Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday the 13th Ghost Hunt

Here is a picture by the gate of the cemetery where we took the pictures that showed all the orbs last time. This trip we managed to get out and walk around for just a bit. A couple people stayed in the car. I stood by the fully open door of the car for quite some time listening while three others in our group wandered around in the dark cemetery for a bit. As I was standing by the car I kept thinking I heard, what I guess I will describe as chanting in the distance somewhere. I kept trying to figure out where it was coming from. I ventured away from the car about 20 -30 feet into the edge of the cemetery. Three others remained with the car. Suddenly I heard the car door slam shut very loudly. The hunters that remained with the car told me the door slammed shut very hard all by itself. They immediately called for the others to return to the car so we could leave. About the same time the door slammed, my niece in the back seat was shivering cold and my daughter also in the backseat became very sick at her stomach. When discussing the occurance later...Kelsey who was walking through the cemetery commented that she had also heard chanting or voices but couldn't tell where they were coming from.
This is a picture of a very odd tree along the bluff road. If you look closely you can barely make out an orb in the upper right section of the photo. When I zoom up on that part of the picture using the camera you can see the orb very distinctly. I need to figure out how to enlarge that section and down load it to the computer to share with you. Honestly one of the reasons we take pictures is to examine them later. We continue to find interesting things in the photos.

This one is by haunted house number one. If you look closely to the right of the tree in the lighted area. Perhaps you will be able to see the man with the black top hat and cloak peering around the tree. Again it is very distinctive in the zoomed up picture, so I'll try to get it up later. Kesley thinks it looks more like the face of a girl with a long cloak. Either way...we all see something in this shot.

Haunted house number the shot of the upstairs window you can very clearly see a woman with dark hair and a white blouse....again difficult to see here regular size..... much easier when zoomed up on the window. This house is HUGE....and we plan to do some research on the history of the house and any stories related to it.
The ghost hunt was pretty low key this time...with a few things..first the slamming door was one within reach of the door and no wind whatsoever. Plus the door didn't just slammed and the car was parked on flat ground. Second the weird shadows or images in the photos we took...There are more than I posted here....but I'm hoping to get the close ups of them before posting more. Another thing of note which may or may not mean anything....lots of animal activity...cats, cats, and more cats, raccoons, possums, deer, coyotes and what we believe was a bobcat. On our other trips there have been hardly any animal activity at all....but perhaps it is just the time of year.

We did learn a lesson from our first ghost trip where we started down a narrow dead end lane and then ended up having to back up in haste and fright. We started to explore a cemetery on a dead end road...but the road became very narrow and almost a dirt road. So we decided to turn around and hold off on investigating this one which is supposedly quite spooky. We need to do a day time run there first to check out the area and plan the logistics of a night time trip!!
More details later.....this will have to tide us over....for a while...a daytime run may be possible over Christmas break or a nice day during the winter....but for night's unlikely we will go out again until March or later. In the meantime...we have some research to do....I've also located a few supposedly haunted bed and breakfast places that I'm interested in checking out too.

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