Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Follow Your Heart

I've had an absolutely horrific day...but I'm feeling better now....was very ill but am starting to feel a little better although there will still be some ups and downs in the process of getting my blood pressure under control. The doctor says that lucky for me I felt so bad or I wouldn't have came in even though they told me at the health screening that I needed to. LOL....my doc really knows me...:) Most of the time high blood pressure is known as "the silent killer" and only a very few people experience the symptoms I have been having...but anyway lets not dwell on that...instead let's think about the lovely motto above.

Follow your heart....yes I know that's only half of the motto but it's the part that resonates with me. I believe it truly and I also believe that about 90-95% of people fail to do just that. So we have suicide rates skyrocketing, an enormous percentage of people diagnosed with depression, and tons of just plain old unhappy people...BUT on the flip side we have a whole bunch of people that warp the motto and use it as a "reason" to do whatever they want, whenever they want...with no regard for other people's rights, needs, feelings, etc.

Follow your heart is more about knowing yourself, both your good aspects and your shadow aspects. It's about getting to know the different parts of Y-O-U. and accepting them and using them in constructive positive ways. It's about trusting your instincts, standing up for your own needs, nurturing your soul, really listening to the callings in your life, seeking to follow the path you are meant to travel, and enjoying life fully without guilt.

Now without guilt doesn't mean walking all over people in the process. It means give up on the "shoulds" and the "should haves" and all the dwelling on past mistakes and yearning to be perfect. You aren't perfect and neither am I...But it also means...it's okay to dream and follow those dreams, its fine to enjoy yourself even if that means saying no to other people sometimes, get to know yourself...and love yourself!

If you like weird topics...like being interested in moon lore, playing with cards, preparing for Christmas all year, writing blogs, and other such oddities....don't let anyone tell you it's not okay....LOL. So Ginger's Journey readers....its okay to be different, unique, odd, unusual, whatever term people want to throw around....as long as you...follow your heart!

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