next weird thing happened. As we neared the end of the tunnel...on the far side...about ten to twenty feet before we were outside the camera batteries stopped working...the camera went dead and the dead battery flashed. I didn't really think much of it, at that exact moment and we stepped outside. I turned the camera off and waited to see if I could get enough "juice" to take a couple shots of that end of the tunnel. I was able to do so by turning the camera off between shots and waiting several minutes.

Then we headed back through the tunnel. As we got to the end we wanted a couple more shots. and then suddenly there was a loud metallic tinging noise. Looking back at the far end I could see something blowing about, not round like a can but small and flat like a leaf, seems unlikely the metallic sound came from that object. The roaring noise also started again. Also during a couple of the pics, some movement at the far end drew my nieces attention and she could see through the camera a sort of shadow or misty movement. Without the camera ....nothing. I find it interesting that the dead camera occurred at the end of the tunnel where the tinging seemed to be coming from and which now showed some unusual mist or shadows. In fact almost exactly at the same spot.

So we decided we had been there long enough and walked back up to the car and left. After driving about a half mile up the road I wanted to snap a picture of an interesting pile of rocks beside the narrow, dirt/gravel road. I turned the camera on and snapped several pictures in a row. It was only then that I realized the camera was no longer giving me any problems. When I looked at the battery icon. It was showing a full battery. The camera continued to work throughout the rest of the day without problem.

We are discussing the possiblity of a night trip to The Tunnel...many have ventured there and seldom return without a story to tell. I'm not sure how much is paranormal activity and how much is active imagination. Most do not get out of the car or if they do they only travel as far as the entrance to the tunnel, stopping short of entering it. Honestly, I'd be leery of entering the black inkiness of that tunnel at night. If the noises and shadows appear that readily in the daylight hours, I can only imagine the night. Although the area around the tunnel has a weird feel to it, I think it is the actual stepping inside that brings about the activity.
More later about the history of the tunnel itself.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's MT

So it's Margarita Thursday....and there will be all sorts of comings and goings because people will be arriving and leaving at different times....that's okay!! I'll get to enjoy a lot of company!! With my new meds...only one glass of sangria for I'll sip it slowly. But I've never been one that needs to drink to enjoy it's all good! And I'm feeling a lot more energetic than I have it several months so it's worth it!

Hmmm....shall I take a deck or two with me?..yes...yes I think the Alice cards will do nicely...and maybe hmmmm.....I'm not sure...perhaps Wild Wisdom of the Faeries. We are heading to El Jimadors tonight.. the ORIGINAL location of MT....lately we have been rotating to different spots.

We need to compare notes for our NEXT night time ghost hunt....November 13th....Friday the 13th....YIKES. I'm not sure I'm up for it...last time was a little too much excitement for me. I'm sure there will plenty of other things to talk about also....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Follow Your Heart

I've had an absolutely horrific day...but I'm feeling better now....was very ill but am starting to feel a little better although there will still be some ups and downs in the process of getting my blood pressure under control. The doctor says that lucky for me I felt so bad or I wouldn't have came in even though they told me at the health screening that I needed to. doc really knows me...:) Most of the time high blood pressure is known as "the silent killer" and only a very few people experience the symptoms I have been having...but anyway lets not dwell on that...instead let's think about the lovely motto above.

Follow your heart....yes I know that's only half of the motto but it's the part that resonates with me. I believe it truly and I also believe that about 90-95% of people fail to do just that. So we have suicide rates skyrocketing, an enormous percentage of people diagnosed with depression, and tons of just plain old unhappy people...BUT on the flip side we have a whole bunch of people that warp the motto and use it as a "reason" to do whatever they want, whenever they want...with no regard for other people's rights, needs, feelings, etc.

Follow your heart is more about knowing yourself, both your good aspects and your shadow aspects. It's about getting to know the different parts of Y-O-U. and accepting them and using them in constructive positive ways. It's about trusting your instincts, standing up for your own needs, nurturing your soul, really listening to the callings in your life, seeking to follow the path you are meant to travel, and enjoying life fully without guilt.

Now without guilt doesn't mean walking all over people in the process. It means give up on the "shoulds" and the "should haves" and all the dwelling on past mistakes and yearning to be perfect. You aren't perfect and neither am I...But it also's okay to dream and follow those dreams, its fine to enjoy yourself even if that means saying no to other people sometimes, get to know yourself...and love yourself!

If you like weird being interested in moon lore, playing with cards, preparing for Christmas all year, writing blogs, and other such oddities....don't let anyone tell you it's not okay....LOL. So Ginger's Journey readers....its okay to be different, unique, odd, unusual, whatever term people want to throw long as you...follow your heart!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo Bash Three...2009

Well Boo Bash Three was a lot of fun. The weather was delightful, the food was awesome, and the laughter and conversation was enlightening!! Kelsey dressed as a school girl, I'm the cat, Christy is a doctor, and Katie is one of the girls from Girls Gone Wild!!
Here's one of our group pictures...some people just dressed up with signs...Come on people....Halloween just comes around once a year...lets have some fun!

Here's most of our MT group....posing for a picture...out on the patio where we had two fire pits going. We laugh a lot and some times cry a little, bitch some and gossip more...but in the's life...and if you don't have friends...what do you have?

Two of my best friends....The Joker and The Penguin....LOL....I guess I'm Cat Woman....Meow...Hiss...Even though I might get annoyed at them...these two are always there through thick and thin...through some bad times and lots of good time...and yes WE really are three villians...!!!

All in all...Boo Bash was pretty three am...rolls in the bushes...or screaming karoke....but I must say it was very relaxing!!

November Full Moon

This afternoon...I'll put up a little post about last night's Boo Bash....but I've yet to get the pictures uploaded and what is a Boo Bash post without some pics? In the meantime...I'm going to do some musings about the November Full Moon...

I've a bit of an interest in lore involving the moon and full moons in particular...I've read a tad here and there but not intensively...and not with a deep astrology base...I get lost in all that....this is just a little personal interest in the moon and stories, lore, history, beliefs etc about the moon.

Pretty common knowledge that things are suppose to go "crazy on a full moon"...some call it lore but many of it out in our daily lives...there is some energy involving a full moon...that brings out a bit of looniness...if not full blowen insanity...!!! If you think about it on a simple common sense makes sense....if the moon can affect the OCEANS...entire bodies of water...why mightn't they have influence on a mere human being who is made up of 65-90% water in the cells of the human body?

The November Full Moon goes by many names...The Beaver Moon, The Sassafras Moon, The Frost Moon, The Trading Moon, The White Moon (Chinese), The Dark Moon (Celtic) and The Snow Moon....I'm sure there are others and each comes with either a common sense reason (Native American Names) 0r a story or cultural reason for the name.

It is interesting to note that the influence or the energy of a full moon extends to a few days before to a few days after....some note it as three days before, the day of, and then three days one full week. Some believe that each full moon is a different source of energy or a time for meditation or reflection about certain aspects of life and personal growth. November is noted for a time of letting go of those things that need to be released and holding on to those things that are worthy of our attention.

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